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  1. Surely fans will now get plastered at their hotel first then head to the game. Then be denied access for too drunk
  2. To be fair, a car like that will take about 20 years to get to 30k miles. Or never reach it
  3. Yep and it gets worse and worse. Disgusting behaviour by the politicians and oligarchs, interspersed with scenes of extreme poverty and bad dancing throughout
  4. I bought a load of skinny food sauces to liven up my chicken/rice dinners. They range from vile to inedible. The "maple syrup" in particular leaves an aftertaste all day that won't quit. Do any supermarkets do a similar range? Not necessarily zero fat/sugar, but low fat/sugar ideally
  5. Traumazone / iPlayer Only on ep1, but a fascinating look at Russia 1985 to 1999. Veers from humorous (using the back of a hoover to blow models hair at a photoshoot) to grim (War with Afghanistan, Chernobyl footage). Highlights how criminals and the Communist Party effectively teamed up to pillage and loot at the expense of the working class.
  6. In light of Benn failing his drug test for traces of a fertility drug, they could fight for the IVF title instead.
  7. A 3-bet then calling an all-in with a just 1x Jack is why the table has a WTF face afterwards. Thinking he's bluffing is fine, but not when you only have a Jack... A King or Ace minimum.
  8. I have nothing of note to describe. We have a once/month game with Dominoes Pizza at half time, huge £10 buy-ins. Plus some Pokerstars games now and then. Just wondered if anyone has seen the recent alleged cheat scandal with this hand. She calls an All-in with J4 which has caused uproar on some sites, even made BBC News etc. She subsequently gave the money back which feels an admission of guilt (maybe).
  9. Industry: series 1 iPlayer, series 2 iPlayer & BBC2 Follows the induction and training of new recruits at a Bank/Trading firm. Compelling viewing despite literally all the characters being totally unlikeable. I wonder if anyone here is in such an Industry watching this: Are bankers really all shagging / drug taking Tossers?
  10. Link is down, has anywhere else got the full 6hr show to watch/stream? On that note the 2nd show is this Tuesday from Los Angeles. Not sure where we in the UK can watch it.
  11. Think they may announce retirement after the LA gig? Led Zeppelin and Rush did after the drummers died... What else do they have to prove? I don't see how they get a new drummer to gel TBH.
  12. Pretty good so far, this 1st hour... Not sure what Kesha was wearing / doing
  13. I missed it... Anyone have a working link to the full show?
  14. RATM pulling out makes it a bit of a damp squib this year. Watched Wolf Alice on iPlayer though and were fantastic.
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