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  1. For me, the king of insults was Blackadder, the sarcasm cuts deep
  2. Chasing Classic Cars on quest. Follows “Wayne Carini “ as he buys old cars to flip or restore. Every episode without question, he over estimates the value of his cars and loses fortunes at auction He’s clearly a dealer first, TV guy second, always calm... There are no false deadlines to add drama, nor wacky characters, just some amazing cars found in barns etc.
  3. The 25 sky games will be free... where? Sky website? I only have a Freesat box and, er, Netflix
  4. That’s a point, whatever happened to zac and Kelly’s careers?
  5. This would be the craziest show on Netflix if “abducted in plain sight” hadn’t got there 1st.
  6. The thing with the bigger games, based on what happened in Spain the other day, is crowds gather in the car parks etc to cheer their teams on The remaining games will need to be behind closed doors, and at secret venues too
  7. the mini comics are fake? Wow close call, I nearly bought Stratos last month in there
  8. Blank-Car is Obvious, who are the other 2 cars supposed to rep' ?
  9. In terms of ready made sauces, I've been buying from here for ~15 years since trialing them at the Ideal Home Exhibition. Way stronger / more flavour than supermarket stuff ... https://www.currysauce.com/
  10. Hmmm think I missed the point of this one. Lots of people shouting and ignoring /interrupting each other, over a loud soundtrack that seemed to have been mixed wrong? Was tempted to switch on subtitles!
  11. Think they got invited to a Gojira gig off the back of their 'Heaviest Matter'... Reaction. I like their Metallica /One reaction too
  12. I liked to 3 episode doc on the NFL player Aaron who lived a double life as a gangsta / killer On NFL wages I'd consider a more peaceful "hobby" ...
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