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  1. JOLT - Amazon prime Kate Beckinsale plays her Underworld character in a John Wick esq thing. Watchable but throwaway nonsense, zero brain engagement required. 2/5
  2. He Mans appearance time was massive compared to Fisto. Always need more Fisto.
  3. They interviewed a few athletes earlier on the news, who will be flag bearers tomorrow. So a full opening ceermony with flags and lighting of torch, and no audience / an audience banned from cheering??
  4. The Women's Football kicks off on BBC2 shortly, did I miss the Opening Ceremony? Is there an Opening Ceremony?
  5. Noob Q: When do sales run, is it at random? NFS Hot Pursuit was £17.49 a short while ago according to dekudeals but I missed it. When would another sale likely roll round, is it a regular occurrence?
  6. Does a Switch come with 2yr Nintendo warranty? If not then waiting for John Lewis to stock them make sense?
  7. They might echo RC3 and give him flying abilities to speed him up?
  8. Wheres the pre-order button on Smyths website?
  9. I loved DS on my PS3 but never bought any sequels. What was the issue with 2 and 3 then? Is it summarised somewhere?
  10. I downloaded this yesterday. It's like a 2D MGS, just fantastic, and violent ! This plus Virtua Racing are a bit of a revelation really, I thought I was "over" games at my age Eye strain might become an issue soon, a dockable Switch may be preferable... I guess I'll jump on the "When is the Pro" question-train shortly
  11. I am 46 and have reactions of someone 86... I liked Dead Space on my PS3 so think the Alien game could be good, otherwise retro games or "slow" games are about my level, not too fussed about brand new games - Happy to let them drop in price after a year or 2. (My 3 games so far were a total of £10.50 ) I'll look at Deku deals cheers.
  12. I have come into possession of a NS lite, in exchange for changing a mate's Fiesta Alternator What is considered the best "reliable" review website for games? I am reading the eshop thread but I'm 4 years behind everyone else . I just downloaded Virtua racing, Firewatch and INSIDE... I like the look of Alien isolation but unsure if that better suits a docked Switch, not the lite?
  13. Lineker asked Juergen Klinsmann on TV to take the job earlier actually...
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