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  1. Completely agree with @Hexx. There's only one ending that doesn't feel like a deus ex machina, and it's the one I choose every time since they added it.
  2. Did anyone play the sequel to Hotel Dusk, "Last Window"? Really enjoyed Hotel Dusk when it came out, so having recently discovered this exists I've ordered up a German copy, hoping it'll include the English localisation too, as it was the only reasonably priced one I could find. If it's more of the same, I'll be happy.
  3. Picked up a pretentious DAC and some decent earphones a few months back, and have absolutely adored rediscovering Royksopp. I've started almost every listening session with "Monument", and still think it's the most beautiful track they've ever released. Enjoying Profound Mysteries, though not quite so fond of the remix EP yet - need more time with it I think. In any case, another album in a month is just the best news
  4. I bought a plastic chair mat, both to help the chair move more easily and to avoid damage to the carpet. Does the trick.
  5. Went for 2 days with a couple of friends I don't see nearly as often as I'd like, and had a really lovely time; great to be back at Nerd Christmas and see the hobby still thriving, despite covid/shortages/shipping/the generally depressing state of the world in 2022. Whereas in previous years I'd come with one hit list of games I was eager to play a demo of, and a second list of games I was eager to pick up, this year I went in fairly blind (my collection is relatively monstrous at this point, and I have an excellent FLGS nearby, so FOMO doesn't have quite the hold on me that it once did). That meant 2 days split between playing whatever demo caught our eye, relaxing playing stuff we'd brought with us, and generally having a few drinks and catching up. We also stayed on site this year, which made the whole thing feel more laid back - an extravagance for sure, but one I expect we'll repeat. Played: Akropolis [Bought - lovely little tile laying game.] Scout [Excellent trick-taking game. If a friend hadn't bought it, I would have.] Tokaido Namiji [Gorgeous, though it is basically Tokaido again.) Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza [A very silly nonsense party game that I was repelled by as soon as I looked at it. Then we played it and I'll admit I enjoyed it for what it is.] Ghost Stories [Brought this from home. Never beaten it in 12 plays, so clearly doing something wrong, though I do like it.] Silk [Area control game brought from home. Cute, but feels like one that needs repeat plays. I like it, but I think friends came away feeling meh.] Fog of Love [Can't imagine playing it to "win", but I really enjoyed this as a collaborative storytelling/roleplaying game.] Jaws [Still feels like 2 separate games to me, but it's wonderfully thematic, and I enjoy the second half a lot.] Escape the Dark Sector [I don't get the love for this. Very prescriptive/narrow decision space, gross/graphic descriptions, and an art style I don't enjoy. Despite my nostalgia for Fighting Fantasy books, this was not one for me.] Sub Terra 2 [I own the original Sub Terra and all the expansions aside from the minis. This felt like an Indiana Jones to the original game's Descent (the horror movie, not the dungeon crawling board game) - all action rather than building tension - and to our great surprise...we didn't like it.] So You've Been Eaten [2-player asymmetrical game that I'd never get to the table, but seemed like it would reward repeat plays to get a better grasp on strategies, especially as the alien player.] Hellapagos [Semi-co-op party game about building rafts while trying to survive on an island. Probably better with more players - with 4 it felt quite straightforward.] War of Whispers [Really enjoyed what we played of this - lots of double bluffing and strategizing to be had - but sadly another that I'd never get to the table.]
  6. After much deliberation, I ended up backing Final Girl at the "Full Franchise" level. I swore off Kickstarter, but had no luck finding Hostage Negotiator for a sensible price, so as this seems to be the same game system with a theme that's more appealing to me, I can juuust about justify it... ...Then I saw Restoration Games have a kickstarter up, and I'm already reaching for the credit card...and this is why I don't let myself look at Kickstarter!
  7. I suspect where people struggle is if they're trying to race through (hah) the content. If you treat it like a playground (hah), then it's a rich, relaxing experience with a constant feed of new stuff to explore and play about with. If you're trying to maximise your progress and looking for optimal routes through the content however, I can completely see how that would be frustrating, as the game doesn't help you to do so.
  8. I’m loving this but have very few Xbox pals. Please add me up for long term leaderboard goodness: DoctorEgo.
  9. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, but GamePass is pretty good eh?
  10. Another 4-5 months before it’s delivered, but absolutely will post some.
  11. April: - GeeknSon Coffee Table and Accessories £2110 April Total: £2110(!) The result of years of desire, restraint, and a touch of saving. May: - Nemesis £109 - Nemesis: Carnomorphs £47.50 - Nemesis: Void Seeders £47.50 - Nemesis: Medic £17.57 May Total: £221.57 Grand Total So Far: £2,733.57
  12. It's going to be a pain point, for sure. To mitigate it in advance I bought an external HDD to store/run PS4 games from on the PS5, and in so doing lose any advantages of running them from the internal SSD, but also lose access to Sleep Mode (as using sleep with an external HDD seemingly causes the PS5 to crash frequently...unless they've since fixed that and I haven't paid attention). The only reason it isn't a more significant issue even then is that there isn't yet an enormous range of games to choose from that are specifically PS5 titles (therefore require to be installed/run from internal storage). I'm not actually complaining about the small library here - I don't have time to play much anyway - but I have become accustomed to keeping lots of titles installed, whereas it's clear that as things stand I'll need to curate my installed games until other options become available.
  13. This was given away on PS+ many moons ago in 2018. A friend and I played it for an evening, decided it would be a fun distraction for a few nights. We still play it (or we do when I’m not being a grumpy overworked bastard anyway), and always pick up the DLC when it goes on sale. It’s bloody brilliant.
  14. @Hexx and I started playing this when it was given away on PS+. We've been playing it on and off ever since and picking up DLC when it's on sale; it's brilliant. All the better on Playstation because there's no toxic text chat to worry about.
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