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  1. This was given away on PS+ many moons ago in 2018. A friend and I played it for an evening, decided it would be a fun distraction for a few nights. We still play it (or we do when I’m not being a grumpy overworked bastard anyway), and always pick up the DLC when it goes on sale. It’s bloody brilliant.
  2. @Hexx and I started playing this when it was given away on PS+. We've been playing it on and off ever since and picking up DLC when it's on sale; it's brilliant. All the better on Playstation because there's no toxic text chat to worry about.
  3. January: - Crokinole Board and 2x extra sets of pieces £236.97 - Root £49 - Root: Clockwork £33 - Root: Riverfolk £33 - Root: Underworld (Kickstarter Edition): £50 January Total: £401.97 February (Pre-Orders): - Cartographers Heroes £20.50 - Cartographers Map Pack 1 £9 - Cartographers Map Pack 2 £9 - Cartographers Map Pack 3 £9 February Total: £47.50
  4. Definitely not. I've picked one up for Root and expansions, and it'll get played a lot more now that setup is so easy.
  5. Oh god. Look, I was really good last year, ok? - Crokinole Board and 2x extra sets of pieces £236.97 - Root £49 - Root: Clockwork £33 - Root: Riverfolk £33 - Root: Underworld (Kickstarter Edition): £50 January Total: £401.97
  6. Yeah, that’s a good plan. Hopefully it’s tweaked sufficiently by the time it shows up that the (supposedly) more glaring issues have at least been mitigated, whether by AR or the community. This has entirely cured me of my temptation to back their new campaign at least, which is probably for the best!
  7. I late backed Etherfields based on previews and early impressions, so have no cancellation options. Serves me right for breaking my No Kickstarters rule.
  8. Oh My Goods! is a terribly named, lovely little engine builder I’d recommend to just about anyone.
  9. https://www.polygon.com/reviews/2020/10/1/21495929/star-wars-squadrons-review-ps4-xbox-one-pc-vr Resolve crumbling.
  10. Don't do it man. I have it and have long-since abandoned it; it's such a bug-ridden mess. Incorrect textures and garbled text from the start and frequent crashes when you get later in. If you're after a solid RPG for the Switch and an example of a port done right, Divinity Original Sin 2 is the one to get, though I appreciate that may not be in the sale (haven't looked).
  11. “Lazer Ryderz” aka Tron Lightcycles the board game, is fun, simple to play, and well worth £12.57 of anyone’s money! Lazer Ryderz (Core Game), Multicoloured https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01MTG3KQH/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_TuROEbHQ30H85
  12. Thanks Bubblefish - gorgeous island btw Dropped 50k at your feet as a 10% tip; hope that’s reasonable!
  13. Wingspan is outstanding. Beautiful, elegant, and loads of replayability.
  14. I enjoy Last Night on Earth for what it is, but it's not fully cooperative the way Zombicide is (one player controls the zombies in LNOE).
  15. For what it's worth, I'm playing on an X and Children of Morta definitely has moment where it struggles, stutters, and I get those weird white horizontal/vertical lines occasionally that others have mentioned. Nothing I can't look past, as the game is excellent, but not a game I'd have expected any performance issues on a regular Xbox One, let alone an X.
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