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  1. They’re never gonna bundle 3D World with four other games when they’ve just been selling us a NSMBU port at full price. Surely.
  2. I quite fancy a gander at this but don't want to go into town - is there any way to buy a single physical copy online? Short of subscribing and then cancelling?
  3. Much as I love the game, I’m not overly fond of this approach to storytelling which basically requires you to go on the internet and see what everyone’s collectively figured out. We don’t have to copy *everything* Dark Souls did you know. (Yes I’m sure some people managed to work it out on their own and well done you’re very clever etc)
  4. My mum giving me the go-ahead to buy Perfect Dark (18) at the tender age of 12, only to suddenly and without explanation retract her permission while I was actually at the counter with the game in my hand. Devo'd.
  5. 2015 1. Inside Out 2. Mad Max Fury Road 3. The Witch Runner ups: The Big Short, The Martian, Victoria, Son Of Saul, 45 Years, Tangerine (damn this year slaps, every film in the top three is a full on 10/10) 2016 1. Arrival 2. Moonlight 3. La La Land Runner ups: Silence, Manchester by the Sea, Pete’s Dragon, Train to Busan, Finding Dory (a really underrated film) 2017 1. A Ghost Story 2. The Shape Of Water 3. Dunkirk Runners up: Lady Bird, the Last Jedi, the Post, You Were Never Really Here 2018 1. Sorry to Bother You 2. Can You Ever Forgive Me? (why is this year so apologetic) 3. A Star is Born Runners up: Into the Spider-verse, Infinity War, the Favourite, Hereditary 2019 1. Parasite 2. Rocketman 3. Booksmart 4. Marriage Story 5. Little Women 6. Jojo Rabbit 7. Knives Out 8. Toy Story 4 9. Spider-Man: Far From Home 10. Joker
  6. Glad they fixed Sonic's visual design but couldn't they have done the same for his equally hideous characterisation? As befits a cartoony 90s mascot with "attitude" he's making shit no-effort quips literally non-stop whenever he's on screen. Silly words! Wacky dancing! Lame pop culture references! Characters startling each other and both screaming! "That was awesome!" Then suddenly he flips to sad-eyes woobie and we're meant to feel bad for him, not because he's being chased by Robotnik - none of the characters seem to care overly much about that - but because he hasn't lived life to the fullest?? What? Robotnik was slightly more bearable only because he was on screen less. 1/10, no redeeming qualities.
  7. Lest we forget, one of many Master Emerald-inspired hip-hop jams from Sonic Adventure 2:
  8. Looking at my top 10 of the decade list to determine the Best Year. It's actually quite well spread out across the decade. The only missing years are 2013 (Mario 3D World and Link Between Worlds both just missed the cut) and 2018, which just didn't have anything much I liked. How odd. That means two double-dip years, and Breath of the Wild + Hollow Knight beats Journey + Dishonored soooo
  9. I'm... really disappointed in this. Great imagery, but it takes forever to get going and then goes from zero to baffling pretty much immediately. For context, The Witch is one of my favourite horror films of all time.
  10. 2010 1. The Social Network 2. Incendies 3. Black Swan 2011 1. Weekend 2. A Separation 3. We Need to Talk About Kevin 2012 1. Zero Dark Thirty 2. Avengers 3. Cloud Atlas 2013 1. Under the Skin 2. Her 3. The Wolf of Wall Street 2014 1. Paddington 2. Nightcrawler 3. Selma 13 and 14 are insanely stacked, 11 was a bit of a struggle.
  11. I like my Switch and I don’t understand any of the words in this thread.
  12. Pete’s Dragon (2016) Inside Out Song of the Sea My Life as a Courgette (some heavy subject matter though, give it the once-over)
  13. > Nazis burst into French lady's room > Doctor and Ada are shown hiding under the floorboards > Nazis shoot all over the floor with their machine guns, then leave > French lady lifts up distinctly intact carpet and floorboards to reveal a distinctly non-dead Doctor and Ada I've watched the scene three times. Am I being dumb?
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