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  1. ARISE DONUT is my opener. Hits all five vowels and five of the six most common consonants. Today's attempt is a minimalist poem:
  2. I couldn't bring myself to choose the dog “damsel” in Spelunky because my damsels almost always ended up dying in gruesome/hilarious accidents and it’s less funny when it’s a cute little dog.
  3. Breath of the Wild Dark Souls Super Mario 64 Metroid Prime Half-Life 2 Pretty easily done. The next five would be a lot trickier.
  4. GOTY thread has made me realise this is the only new game I've played this year. Huh. It's grand though isn't it. And I love the EMMIs.
  5. Ooh I'll wait a bit then. I know reactions have been mixed but I do want to give it a go.
  6. Does Hat in Time go on sale ever? It looks great but £30 seems a lot for what it is.
  7. Into the Breach is an absolute delight (on PC at least)
  8. Pros: loved The Witch Cons: didn’t like The Lighthouse Not sure: BJÖRK?!?!?
  9. I played through this just the other month, it's really lovely. The postgame was fairly dull though. I wanted to preserve my good memories of the game so I gave up.
  10. 1. Dune 2. The Night House 3. The Green Knight 4. In the Heights 5. The Suicide Squad 6. Godzilla vs Kong 7. Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar Still a few more to see but that's all I've really enjoyed this year.
  11. Some great scenes, but I'd be lying if I said I knew what was going on there.
  12. Hollow Knight, Braid and The Witness are all-time greats for me. They’d all be in my top 20 these days. Fez is good fun but doesn't fully live up to its promise - maybe it was better if you played it at release with everyone collaborating online on the hardest puzzles (which I never really bothered with). Baba Is You went beyond my mental capacities quicker than I would’ve ideally liked... so I kinda resent it even though it’s fantastic.
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