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  1. Imagine going back in time and trying to explain scanlines and dot matrix filters to someone playing a SNES game on a 14-inch CRT.
  2. I don't know if the card game is going to prove interesting enough to sustain a whole game. But the presentation is just incredible and I'll happily play it just for that, even if the card game turns out to be a total dud. Surprisingly the demo covers almost everything in the original trailer but then there's another trailer at the end with a bunch of new stuff. The nested levels of narrative are already giving me a headache, I can't imagine how it'll all fit together but I'm excited to find out.
  3. There's a demo out on Steam, why did nobody tell me. It's amazing.
  4. He changed his name to Stefan and it was mostly downhill after that.
  5. That’s a huge surprise. But really the show’s never been the same since he left. And he’s on very good form with Years and Years and It’s a Sin. Not Olly as the Doctor though thanks.
  6. I think Pratt will be good tbf. Twitter seemed to randomly decide he was a Trump supporter one day based on very little. I mean yeah he shouldn't go to that church. But that's all.
  7. Actually looks pretty great. Hope it's open world.
  8. That’d be well reem. I’d be in there like swimwear. Salty potato!
  9. Increpare's website has an amazing array of little games, mostly Sokoban variants. Plenty are duds but there's some absolute gems too. Especially fond of "Put the logs in the water, elephant!" and the genre-defining "Tugging a trapped pubic hair out from under one's foreskin" https://increpare.com
  10. When I was a kid my first proper game was Tomb Raider and I played it with the cheats on and studiously followed a walkthrough from beginning to end. My friends did the same thing. One of them played the entirety of Turok 2 with invincibility on. It seems totally bizarre now. I think I was just crap at the game and somehow afraid of being challenged. Nowadays I get annoyed at streamers who play games "wrong" - constantly trying to do Optimal Speedrun Strats instead of just enjoying themselves, or constantly undermining a game's serious tone by doing silly things and trying to break it, that kind of thing. But it's silly to get hung up on it. Everyone's different.
  11. In these modern times it is genuinely hilarious/adorable to see a normal reaction to suddenly being given money by a stranger.
  12. I don't know why these two particularly as they're not the worst games ever made or anything but they really really got on my wick. Super Paper Mario and Brothers: a Tale of Two Sons.
  13. How controversial has he been? I've seen him make some slightly arrogant/overblown comments on other games but it doesn't bother me really. He's certainly earned bragging rights.
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