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  1. Does Super Mario 64 run a bit faster on Switch than my PAL copy would’ve done in 1996? It feels a little twitchier but maybe I’m just getting old. It’s still an absolute delight to play. Who would’ve thought it would age this well?
  2. Oh no, who let Will Smith back in?
  3. I had a great time with the Trial. It was probably one of my favourite bits of the game in all honesty.
  4. I wouldn’t normally listen to fAn ThEoRiEs but this seems pretty convincing to me.
  5. Perfect Dark. I was all set to buy it when it came out until my mum suddenly changed her mind and decided that a twelve-year-old probably shouldn’t be playing an 18-rated game, a shockingly traitorous volte-face that truthfully I’ve never quite forgiven her for. Now I’m 34 and I guess I COULD play it but ehhh the moment’s kinda gone.
  6. How spoilery are the spoilers? on a scale from “Midna kills Fi in Clock Town using the Minish Cap” to “there are gorons in the game”
  7. Did I miss Stray? Thought it would be in here somewhere.
  8. I can’t possibly enjoy Ziggy the Zany unless its graphics are stunning.
  9. Uh oh, that actually made me chuckle.
  10. Are there any jump scares in this?
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