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  1. I'll add this here too just in case anyone wants a couple of my old parts, just added some freebies to my for sale thread in Trading... Makerspot 4 port OTG USB Hub. Wooden top and bottom plates (I think they need some posts, might be good if you fancied changing out your existing acrylic plates?). Couple of fans. Due my current case being fully enclosed, it's not easy for me to test any of this stuff out.
  2. They were ones I’d added to my watch list on psdeals after reading about them in this thread. Apart from Deadlight - I’d already played through that.
  3. Black the Fall has just gone on sale on PS4 - £3.59 Unravel and Unravel Two also reduced (2.99 and £3.99) Edit - Deadlight reduced too - 2.59
  4. Had weird problems with two Saturn’s, one a VA0, both were down to the aging PSU’s. I went down a Pico PSU route as I had the parts handy, some people prefer to recap the original PSU though.
  5. I keep seeing people recommending jdownloader for archive.org collections.
  6. The MT32-Pi chap came up with that - it's a really cool fix. Next case has it resolved though.
  7. It is a lovely lovely case btw. And his new revision fixes a couple of small issues
  8. Unfortunately it looks like misteraddons has had enough of the hoops to go through to be able to do the VAT thing. So unless he starts sell via Amazon or eBay (who I then believe are responsible for doing the VAT stuff) then it’ll have to be a proxy service to get his aluminium case :-(
  9. Heheh, yeah - this isn’t officially part of MiSTer, but it also runs the official update script, and then some :-)
  10. That's taken care of with the update_all script, grabs all the necessary files and roms for the Arcade cores and organises them for you. I haven't downloaded the CPS2 beta yet, but I think the script gets all the necessary files for it already.
  11. @shiffy - you’ve got your own mt32-pi hat now right? If not, you’ve got first refusal on one, I’ve got some to sell now.
  12. @shiffy - I’ve got a few soldered up now, one suitable USB cable so I’ve just had time for a quick blast on the ao486 core to try out some games as a test (easy with Flynn’s top 300 pack) - no time to actually play though :-( but yeah - everyone tries Monkey Island - and it sounded good! Waiting for some suitable cables to arrive and get some more 3D prints done and will flog the other units for cost.
  13. Oh yeah, that’s a good point! I hadn’t spotted that. Have you just put it on a carpeted floor too?
  14. There’s a script to run to enable USB fast poling, which improves USB performance - mentioned here (random video when I googled the name of the script). With the right controllers there isn’t meant to be much in it compared to using SNAC. Cool seeing the multitap working there!
  15. That would be cool to use one linked up like that. Yeah, I’m playing it safe and sticking with the top 300 games pack on the ao486 core - everyone seems to use Monkey Island to demo it once they’ve built the Pi hat. I’ll post an update how I get on building one, I might end up with a spare :-)
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