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  1. Dope interview with that man DOOM here... DOOM on Hip Hop DX ...most revealing I've read anyway.
  2. Indeed...gutted! Po' some liquor out homeys...'tis the end of an era. HHC RIP Oh...hello you lot by the way.
  3. Superb...and any other Delegates stuff would be most kind PM coming your way...in return I can sort you out with the Fat Club albums, as I'm in the middle of doing for esar & Das on here (that's Turroe & Mr Monk in case you've missed it)...proper Bristol Hip Hop!!
  4. Junior Dis is one of my favourite MC's ever. Constantly sick!
  5. Yeah the Headcleaners are the ones I've got...knew you were on there mate...Mantis too innit? Both are heavy, definitely a seriously underrated crew. Who's the one from Canada? I got his solo album somewhere too.
  6. I've wanted to get that Patchwork Gideon album for a long while, so yeah...a hook up would be most appreciated! I was gonna ask about Rawganics...shame it's finished! Always heard great things about it...good to hear there's another night on the go...these scenes go in cycles I reckon, same as Bristol...we seem to be entering an upturn of that cycle at the moment here I reckon, with nights & gigs springing up, old heads getting press & deserved props and some good music appearing, from both new & already established peeps.
  7. Think we must have had a similar schooling mate! I too had Daily Operation in the tape deck and in the walkman constantly for a long time after it came out, hence it my being my favourite. Yep, and same for me on hearing Jazz Thing...was a groundbreaking tune! Think I must have heard it on either Pete Tong's Friday Rap Selection or Jeff Young's National Fresh show on Radio 1.
  8. His solo album is not bad but the best recommendation is the Cannibal Ox LP 'The Cold Vein'. He's always worth a listen IMO.
  9. Delegates are/were sick...got two of their CD album/mixtapes and a 12 (Dragon Beef?). Big fan of Inja's solo stuff too, and Skuff's isn't bad. I think I may have seen Guru around that time too...was Doo Wop his tour DJ? Picked up a signed CD off the man himself, to be fair he was happily signing away and chatting to fans, soaking up the love in a very humble and appreciative manner.
  10. I was about to come in here all excited posting that new Can Ox Pete Rock-produced shit...but see I got beaten to it last month...damn I'm slow Chewy...Daily Operation is just, by the width of a Philly blunt, my favourite Gang Starr album. I think I've stated before my endless love for that piano break on B.Y.S. Foxxx live??? devil-goh you lucky son of a gun.
  11. I don't think I could ever choose...it's all been a golden era for me :cheez: But if I had a gun to my head I'd say 92...or 88...or 93...
  12. Dope video! Song's quite nice too.
  13. You'd need a seriously good mix like this to cheer you up then... It would take a pretty long raid tbh...like I said, lots of them are on various CD's, tapes or vinyl. One day I'll convert all my music to mp3 but as you know me you'll that'll be a while yet!
  14. Yep, it is...fair play to the man! The difference between this and that Jaguar Skills effort is staggering.
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