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  1. Just want to thank Droo, Grey Fox, SMD, Keyboard Koala, radlord and others for their support. Brian McNeely (Senior Executive Producer) was kind enough to post a picture of one of the members creating the Cobra Staff weapon (on the Facebook page recently), so thanks again guys - I at least know that I wasn't crazy lol. Hope everyone has a great New Year's and manages to play Death Tank at some point in their lives (https://www.youtube....h?v=noUFYvOH9j4) https://www.facebook...2&type=1&ref=nf
  2. It's been a while since I last posted here, but just wanted to point fans (or prospective fans) to Lobotomy Software's upcoming Anniversary in 2013 since their founding in 1993. I've also created a history video which I felt was way overdue, and this was created with help from Ezra Dreisbach and Brian McNeely (and which may be published separately at a later date). The reason for this whole initiative is not only to celebrate their work and to bring those who enjoyed their games together into one place, but to introduce them to a new generation of players who may have missed them for whatever reason - Exhumed/PowerSlave is still amazingly playable even today. There is one slight error in the video regarding the release of Tomb Raider, but this has been corrected in one of our facebook posts as follows: Facebook page here: https://www.facebook...386374664766482 History video may be found here: Cheers.
  3. Toops

    Where to now?

    Though slightly off-topic, I was once a GM (Grand Marshal) on my server and wondered what it would be like to combat other GMs of other servers. Imagine having a special WSG/AB/AV battle only for those who have reached GM or maybe FM (Field Marshal)? Relevance of post? Once GM has been achieved what next for we already have some of the best weaponary in the game? ----------- Tatsumakisen lvl 60 Night Elf Hunter DB server
  4. McDonalds= American Burger King= British Enough said. Toops
  5. Well I'm doing an MA in Computer Games Studies over at Northumbria in Newcastle. Some may laugh but who here can truly explain our pastime without being derided by those who remain ignorant, even by those who partake in the activity? Toops
  6. Toops

    Drum & Bass

    Whilst I can relate to several of your points here, it strikes me as kind of elitist in the extreme. Another alternative would be that, yes, though your favourite artist will become more popular thanks to mainstream attention, the quality of their work will inevitably start to dwindle. Following on from this, once the mainstream get sick of the product they will then abandon it/jump ship in favour of other music genres with which to sink their dirty teeth into. Though what may result is the artist having no market to sell to at all: their original fans may well have been upset by the very fact that they turned their backs on them to pursue greater market success and thus stopping their support, just as the mainsteam will do likewise. It's effectively the end of them...look at the Prodigy. So I am not really condemning the casual market on the basis that the music is more widely available, but on the basis that the quality of that artist's music will diminish as a direct result of having been tarnished by the mainstream attention. I do however understand your point of view. Toops
  7. Toops

    Drum & Bass

    Apologies. a misunderstanding... Toops
  8. Toops

    Drum & Bass

    And that is precisely my point - that the mainstream do not care as much as dedicated listeners (or the original avatars of such music genres) when it comes to an artist's survival. Yes, when such 'underground tunes' inevitably 'do' reach the mainstream, who will pick up the pieces once the casual stampede has run its course? You couldn't care less, well what's new? Toops
  9. Toops

    Drum & Bass

    Who here's pissed off with the huge number of programmes that are now playing the likes of DJ Shadow (Entroducing) and stuff like that? I've heard loads of stuff on the TV lately from Ninja Cuts: Funkungfusion too (Ninja Tunes) and it really pisses me off how these advertising cretins turn a blind eye to such artists when they first appear only then to cling onto them once they hit the mainstream...it's pathetic really. I remember listening to that stuff (UK Hip Hop) years ago and now there's an explosion - everywhere I turn it's being played by chavers...pisses me off let me tell thee... Toops
  10. Mind you, I wouldn't have thought the game would do well in Japan...the game wasn't even released in the US was it? I heard it wasn't... Toops
  11. Yep, the guys over at Revolution forum couldn't quite believe their eyes either... Toops
  12. Agreed. Elder Scrolls + Online = No no. I'm excited too. Mind you having said that, the game will be out on next gen consoles...but how long will we have to wait this time? Oh and do you Cassius Cosades? My Xbox Morrowing crashes alot now, struggling it is...so much inventory...need more power!!! PC one's find though... Toops
  13. This is the kind of response I have come to expect from people who have no hope of understanding the need for some sort of explanatory power - the fact you point out the 'Tellytubbies' goes some way in reinforcing this. A number of people, bereft of any knowledge about not only gaming but media in general, seem to run under the impression that media as an academic pursuit is a total waste of time and effort. Will such academic endeavour affect gaming? No, though nor did Theodor Adorno's evaluation of popular music do likewise, but the point of the matter is in realising it actually exists at all and in identifying it... Toops
  14. Well I think his work is very inspirational, especially in consideration of the fact that he singlehandedly instigated mainstreamist discussion on videogaming theory. Toops
  15. Got that one right on the money mate as I have just played Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life on GC and what a downer it was. It doesn't explain a thing to you (for example you have to actually BUY an item in order to find out when its season is - and the fat bitch farmer doesn't tell you about the seasons proper until much later (why couldn't they have explained this to me at the beginning?), even then you hear that melons should be grown from Summer to fall (er Autumn) without mentioning whether it actually 'included' Autumn or not. Another one says that you simply MUST find a wife and keep a dog - if it were Morrowind I would have killed it long ago...stupid things like this that grate). Morrowind is such a breath of fresh air. Toops
  16. I've played the game through around 4-5 times, but have never been able to do so without some bug within the game ruining it for me. The most recent was in prematurely being able to challenge the head of the Imperial Legion (who resides in Ebonheart I believe) before having finished all the other Legion quests, allowing me to kill him in Vivec Arena but being unable to preceed due to his importance to the other uncompleted missions - and in thus never allowing me to become head of that guild. I also had the same problem with that idiot Arch-mage Trebonius at Vivec because I killed him, but could never become arch-mage due to the other mission's reliance on him which I hadn't completed. Bascially, it shouldn't have allowed me to pursue the final objective without having completed all the other sub-quests prior to or related to it. Toops
  17. Sneaking forks into people's pockets...I mean that is just childish! Toops
  18. My friend played the game and was put off by the fact that there didn't seem to be a major storyline throughout the game - even though it's the first area the game points you to. Eventually she realised that amongst the heap of sub-quests there it was, became so engrossed and now can't stop playing the damned thing. Toops
  19. Toops

    Racing Games

    British racing games have now overtaken Japanese efforts - what does everyone else think? Recent examples: Race Driver 2, Project Gotham Racing 2, Street Racing Syndicate, Richard Burns Rally, Colin McRae 4, Burnout 3, Juiced...the list goes on Toops
  20. Toops


    I would like his autograph please, and tell him to send Richard Leadbetter through the post with it! Toops
  21. How far do you think Bungie have pushed the Xbox technology with Halo 2? Tough one that...I can't believe that these are in-game Xbox pics...didn't think the Xbox was capable of such things. Toops
  22. How can you write anything on 'ere without feeling like you're, like, showing off? Xbox PAL - fine Bro's modded Xbox - fine PS2 Jap/PAL - fine, though PAL machine beginning to take longer to load discs now - goes to the front end instead of automatic load. Gamecube NTSC JAP/NAC/(chipped)/PAL - fine GP32 - Screen burnt out, all white burn marks galore. Toops
  23. Depends on the game really. Say for example Virtua Fighter games. I'll dabble for an age until I can master it to the best of my abilities. Depends on the mood and the social aspects in which you are playing those games as well really (extraneous factors), like getting your family together to play one particular game - enjoyable purely for sentimental reasons for instance. Another example was when I would compete with my older brother on Saturn Sega Rally. It only had, what, four stages (and thus the incentive to play alone was not really there), but with my brother in the equation it became a totally different game. Same for Goldeneye when I was at boarding school. I'd say I was a completist for certain genres, but for others I don't have the time - thus I'm also a dabbler and a completer. Good question mind Squirtle...take it further mate. Toops
  24. Okay, what about great magazine contributors/editors like Rich Leadbetter and Oz Brown, Lee Nutter and Les Ellis? Where'd they go then? Toops
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