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  1. As it turns out now, there were a lot of connection issues from the server side. At first I thought it was on my end (which can't be the case because I have only recently invested in these things, allowing for a wired 150Mbit connection up in the loft) but I know now that it was not my connection to blame. In that particular incident with you, my screen froze for 3 seconds (!!!) whilst going through La Source. It happened when @scoobysi overtook me on the left (definitely not the cause) with you behind me. So when my game carried on, you appeared in the very same spot I was in, cau
  2. Ooh interesting. I must try that (I'm already shitting it through there whilst lifting). So is that in highest gear?
  3. Ok, I think I have to set something straight here... There's absolutely NO WAY that you will feel uncomfortable, or that you have to lift, going through Eau Rouge ever, because it is just the little left-hand kink before going up Raidillon, which is the uphill right-left bit and the section of the combination that a lot of people mistake for being Eau Rouge. To clarify with a picture: And to answer the question, I go flat out through Eau Rouge, but lift just before going up Raidillon (dab the brake if I have to). No shame in that as you would nee
  4. Very good suggestion and it completely makes sense indeed (re. the teams). How about swapping sprint and endurance every week? (week 1 - sprint, week 2 - endurance, week 3 - sprint, etc)
  5. Also good points, and the reason I wanted to discuss it first. I mean, our aim is not to alienate anyone, so if there's a good reason not to have teams, then we'll forget about it. But since we're talking about it (and seeing as I'm far down the leaderboard as well), you and I would be paired up with some of the top drivers to balance things out. So hand-picking would be the way to go on that, but only if everyone agrees. In my experience from the past, this is the best way to go really.
  6. It is the case here if we mandate it. Joking aside, you have a point. There were also ~16 players partaking back then so that made teams more logical.
  7. As far as the spreadsheet goes - There will still be an individual Driver's leaderboard, but with an added team (constructors') leaderboard. The downside of teams is that you have to show up every time, or you'll let your team mate down hahaha! But if someone can't make it, there's also the option to have someone take their place as a wildcard driver. I think we've got a good idea of everyone's skill levels after this first season to create balanced teams. Back in the Forza / F1 league days I've dealt with picking random teams (with a VBA script), but I think
  8. Yeah, totally agree with the above. And let's see if everyone agrees with team racing in the first place. Otherwise let's just keep it the way it is. It won't be too much effort to add teams in the spreadsheet. And if we do end up doing team races...let's have the cars in the same design, with different race numbers.
  9. That is a good question indeed. So maybe everyone can post their car of choice, and a possible teammate of choice, and work from there? Server-side, if it doesn't allow for teams, then we could just set it to individual like it is now and let the Excel sheet take care of the team scorings. Shouldn't be much of a problem I reckon.
  10. Let's discuss a follow-up series. What would you like to see or suggest? Team racing? Solo? Sprint only? Endurance only? Or mixed like we're doing now? Personally, I'd love to do some team endurance racing. It involves a fixed teammate, but also a fixed brand of car. You can exchange setups and help each other out in other ways. 1 hour long races with a 20 minute quali prior.
  11. So what is your old GPU and are you looking to sell it?
  12. Holy shit, lucky bastard! Bit of an expensive packet to send you Haribo with. Can I have it? General question: Does ACC support ray tracing?
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