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  1. Yeah, and the mrs was out so I had no assistance either. I want to go cycling tonight so I have to make concessions and let the practice for Thursday go this week.
  2. Well, no time from me unfortunately. Logged on last night but got a lenghty phone call pretty early on, and in the mean time had to check on our youngest as she was struggling to fall asleep and crying a lot as she's teething. By the time I could sit down again it was near bedtime so I only made sure my tyres were in the right temp and pressure zones, setup wise. No time tonight either so I'm going in cold come Thursday.
  3. @extremepabs time will be my time to aim for. Hopefully I get some time tonight or tomorrow to set one. Been busy with all kinds of stuff.
  4. Since when is footwear considered hardware?
  5. In other news, we seem to have 2 threads for almost the same thing. I started the Sim Racing Central thread last year to discuss rigs and other sim racing stuff (because I couldn't find any related threads), and then this thread popped up. How would you chaps feel about merging them into a general 'Sim Racing' thread?
  6. Yoga socks is where it's really at, chaps. Maximum feel. Maximum grip. Become a winner.
  7. That will definitely screw you up. Same when I did the FM7 TT a couple of weeks ago, took me some time again to get adjusted to ACC's kick-the-pedal-through-the-floor forces after FM7's overly sensitive braking.
  8. Yes, welcome to the world of sim racing where you are also your own mechanic!
  9. It's there for all to see mate! Nobody set a time this week!
  10. Works again, cheers! Amended this in the table as well: I've dropped in the rankings like the asteroid that killed the dinosaurs.
  11. Dave, I get an error on these links. Can you post them again please?
  12. Oh man, that's unlucky. The same happened to me (in the practice session luckily) but I was bricking it and hoping it wouldn't happen in the race. Looks like the connector in my wheel base is a bit loose. Gonna have a look today and see what causes it.
  13. Indeed, it's a marvel of technology. I'm on fibre over here with a theoretical dl of 1000Mbit/s (250 up) so I should be alright connecting from way over here.
  14. Most definitely. It was an issue in Forza Motorsport online as well at times. Similar to this actually. I did the race in 1440p last night and with the mirrors on (and a couple of other non-essential fancyness on low for compensation) I was zooming along at a steady 50fps. I was very impressed, it seems that the added (and faster) RAM has a positive effect on alleviating CPU stress. As I said yesterday, the frametime graph line (through MSI Afterburner) is almost completely flat which means no stutters/freezes or other fluctuations. But when the high latency issues occured, it star
  15. Oof, so it was Santos who was lagging and causing the high latency judging by the end of that replay?
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