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  1. Keep going, Kiro. You've almost persuaded me! Me driving the Macca 720 in ACC makes it complete.
  2. Yeah that's my motivation too. Just wondering if it's worth it (see below). Oh man, that sucks. But it's still not cancelled completely so you've got that going for you. I have mapped a lot of things (ABS/BB/TCS/Engine mapping etc etc) to secondary and tertiary button functions (as found in the game's controls settings), but it's confusing that way. I'd rather have dedicated buttons for them instead, but I'm still not sure how the rotaries work (reviews that I've watched weren't very thorough on those dials). Compared to an Xbox controller there's the ABXY buttons, the lower paddles are essentially analogue triggers and the orange shifters are the bumber (shoulder) buttons. Then there's the LSB and RSB which are an extra set of bumper buttons (I think) and I reckon the P and N buttons are the 'start and back' buttons (or whatever they're called these days). New are the red switches at the top (2-way I think) and the 3 dials. The blue dial has 4 positions on it, which can be used to map certain button button functions (3 presets and one custom). The white dials can be rotated 360° (no idea how many steps they have). The 'funky switch' has 4 directions like a d-pad and it can be pressed as well. So all in all it adds 2 analogue triggers (digital on my P1 rim below), 2 switches, 1 preset dial and 2 rotary dials to the rim I already have, and I wonder if its worth it.
  3. Argh! Right now I'm hovering over the order button for the McLaren GT3 wheel, but I'm still in two minds over it. On one hand I'm wondering if will it add something over my current P1 rim (will I use those rotary dials at all for ACC)? And seeing as I'm not playing as often as I used to, is it worth the purchase? Will it improve my driving? On the other hand I'd like to buy myself something new because it's my birthday tomorrow, and I could use the extra buttons I suppose. Plus this rim suits ACC (and formula) racing better as that's all I 'drive'. And it's shiny and only available for a limited time (I think, because the V1 was). And €200 is cheap compared to their other rims. And then there's "€200?! Are you mental? You already have a wheel!". Argh²!
  4. No rush mate, just join back in when you're 100% ready for it again.
  5. I did fuck up my pitstop massively, see the post above yours. How are you doing, Dave? Are you able to join us again soon? Regarding the mid-season break...is there something I can set up for next week's event? A suggestion was done to have a Nordschleife track day style event, which I though was a good idea.
  6. As you've seen, I keep on racing as normal until someone's right on my bumper before going wide when turning into a corner to let the faster car pass. I think that's the best way really. There's no need to slow down drastically and dive into the grass/gravel at all imo.
  7. I really should learn to set up my pit strategy before the race instead of trying to do it whilst pitting. Whilst I feverishly tried to untick a couple of boxes in the pit menu I accidentally switched the pit limiter off when I unticked the bodywork repair box. I blame it on the 'funky switch' (which totally deserves that moniker) on my wheel, which is wobbly as hell. If you're not careful, you'll press up or down when you meant to go left or right. Why on earth they didn't go for a regular d-pad is anyone's guess. And as you can see below, the bodywork repair box is essentially next to the pit limiter if you accidentally hit down. And if you hit right/left after that, you'll switch the pit limiter off. And then you'll get a 30 second S&G penalty as a result. So my battle with @Valver and @SneakyNinja was over after that. The first stint was AMAZING though. In the first stint I was scrapping for the podium with @Count Buffalos, SneakyNinja and Valver whilst @winky was not too far behind. Tense stuff and I absolutely loved being able to keep up with them. Unfortunately Nick spun in an unexpected way which almost caught me off guard. Luckily I managed to avoid him. I was swarming Alastair for a while and I think I could have had him if it wasn't for my pitstop debacle. I'll try to practice a bit more during the week now that I've got a bit more time. The Macca really suits me I think, lovely car. It rewards smooth driving, which just so happens to be my driving style. Going back to 1080p (with a bit of upscaling - 125%) was a good decision too. The framerate was 70-75fps which is well above the 60Hz my screen puts out, so it's smooth as butter. Graphically it's a bit fuzzier overall (on a 4K tv) but I can use mirrors now! Oh and Epic shadows, draw distance, textures, AA and foliage as well!
  8. Nice! Looks to be very close so far. Should be exciting tonight!
  9. OMG MEGATON!!! AWESOMEEEEEEE!!! Kiro and I used to be team mates in the Codies F1 league. Great to see you join the ACC league!
  10. Wow, amazing pics mate. Wish I was there. Maybe Zandvoort next year!
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