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  1. The guys over at Prime Motorsport are all much younger than us, haha. The only one older than me is Andrew, who's in his 50s I believe. I'm getting there as well at 46...
  2. The GTX1070 still doesn't like the rear-view mirrors in ACC, @davejm. (sorry, another tedious graphics settings post) tl;dr: mirrors are too demanding, so no more mirrors for me! They were smeary in motion anyway (very strange effect, even on the highest setting). I'll just use a button to look behind me (full-screen mirror ftw!) ----------------------------------- I experimented with my graphics again by switching the mirrors off (even the low mirror settings were too taxing). I instantly gained ~25 frames by disabling the mirrors. I made and tried 3 different presets: 1440p60 | FSR high Q | epic settings With FSR (high Q) on I can have everything on epic setting at ~80fps (with v-synch off, which I need on to get a steady 60 and get rid of the tearing). The only downside with FSR is that it looks a bit low res in the distance (jaggy), but the graphical effects are lush. 1440p60 | native | epic/high/mid settings Secondly, I tried FSR off (and mirrors off still), and lowered some settings to high/mid and with render scale set to 105%. Still ~75fps, but everything looks really crisp (especially in the distance) and runs smooth at 60fps. Still really good graphics detail-wise. 2160p60 | FSR performance | mid/low settings Lastly, I tried the 4K option. And believe it or not, the 1070 can handle 4K really well, albeit lowering most of the graphical settings to mid or low (some can stay on high or epic without much performance loss). And with mirrors off, of course. With FSR on performance, I get ~70fps (without v-synch). Smooth and crisp graphics, but with low detail. I tried the first (top) setting last night in our race and was surprised that the framerate didn't drop below 60 at all. Great graphics, albeit a bit jaggy and blurry in the distance. After the race last night, I tried the 2nd preset in an online race with 30 cars (all visible). Solid 60fps all around and very crisp graphics with plenty of effects still. So that's going to be my preset of choice from now on, because... ...the 4K preset, although looking (a bit too) crisp, looks too bland to make me prefer it over the native 2K preset. Yes, I need a GPU upgrade. Soon hopefully!
  3. You and I together. I messed up my pressures for the tyre change, so they ended up overinflated (as @SneakyNinja has noticed). Still, had a great race! Phil (whatshisforumname?) spun out in the bus top chicane, unfortunately for him (did he get nudged by someone?). I could keep up with @Ian Paskin, @Arthisins and @OJM CHICKEN together with Sneaky (who had taken my 4th place after a turn 1 wobble early on. We tried to chase the top 3, but they were going faster and faster. After the stop I was in front of Sneaky again, much to my surprise. But at the end of the race my tyre pressures where all over the shop and I started to lose grip due to each tyre having different pressures. Started 5th, finished 5th. Not too bad! Amazing racing, everyone! Pleased to see the new guys joining us, and it was great to hear they had fun. Good to see Alexander join us again, and @mrben09 being back on the track as well. You were doing great out there! I will upload my race over the weekend, was too tired to wait for it last night. Next time I'll be recording from the off (using nVidia's recorder).
  4. I've never heard of a with that name.
  5. 24-26 June, according to the GT3 race calendar. Sounds good to me! I promise I won't nick your ham and cheese sandwiches. Flying from Amsterdam isn't too expensive either!
  6. One of the reasons I went to PC for my sim racing was because of dealing with woes like that.
  7. And vice-versa too, I presume? Xbox base on a Playstation with an PS rim?
  8. I like the sound of that! Not too expensive either! I'll take the train from Groningen to Amsterdam as well, forget about going there by car these days.
  9. How about we pick Birmingham instead? I can fly to Brum from Schiphol and it's somewhat in the middle for you guys as well, I'd imagine.
  10. Congrats on your new job! I hope you can join us soon again! Oh yeah, good idea! Hmm, I could take the train from Amsterdam to Calais, and then to London, instead of taking the plane...but that will take more time and is probably more expensive as well. Edit: Shit, we're tiny. I knew we were but this illustrates it even better haha!
  11. Just checked, that's a 4.5h drive! Can you tell I'm living in a small country?
  12. Hello guys! Race day today! Don't forget to register if you haven't already!
  13. Hang on, I would need a passport for the UK now post-Brexit, don't I? I don't have one because I rarely travel outside the EU. Stupid sexy Brexit.
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