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  1. I spent ages to get the steering to feel like it does in AC (which as you said is already great out of the box). In the end I did get something of a good feel out of RR but I was already spoiled by AC. Together with the pay-for-content business model made me realise AC was more for me (I rather pay for a game with free content than a free game with pay for content for some reason). I did spend a good chunck of time on RR though, don't get me wrong, but it never felt like driving a car as much as AC (or ACC even) to me so I gave up on it. I don't even play AC much anymore either - t
  2. The spreadsheet has been adjusted for season 3 and I just need to await the turnout for the first race to see who's in and which car they've gone for.
  3. Alright, then we'll wait until the first race come Thursday. I'll add the car choice after that as well to make it complete.
  4. I don't suppose we have a definive list of participants for season 3 yet?
  5. Meers

    Formula One - 2020

    Indeed, that is what I didn't take into account as well. I stand corrected.
  6. Meers

    Formula One - 2020

    Yeah this is how I feel as well. I think they made the right decisions of not showing anything until they were certain he got out alright. If he hadn't (and thankfully he has) gotten out then I'm sure they wouldn't have showed anything. Maybe Ric didn't realise this when he spoke his mind about it.
  7. If you feel you've lost your racing mojo the best thing to do is take a hiatus from competitive sessions and just do some time trialling or vs AI sessions by yourself without being too serious about it. It'll come back, I'm sure.
  8. Certainly, working on it as I type this. And 50 or 15 shounds a lot alike when you hear a Dutchman shay it.
  9. I may find some time tonight as well for practice. I have dedicated some studying time in the weekend as well to allow myself some racing time during week days. So @davejm, same number 15 for me again for season 3 please.
  10. Is the 488 EVO a significant upgrade to the OG 488? Chris Haye was very concise in his video about it, other than it picks up a bit faster and has slightly better turn-in responsiveness.
  11. Make sure you get the Content Manager add on (a faster and more elaborate UI), which includes the Custom Shaders Patch which adds all kinds of shiny things, and the Sol app which adds time of day and dynamic weather.
  12. Now that's more like it. Aw man, that's a shame but understandable of course. Good luck with that! I think I'd rather do structural engineering than taxes if presented the option.
  13. Holy moly, did we just recruit a truckload of new forumites to race against in ACC? Wiiiickeeeeddd! @davejm mate, that's a phat rig! The sturdier the construction your wheel is mounted on, the better the FFB gets fed into your hands.
  14. 36Mb update today. Why are updates this small still take ages to implement (here at least)? I'm on a 250Mbit line fer Pete's sake!
  15. I've grown to love the GT4 cars over the course of last week (I think it's a brilliant addition to the game and the best value DLC I've bought in ages). But ACC - to me - is still predominantly about the GT3 series so I'd like to keep it that way for season 3 until we are all more accustomed to the GT4 cars by doing a couple of feature sprint races with them. Maybe season 4 can see us using them more often.
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