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  1. I need to do that with my pedals! I removed the clutch pedals from my CSR Elite set (I only have time for play ACC) because I couldn't center the brake and throttle pedals. But if I mod my base plate a bit, I could position the clutch next to the brake pedal like that. One concern though - aren't you accidentally hitting the wrong pedal now?
  2. There there @milko, you at least finished in front of me! I tried the Porker as well and although I really like it when it obeys you, it's the part when it doesn't obey that changed my mind on it.
  3. Word. No incidents and solid consistency will get you up the ranks faster than fast laps.
  4. I had a great race overall, but I lost control in the penultimate corner and got t-boned by Teddy which cost me my 2nd place. I was consistent, had good pace and the car felt great. I had a respectful tug for position with @milko in turn 1 and 2 of the first lap, and when Ian and Phil lost control in the hairpin, I was in 4rd chasing Milko, Teddy and @SneakyNinja. Managed to keep up with race pace quite well and managed to overtake Teddy at some point. But I lost control later on and he crashed into me causing me some damage. I decided to come in for my pitstop and hastily set my pit strategy in the pitlane. I had to drive slowly in order to finish my pit settings, costing me 3 positions in the end. Roll on the Glen!
  5. @SneakyNinja: "remember when I said I'm not improving?" Everyone: : "yeah?" @SneakyNinja:
  6. I've taken a GPU upgrade into account already for my PC. Hopefully the 30 series go down in price, or I can find a good deal on a 2nd hand one. Not going for a 40 series, way too expensive.
  7. Quite an understatement! Glad you could fix it and that it's even better now. Are you playing on PC by chance?
  8. Setup sorted for tomorrow. @milko's still a tad too fast for me though.
  9. Yeah that's how I played it as well. Turok started that one off and it made me a Southpaw player for life. I just can't get used to any other scheme at all. Thankfully GE offered a lot of other schemes, but a lot of later FPSes didn't. Xbox' stick swapping feature in the consoles' controller menu was a godsend for me.
  10. I still use my old CSR pedals, which are still in excellent condition even though they're about 10 years old (or even past that).
  11. Steward here. Looks like a moment of situational unawareness on car nr. 41's part, not a deliberate action. So it looks like a racing incident. But I'd like to see some onboard footage of car nr. 41.
  12. Part of me doesn't regret missing this race, and the other part does because of the reasons above.
  13. Thank you! Ha no not yet. He got some toy dinosaurs, books, clothes and a proper workbench sim rig! I'm not gonna make it in time for the race tonight chaps. I'll be back for next week's race though! I'll unregister myself now.
  14. You gonna get that? @SharkyOB own a Moza set, maybe he can tell you more about it. I'm sure you will love the upgrade!
  15. It's my son's birthday on Thursday. He'll be in bed at 8PM CEST but I'm not sure if there's still visitors around the house. I will register, but I may have to cancel it just before the race because of said visitors. We'll see closer to the time. Also, very big change in the house hunting episode. Before we put a bid on the house I showed you guys the other week, we did a bid on another house, but were overbid by someone else. Well, that party has withdrawn and since it was our first choice, we were overjoyed that we could have another shot at it. So we did another bid (same as our first one) and they accepted it! This house is bigger and has a bigger garden as well, but needs more work done to it. But it's more to our liking in the end, so we went for it. So I had 3 houses at some point. I cancelled our 2nd choice (the one I posted about before) and they were sad about it but it's business they said (we hadn't signed anything yet). The estate agent of that one is still going to sell our current house. Thing is... we are looking at moving somewhere in November. Which means I'm going to miss a few races, unfortunately.
  16. Why they went for CotA instead of one of the (much better) other US tracks, such as Sebring, baffles my mind. I want Sebring. Please give me Sebring. Sebring's awesome.
  17. A wise man (probably @Erik) once said - "catching up to someone is one thing, overtaking them is something else entirely".
  18. I had an amazing first stint, got in 2nd place after Phil and Trevor came together in the first chicane, then had you breathing down my neck. It made me a tad nervous because you were much quicker, so I got lucky (again) when you lost control of the Porker when you did. Gutted for you though! I had a very consistent race overall, barely made any mistakes. I couldn't keep up with @Ian Paskin though, he was just too quick. I also got 2 track cut warnings so I had to push a bit less in my second stint, which allowed @davejm to close the gap on me slowly but surely. He then wiped out at some point as well (unlucky, mate) which gave me a 20 second lead on P3 with only 4 minutes to go. 10/10 would race again! Amazing scenes! That's weird indeed. Maybe it's more points for gained positions? Yeah, Phil was a bit erratic as well I noticed. They're very fast hotlappers though!
  19. I hope you feel better soon mate. I tried the Aston and Audi last Tuesday, and although I like the Audi, I'm faster and more comfortable in the M4. So BMW it'll be again for this one.
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