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  1. Cheers mate, I'm trying to avoid sounding like that stereotype the best I can. Emergency potato, LMAO.
  2. Sounds pretty normal to me. Now picture hearing yourself talk in a foreign tongue! Let's just say that I expected less of the dreaded Dutch accshent. It may be because I've got the dongle connected to a USB hub. I'll see if I can switch things around for better results. Think I've got a good idea...
  3. Ooh you had to post a leaderboard, didn't you? It's fucking ON!
  4. I missed that stream. Has it been recorded somewhere? Seeing as we're running about the same hardware specs, I am curious is you manage to get it running!
  5. Nice! I have never, ever tried racing with one of those (no-one else I know does this kind of thing) so I'd like to try it one day. I doubt my laptop can handle it so maybe for a future desktop upgrade (once I've saved up again). Where's the mic on that thing? So I'm using this one: It's a good headset, Atmos compatible and suited for glasses. Very comfy and light, and amazing sound. It also has 2 volume sliders for game sound and voice chat. But it uses a USB dongle to connect to the PC. And that thing is its Achilles' heel. Unfortunately you can't use the recharge cable to connect it, ortherwise it wouldn't be an issue. Windows bluetooth doesn't work either, you need a dongle.
  6. It definitely is racing. I panicked slightly, so instinct took over there (INCOMIIIIING! Hit the dirt!). As far as I remember (I have to check the replay as well) there were the 3 of you. 2 went off track (you may have been one of em or that you had to avoid them) and I sailed past anyway. Then I ended up next to you when we headed toward the next corner. Dutchmen prefer flying over spinning though! The sound issues frustrated me to no end, which I took into the race. I think I'll replace the wireless Turtle Beach (Stealth 600 for Xbox and PC) with a wired PC one. Getting a bit tired of the fragile dongle it usues (loses connection way too often). What are you guys using, sound-wise?
  7. Man, I want to forget about this one and move on to Zolder, please. I was struggling with headset problems for almost an hour (hence it took me a while to connect). I thought my laptop failed to pick up my headset's dongle but after a lot of swearing I discovered that the source was set wrong in the game (it was set to the laptop's speakers). No idea there was a separate option in-game and how it had switched to laptop sound. Fuck me, this PC shite sometimes. Anyway, due to all that I dropped in halfway in the quali session. Only got the opportunity to do a banker lap and that was it. Last on the grid, but was soon in 6th because of a couple of incidents in front of me. Managed to latch on for a lap or 2 before another incident happened in front of me. @SharkyOB had to avoid the mayhem and I pulled alongside of him. Unfortunately he wasn't aware of me being next to him (happened very quickly so no time for both of us to communicate) so he took the inside line through the corner, hit me and I went off. There was no way we could have avoided that as it happened so fast, so no worries mate. So again at the back of the pack. Put my head down and started chasing. @Valver also had a bad day apparently so I managed to overtake him after he went off. But I struggled to find a flow and consistency (is there any on this track?) due to a lack of concentration so I made some one-sided mistakes here and there, losing another place to @Yannik who I managed to overtake earlier (he was not having a good one either it seems). Eventually the leaders managed to lap me, one of which was @davejm. Prior to you hitting me, I had made a wobble over the grass in the long right-hander just before the last corner. I wasn't aware that you guys were closing in so fast, but the flashing blue flag on my SimHub phone app told me you guys were close, and then my proximity arrows started flashing. I looked back and there you were, coming in at full speed. I normally don't dive to the side when I get lapped (I keep on racing as normal, you just have to do your best to get alongside and then I'll let you past, no worries), but in this case I decided to aim for the outside of the last corner to let you past, but before I could, you'd already hit me. Partly my fault because I wasn't paying attention enough (which is rare, believe me). Finished 9th, shouldn't complain all things considered. But still, bah and humbug. But I absolutely love racing against you outstanding fellows. I just need more races like the Paul Ricard one. Zolder should be good.
  8. That's a pity man. Shall I unregister you for tonight's race then, Paul?
  9. THE SCOTS ARE COMING! HIDE THE WOMEN AND CHILDREN! So that's the secret to your blistering fast time up there.
  10. How hard would it be to vote again and get back in the EU? Or is a big part of the UK still in favour of Brexit? Sorry to switch OT for a bit, just curious.
  11. Guys, is there a way to map the neutral gear to a button in ACC? A quick google search came up with "no" for an answer, but surely it's possible? Reason that I need one is that it's really cumbersome to have to shift all the way back to neutral after a spin.
  12. Yeah I waved him on, told him to step on it. Import charges though...
  13. I got AoR as well and am having the same issues as you. Gonna give Circuit Superstars a go too after all the good rep in here.
  14. Definitely checking this out on Xbox!
  15. Yeah I just saw UPS drive past here. I'm pleasantly surprised about my time. Thought I didn't improve much but apparently I did. I'm very inconsistent as well on Snetterton. One lap you have a good flow, the other you're struggling to find the right line. Starting to like it (and it reminds me of Assen a bit) but there's moments where I wish we picked a different track. And who designed that horrendous pit area? What's up with that stepped pitbox lane? Insane!
  16. We only have done a banker lap, Erik. But I'll try that one as well and see how it differs! Cheers!
  17. I think you've got a belter there. Mrs Meers went to sleep early last night, so instead of following her good example I decided to work on my setup a bit. I think I've got a competitive one but only managed to do a couple of laps. One of them would have been a mid-48'er but due to getting tired I fucked that one up. Called it a night and will try again tonight.
  18. Since we're talking bands, @SharkyOB... On that 30th I have a birthday party of someone turning 50 (said commitment). They want everyone to come dressed up as 80s/90s celebrities so I've decided to be original and go as Kurt Cobain.
  19. I'd be happy to take that holiday off your hands so that you can go play on that halloween festival mate.
  20. Oof, very tempting. Especially the being mediocre with a German and a Frenchman bit. But I can't make it on those days due to other commitments, alas.
  21. Not sure if I get much time to practice this week. My uncle (former rllmuk F1 league partaker) wants to try out my new wheel tomorrow, and not sure if I'll get another night in to tune my 720S and find my way around this absolute pancake of a track. And some of you excellent chaps thought Paul Ricard was featureless!
  22. Smooth as butter as far as I can see. Car looks really planted. If you fix that windscreen wiper, you'll go even faster!
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