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  1. Well given that the Knives Out sequels will be exclusive to Netflix, but the Sony films will already have debuted at the cinema a year before, I think the Sony deal may have cost more, but possibly be worth less than the Knives Out deal in terms of generating new subscribers.
  2. i just completed it today, after the car fix worked. The sandcastle bug doesn’t affect how the game plays out much, so you get to the end at least now the car is fixed. Very buggy game. Mostly enjoyed it, but was glad it ended when it did.
  3. I watched this last year and it really cheered me up during the first lockdown. It’s very sketch driven, a bit like Japan’s answer to Head, the similarly bonkers Monkees movie (written by Jack Nicholson of all people!).
  4. Fuck all as far as I can tell. Some people are even saying it’s made it worse. Only dropped on PS5 so far I believe.
  5. Patch just dropped and it doesn’t fix the sandcastle issue sadly.
  6. There are some that you can inspect in the menu to get new information/interactions, so make sure you do that, and some things will only be possible if you have a tool equipped in a hand (for example you can only pick up Tare/rubbish when your plastic bag is equipped). Mostly though you’ll be given options in the text to use objects in the right place if you have them in your inventory, there’s none of that ‘use every item in your inventory on every bit of the scenery’ type gameplay from point and click adventures.
  7. Oh I know, the review was rubbish. I think one of the difficulties with the game is setting appropriate expectations though. I started enjoying it way more when I started thinking of it more like an animated FF game.
  8. In fairness, it’s more like a virtual D&D campaign than a point and click adventure. It’s very much a role playing game, so it’s more about choosing your responses carefully for the character you’re playing than just exhausting all the conversation options. It’s basically like playing a Fighting Fantasy book, where you mostly just making decisions and doing dice checks. Where it excels though is making all these decisions feel interconnected, and snap decisions you made many hours ago having major repercussions later. Sort of like how some of the quest outcomes in Witcher 3 would
  9. I just watched all 6 parts of Q: Into The Storm, and now my head hurts from all the stupid.
  10. I went to the press screening of this back when I wrote for SFX, and have a very vivid memory of Mark Kermode loudly exclaiming “Oh fuck off!” when the twist was revealed.
  11. I hit a game breaking bug on day three involving a sandcastle and a missing car, so despite enjoying it, I’m now forced to wait for a patch. Crossing my fingers I won’t have to restart the whole fricking game. Hope they can fix it as I was really enjoying it.
  12. I mean, he did also kill the King of Wakanda, so I think Zemo’s crimes were a bit more serious than just making Cap and Iron Man grumpy.
  13. Although I mostly enjoyed it, I’m starting to feel that as a child this show might have been kicked in the head by a horse. There was just so much stupid in this episode, The action is good, but it really doesn’t hold up to any kind of scrutiny at all on a plot level.
  14. Ready or Not was definitely my favourite of those. Felt a lot of people slept on it, which was a shame as it was the most ‘fun’ horror I’d seen in a long time.
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