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  1. A Way Out was a great co-op game to play with the missus (who isn’t particularly into anything other than Mario Kart). We also enjoy the Peggle games and Puzzle Quest for pass the pad.
  2. This is going to be £15 in next week’s Days of Play promotion. Worth it?
  3. Hang on, Bash Street is an actual fucking Street?!!
  4. Does anyone REALLY care about this cut? I kind of feel the online drum beat is about 10% genuine DC fans who are somehow convinced a better movie MUST exist, somewhere, and 90% Marvel fans and trolls on the windup trying to get Warner to waste even more cash on this car wreck. Basically, it’s the geek version of the ‘Release Brian’ scene from Monty Python’s Life of Brian.
  5. Unexpectedly, I had a decent time with The Hunt last night. Was short and sharp, and although it fizzled a bit by the end, it had lots of fun turns along the way. Surprisingly gory too.
  6. There is no shame in using a guide for things like this, as there can be A LOT of trudging back and forth between shops and quest givers.
  7. I’m torn, because I really hate trailers for comedies that use up all the best gags, but on the other hand, you probably should have put at least one joke in guys.
  8. Are you talking about the new Special or the Series? Cos I can't find the special anywhere.
  9. No, they were two different films, as development for Road to El Dorado and Kingdom of the Sun (New Groove's original title) began in 1994 at both Disney and Dreamworks respectively. Although it's probable Jeffrey Katzenberg may have taken the basic 'Mayan' seed with him to Dreamworks, no serious development work had been done on Kingdom at that point. Kingdom of the Sun did have a very tortured production though, going from traditional Disney movie based on the Prince and the Pauper (complete with full-length Sting soundtrack) to an anarchic 4th wall breaking comedy (complete with a Sting song over the end credits). The whole madness of the production is captured brilliantly in The Sweatbox, a documentary Trudie Styler made at the time, which was subsequently banned by Disney, as it showed the company in a bad light (understandably perhaps considering it was the doc director's husband Sting that was being messed around by Disney). Fortunately, a copy slipped onto the internet a few years ago, and thanks to YouTube though you can watch it here, right now:
  10. I have. Definitely worth a watch, but it spends a lot of time on the early years, then races through the last 20 at supersonic speed at the end. Felt like it needed to be at least 3 times as long to cover everything properly.
  11. I bought the DLC and 100% finished it. Pretty short, only a couple of hours, but was happy to have a bit more game to play. The new abilities would have probably helped with the main game if I hadn’t already finished it. If you find the platforming difficult though, there’s a new jet boot mechanic that’s quite annoying to get the hang of.
  12. Ducktales is the same, so catchy! The reboot on Disney+ is great, and they’ve definitely learned a lot of lessons from Gravity Falls about how to do a soft arc. The Golf episode in particular is brilliant.
  13. Finished Journey to the Savage Planet last night. Really enjoyable if you fancy a Metroidvania or Subnautica Lite experience. The Hot Garbage DLC is out today too!
  14. Wasn't Fist of the North Star this gen too?
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