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  1. This mainly affects COD games, but I won’t buy anything that pays a licence fee to an actual gun manufacturer. I can’t square the equation that means that my fun will sponsor the actual production of real world firearms. I know my tiny protest makes no difference in real terms, but it’s where I draw a line.
  2. Not really, as I'd already seen the bulk of all the mechanics at that point, so the only thing that was really 'new' for the last few hours was the story, which would have been the same regardless. If anything I probably would have liked it even more if I could have played it at my leisure, but 10/10 is the highest score I could have given it anyway. Given the game's reputation in subsequent years, I feel I got it right. Think it's the only 10/10 I ever gave out in all my years of journalism.
  3. Backed! Love TJ&E, spent many happy hours playing the original in my friend’s basement.
  4. An Honest Liar is the same doc, just under a different name.
  5. I reviewed FFXII for Official PlayStation UK mag many years ago, and they said they’d give me a bonus if I could finish it and write the review in under a week to hit their print deadline and claim to be the only UK publication that had completed it. It was both the worst and the best week of my life. Fortunately it had already been out a year in Japan, so there were plenty of FAQs - the issue was more the sheer amount of content there was to get through. In the end I ended up cheesing my stats just so I could get to the end of the game (I’d already played through 40 ho
  6. I think there is some amount of too-ing and fro-ing and like Netflix, there there are definitely some things that are on the US version and not the UK one and vice version. I think that if you like horror a lot, £3 a month is not much to spend for a pretty good catalog. Also worth noting that the subs will work on the Xbox app, but not with the Shudder service on Amazon Prime for some reason. Also the stand alone app and and the Shudder Amazon service have different films for some reason (more films overall in the stand alone version).
  7. FWIW, I’m rubbish at fighting games. I’ve managed to finish every Yakuza game by sticking it on easy and mashing the X button. For me it’s all about the weird side-stories.
  8. Really long. You’ll normally finish the main storyline around the 30hr mark. Your completion % will be about 40%. You’ll probably never finish the other 60% unless you want to go balls deep in Mahjong. This is an outlier in Yakuza games though as it’s turn-based rather than button mashing fighting, so if you want the true Yakuza experience you’re probably better off with Yakuza 0 (Which is on gamepass).
  9. Shudder is pretty pretty good, and their originals are decent. Enjoyed The Mortuary Collection on there last week.
  10. Mainly to give it a bit of grip. Was terrified the cat was going to knock the whole thing over, and I can't wall mount as it turns out the wall is more or less a sheet of painted fucking cardboard.
  11. This is mine - 65” LG OLED, B&W speakers, Series X will replace the One X and PS5 will replace the PS4. Routers and test consoles hidden in the cupboards, crocheted Fall Guy overseeing the whole operation.
  12. Yes, Katherine is one of the main players in the second half of The Vow, as she tries to separate her daughter from the NXVIM cult.
  13. This is the actual best film review ever: http://www.emilywrites.co.nz/i-saw-tarzan-and-this-is-my-review-after-some-wines/
  14. Basically Pepe was a cute frog cartoon that got co-opted into a far right meme, much to the horror of its original creator. The film charts how this happened, and the artist’s attempts to reclaim Pepe as a symbol of hope. It’s also a fascinating look at how Trumpism and the modern far-right scene developed from the darker recesses of 4 Chan “for the LOLs”. I didn’t really understand the crypto stuff either, and they probably could have skipped that.
  15. Also period drama is always way more expensive than something relatively contemporary. I think there’s a lot more ambient CG in Mindhunter than you’d ever expect.
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