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  1. I played the entire game solving everyone’s problems without killing almost anyone. When I had sucked all the content from bones, I went round and drained  every single NPC in the game. It was such a creepy hour of gaming. Genuinely felt like a psychopath. 

  2. I’ve just let my Game Pass lapse, and I’ve bought 3 years worth of gold to do the top up trick. But I’ve also just been given a year’s free ultimate game pass code from BT. Is there anyway to use the BT code and my gold codes, or am I better off just doing the gold trick and ignoring the BT offer?


    I guess if I use the BT offer I’d be gambling on the Gold codes not expiring and the exchange offer still being open next year?

  3. The penultimate episode



    wrapped up what felt like 80% of the mysteries,


    so presumably the final episode is going to drop a big fat twist on us, Shyalaman-style. 

  4. Just watched the four-part “Love Fraud” documentary on Amazon Prime about Richard Scott Smith, a serial bigamist and con man. 

    Basically he’d love bomb vulnerable women, marry them, get them to take a bunch of credit out then steal money from them, often leaving them in crippling debt. 

    Was a really interesting doc as he was actively conning women while the doc was shooting and it turns into an attempt to capture him, rather than just tell the victim’s story.

    Only meant to watch the first episode, and ended up staying up until the wee hours watching the whole damned thing. Definitely worth a watch if you like true crime shows about con men, or if you’re really lonely and bored and enjoy staying up into the middle of the night watching any old shite for no good reason even though you have work in the morning. 

  5. I quite enjoyed this. Whilst I do wish the script was slightly sharper, and it could have done with a bit more originality, it still hit me squarely in the nostalgia feels as designed. 

    Really don’t know why 


    Janine couldn’t have been the Grandmother though. They would have barely had to change the plot and it could have been a nice reveal at the end. 


  6. 34 minutes ago, Chadruharazzeb said:

    This sounds brilliant but it's on Disney ?? 

    Technically it’s on Star, which is sort of their international version of Hulu which is bundled in with Disney+ outside the US, weirdly making it much better value than the US Disney+ offering I think. 

  7. The first time I killed a video game animal was in the newly opened Woking branch of Game in the early 90’s. They had a 386 PC set up and you could play the shareware version of Wolfenstien 3D on it. The first time a Nazi attack dog jumped at me, I shot it, and then was immediately violently sick into a bin under the table. 

    A few years later, they opened the famous Prince Andrew alibi Pizza Express nearby. Makes you think, doesn’t it?

  8. My lists:


    Top 10 2021 films: 


    Licorice Pizza

    Spider-Man: No Way Home


    Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar

    Dinner in America


    The Mitchell’s and the Machines

    Sam & Mattie Make A Zombie Movie

    Polystyrene: I am a Cliche

    No Time to Die


    Top 10 Old Movies that I saw for the first time this year:


    The Elephant Man

    The Artist is Present

    The Phantom Thread

    Serial Mom

    The Thin Blue Line

    The Parallax View 

    Modern Romance

    The Manhattan Project 

    Things Change

    Mr. Vampire

  9. On 06/12/2021 at 17:35, Dark Soldier said:

    Dinner in America is the best film of the year, and its criminally overlooked. Just wonderful.

    The first 30 minutes are incredibly abrasive, and Simon comes across as a gigantic tool, but I was very impressed at how they managed to turn it around by the end.

    Reminded me a lot of Andy Kaufman’s bad comedian act, where he’d try to bomb as hard as possible to annoy an audience to the point of booing, before turning it round and winning them back by the end of his set.


    Very much had that early 2000’s Ghost World/Napoleon Dynamite vibe. Probably would have missed this one if not for this thread, so thanks!

  10. There’s been a bit of chat about it in the scary movies thread. I’m really enjoying it too. Definitely enjoying it as a much nastier take on lost with a hefty splash of Lord of the Flies. At the moment I think it’s walking the mystery/supernatural tightrope quite well, but feels like it could very easily collapse into nonsense at any point. Really great cast though, and definitely a weekly tv highlight for me atm. 

  11. 15 hours ago, Harsin said:

    Best Joseph moment is…


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    …when Jotaro brings him back to life at the end of Stardust Crusaders. In the nanosecond of consciousness he has before opening his eyes he decides to troll his distraught grandson.


    Which is nicely mirrored by 



    Joseph’s son trolling him at the end of Diamond is Unbreakable by using the photo of his mother to steal his wallet! 


  12. 14 hours ago, jonamok said:

    Needs its own thread so more will see it/ engage with it. Rylance was utterly ridiculous and too true at the same time. Blanchett was amazing.

    Yeah really enjoyed Don’t Look Up, was funnier than I thought it’d be - loved the mid-credits scene! 

  13. On 18/12/2021 at 20:17, Michael J Glocks said:

    Signed up to crunchyroll to watch Diamond is Unbreakable. I loved Okuyasu and Rohan, and…


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    Kira was a great baddie, but jfc they padded it out in the second half. Did Joseph even do anything? Ghost Dad’s Flying Polaroid was dumb as shit, as was Legolas the pointless alien. Invisibaby also a complete waste of time.



    Stardust Crusaders still the best, on to Golden Wind.

    I’ve just finished DiU tonight (Have watched 4 seasons in two weeks!). Really enjoyed it overall, although as you mentioned, there were a LOT of plot threads that went no-where. Definitely was expecting a big twist with


    Joseph, thinking he was just going to be playing dumb the whole series, and that there was going to be some amazing reveal at the end that would both redeem the affair as something else entirely and show that that he was just acting senile.

    But nope! 


    I did like the fact that pretty much every enemy became an ally this time though (even if



    none of them really made a difference in the end battle, which seemed like a missed opportunity - having them all help take down Kira at the end would have been so satisfying). 


    I liked that overall it was a season about healing rather than defeating people. 

    Are the last two seasons any good, or have I seen the best of it now (will watch them both either way). 

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