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  1. Couldn't they have just done the same thing Neighbours used to do and have him move to Brisbane?
  2. I thought it was a very pleasant kids film that was almost entirely created from the corpses of other kids films (Namely The Little Mermaid, Moana, Ponyo, Onward, and a dash of Cool Runnings). Could have done with a bit more humour too. Very pretty though. Deffo mid-tier Pixar.
  3. I thought it was a bit too similar to this:
  4. I enjoyed the special but prefer the album version as it’s like a 50 minute version of the special with all the staring into the camera removed. Pretty much the only thing you lose is a mildly amusing riff on pirate treasure maps.
  5. I’ve been making games or writing about games for 20 years now, and I think there are a lot of others in the industry on here. So maybe needs an option for people so invested that it’s also their day job?
  6. I generally watch at least one film a day and try to give them my complete attention - I watch a lot of foreign cinema, and needing to read subtitles really helps with avoiding second screen messing. I think it helps to have a really varied diet of films though, I’ll swap between old, new, high brow, low brow, documentaries, foreign and English language, and try not to watch crap just because it’s there (I’d always pick an unseen classic over something that is new but not well liked, like last week’s new Conjuring movie for example). So far this week for example I’ve watched Elektra Glide in Blue, Irma Vep, Barb and Star go to Vista Del Mar, Plan B, Shithouse and Lost in America.
  7. Yeah it’s quite bleak in places (although the overall tone is upbeat and fun), and occasionally horrible things are happening or implied, but there’s near zero on-screen blood or gore.
  8. I just watched the first episode of Sweet Tooth and it was GREAT. Plot follows a dad (Will Forte) who takes his son into the wilderness when a new virus threatens humanity. Based on a highly-acclaimed comic. Have high hopes for the rest of the series. Basically The Road, but more lighthearted and with a fantasy twist. Definitely worth checking out the first episode to see if it’s your jam.
  9. Plan B (2021) Sure it’s yet another “one-crazy-night” teen movie (this one involving a madcap quest to get the morning after pill), but I think this film’s heroes, Sunny and Lupe, might represent one of the best lived-in movie friendships since Booksmart. Sunny (Kuhoo Verma, whom you might recall from her brief yet memorable scene in “The Big Sick” as an arranged match to Kumail Nanjiani - “The truth is out there!”) is a delight to watch in every scene, and her best friend Lupe (played charmingly by Victoria Moroles) is not so much a bad influence as a font of bad ideas. Got lots of laughs out of me, and even one shocked palm in front of my face, as if I was bloody Mary Whitehouse or something. Truly an impressive feat! Well worth a watch if you want a sweet and funny comedy with just enough edge. 4/5
  10. FWIW I still enjoyed the single player story, was great just for getting the X-Wing feels.
  11. There's a couple of moments of fairly ott gore, but it's all very cartoony. Essentially Power Rangers, but they're getting arms pulled off and then Monty Python geysers of blood. Not remotely scary or anything. You could probably cut about 3 minutes out of the film and it'd basically be a PG.
  12. The Monster Squad Gremlins Housebound What We Do In The Shadows Warm Bodies Happy Death Day Get Out Tremors Poltergeist Paranormal Activity Ginger Snaps (bit borderline this one) Insidious Signs The Sixth Sense
  13. I really enjoyed Psycho Goreman. The name was a bit off putting, but once I realised it was essentially Power Rangers directed by Lloyd Kaufman, I was all in. Really impressive what they pulled off with a budget of about 10p. And it ends with a rap song about the lead character over the end credits.
  14. It also nicks some story beats from Aliens pretty heavily too.
  15. It’s largely made by the Robot Chicken team.
  16. I just spent a few weeks getting lvl 20 mastery, sniper assassin and SASO on every single location in Hitman, Hitman 2 and Hitman 3. I feel weirdly proud of this utterly pointless feat.
  17. I know no-one in the office went to Japan while I was working there, but that's not to say they didn't run a segment on it, as they often bought in footage from local productions companies all around the world. So, while I don't recall anything like this, that doesn't mean it wasn't part of the show - it also ran for many years before I worked there, so it may also just have been before my time! EDIT: Actually, if they showed a SNES game it was definitely before my time, as I was there in the Dreamcast era!
  18. I’m on the desert island on DQ Builders 2 and loving it. I quite like all the relentless tasks. The story on the second island has been particularly fun, revolving almost entirely around building a pub.
  19. Mamma Mia is fucking awful, with some performances that rival Oliver Reed in Tommy for tone deaf singing. I’d recommend: Hairspray Sing Sing Street Once Calamity Jane The Greatest Showman Blues Brothers
  20. Surely it’ll just be like Modern Family, with Fred as the curmudgeonly boomer grandad, Pebbles as the Gen X mum, and her kids as the millennials no one gets. It writes itself!
  21. I used to edit all the footage for the PSW cover disc! Don’t remember any porn reviews, so that must have been before my time.
  22. Wait, people play these games in English? I always go subbed!
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