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    Got this through my email if anyone is interested in going:
  2. That said the Gucci one with Blake Lively sounds awesome with the mix music behind it
  3. After sinking a bit too much time in January with this
  4. loved it. loves the style of the film, reminded me a lot of The Conversation where a lot happens in the quiet moments.
  5. playing it now, I feel its gonna be a bigger sink then GP story
  6. vincenzo


    when does the transfer window close?
  7. vincenzo


    it begins .... http://www.skysports.com/story/0,19528,11095_7063994,00.html
  8. sorry buddy - out but will hope to join the following season
  9. if you're a Liverpool fan, this deadline day must be amazing
  10. I was playing random 1v1s from about 8:30 and it was fine, but yeah if it persists then I may have to drop out this season
  11. first attempted game was fine - bit slow but okay. first proper game was kicked out again on the loading screen (whilst everyone was waiting for the match to start) and honestly I wasnt going to hang around till 11:15 - 11:30 to start the second match. so sorry mackenie for controlling my cb position. is there anyone on the waiting list? the fact that Ive played so few games is shocking
  12. yum, looking forward to yi-yi having on seen it on a err.. "alternate source"
  13. so the two are back on good terms again? Wasnt there a lot of internal strife on Earthsea between senior and goro?
  14. vincenzo


    gibbs taken off again last night? has the poor guy finished a match this season?
  15. sorry bout the dropped connections, not sure if its the game or my side. well done in the second game
  16. i'll try get on for 9, if not send us an invite when im online
  17. having human gk'ers will make BAP laughs go up by a factor of 22 make it happen!
  18. back up now but for how long...?
  19. Certainly the game seems more "physical" which I like, hopefully catch a few of you tonight
  20. Any of you chaps around to try clubs tonight?
  21. Picked it up today - any of you lads around (maybe after MOTD)?
  22. Picked it up today - any of you lads around (maybe after MOTD)?
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