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  1. ok- I've started to accumulate some of the best hints at the top- should be help[ful for first time players such as myself and the impending huge influx of PC gamers at the end of the summer
  2. Thanks very much suzakuseven. That's exactly what I was looking for and I'm sure it'll help more than just myslef.
  3. no worries-I'll start ploughing through the main thread Although a co-ordinated central location thread for ffxi newbies would certainly be helpful thing- esecially as the game debuts in Europe soon and not many will have the patience I do to read through that much material...
  4. a bit harsh. That thread is extremely established at over 80 pages and mostly seems to concern exisitng high ranking players. Its not like there's a huge deluge of new topics in the online forum and I thought this might be a helpful quick glance guide for new players. But if that's how you fell i'll piss off.
  5. For new players and experienced ones alike- here's a thread pulling together some of the key strands from the main 80 page thread. Feel free to add your own wisdom and I'll update this initial post. Actually getting started PC: PS2: Rllmuk Players Rllmuk players have generally congregated in the Gameworld Garuda. Here is how to make sure you start in the right place. There are no less than 30 different servers you may be assignied to so tha above trick may take some time before you land on Garuda Picking a Race for your character The various character stats and what they mean in real terms Newbies and Mentors Ten initial things to do Communication basics FFXI Common Terms Commands The ins and outs of subjobs Information on specific sub jobs can be found here Taking Screenshots Useful Additional Links Official European Site Official US Site FFXI Online Timetable
  6. So much of the emotional charge in that game comes from Uematsu's score. Its by far his best and most consistent work (alongside maybe FFIV): the themes in Midgar perfectly augment the desperation of the slums- They have a real blade runner type melancholy that he never really replicated (or even tried to) in the later games. Midgar theme city of ancients the beautifully orchestrated aerith's theme A hardcore music memorabilia collector may be interested in this... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...5907045926&rd=1
  7. spot on- how anyone can argue that FFTA is a superior srpg I have no clue...
  8. It's relevant because it is made by the same team for the same system and is, pretty much, in the same genre (at least for most casual onlooker)
  9. imo its far more advanced than advance wars- in tactical terms this is extremely challenging. I loved the story, characterisation and I thought the translation from Japanese was one of the best I've ever read. If you are a srpg newbie- or have been raised on a diet of advance wars alone then you will sink rather than swim.
  10. pancho

    FSW authentic

    the wife's out til 8.00 tonight so if you're around after work just lmk hitcher
  11. Seems like a bitch to get anyone on an authentic game. Anyways- I just completed the seargeant mode and am going to jump straight to authentic. It would be nice to play on live and have someone tag along so if anyone has the day off today add me to their freinds list, post here and lets get going. gamertag: gozaimas
  12. If that's a dig aimed at me then no. And piss right off. When I was freelancing for Edge I tried to arrange a 'making of' special with him regarding radiant silvergun. Our Japanese correspondont advised me of his reputation in japan regarding press (not just with gaijin) and explained that an interview with maegawa was far more feasable.
  13. The xenophobe at the company is Hiroshi Iuchi (director of RS and Ikaruga) as he refuses to do any kind of interview with foreign press- in fact he refuses to do almost any interviews afaik. In my experience Maegawa (iirc) the CEO is far more approachable
  14. ok- I just completed my first run through on seargant. I need to know- is the only way to get 'authentic' mode by entering the cheat or does it become unlocked when you complete 'seargant major' mode?
  15. No-one mentioned the games as art debate. Nor did anyone state that games were films. The point of the article commission was to examine the synergy between the two forms. I don't think he wants games to be easier- he simply stated that the difficulty in games inherent in their unwritten intiation laws will hinder their progression into the mainstream.
  16. I get the impression that the two games in point were handed to him rather than picked out by himself.
  17. I'm not sure his (the reviewer's) point was that he couldn't handle a joystick. He was arguing that progress in a game like Ico is built upon a foundation of games language that has been in-built in players over the years. His analagy to the cryptic crossword wasn't just a throwaway line: cryptics have a language and unspoken rule base on which they are constructed. You want to complete the Times cryptic crossword and you'll have to understand the language and be aware of the rules. A newcomer will be lucky to get past the first answer cold. His point was that a game like Ico, one held up as a "classic" (his word) by the gamesplaying critical fraternity, demands its player (at least in his experience) have a rudmentary undertsanding of the language of preogression on which games are built. The article is fundamentally about the synergy between games and films (he cites the fact Sony had a booth at Cannes this year as a superficial case in point) so the point must be that whereas you needn't be well versed in the language of film screen-writing to appreciate a classic film- to appreciate a classic game you must have the appropriate skill set. that's my reading of it at least.
  18. I don't think so. It was one of the lead features in the click supplement last week (24th)
  19. Arguably, in this instance, he's reviewing his experience of Ico.
  20. One thing I'm not sure about in his logic is this point. In my experience through the years, developers have always made high demands of gamesplayers across all genres from text adventures through to shmups on to 2d fighters. I guess that the superficial intricacy comes from the leap to 3d.
  21. Excellent article in the Times last week which I've only just got around to reading through. The premise is that James Christopher, chief film critic for aforementioned broadsheet, a gaming virigin, spend a week or so delving into videogaming to find out how the synergy between both art forms is coming along. The article begins with the (slightly late to the critical party) words "I'm deeply unimpressed by Mark Hammond". Although he goes on to criticise The Getaway's lacking out-of-car physics as "bumbling", his main disppointment is spared for the mission failed screen. More damning to the form than the "forumlaic scripts" and "lacking cyber-scanned" images of actors is the fact that, for Christopher at least, apparantly games are just too hard. Ok- so far so foreseeable- after all The Getaway demands its players to deftly work around and within its numerous shortcomings in order to find any progress or fun. But, of more interest, at last to a forum such as this, is Christopher's subsequent grappling with, and perhaps weak bladdered fanboys should clutch their branded lunchboxes tight, Ico. So the article takes an unexpected turn in that it holds up for review a title that firstly most specialist press glossed over and secondly, a game held up as the acme of artisitc gaming by the principle commentators on our pastime. Of particular interest is that this reviewer has never reviewed videogames before (and so has no agenda when it comes to Ico) but is also one of the highest profile film reviewers in the country. Here's what he has to say: "Take Sony's classic title. Ico, a heroic adventure that requires the mental agility of a crossword puzzle genius. A young boy is whisked from his medieval village and imprisioned in a gothic castle. He has to use wit rather than weapons to negotiatea labyrinth of vast stone chambers. A lever on the handset allows you to scrutinise every corner of each room; a button allows you to zoom in on specific details; and a gear stick allows you to move the yung turk with extraordinary sensitivity. the complexity and "realism" of this interactive film is the beautiful, spooky thrill. The atmosphere reminds me of Hayao Miyazaki's 2002 Berlin Film Festival winner, "Spirited Away" and I derive a great deal of pleasure from making this spindly youth charge full tilt into brick walls. This proves to be the only lean pleasure that I can "direct" in Ico because I can't for the life of me figure out how to get past the firest (and presumably easiest) reel of the story. What's undeniable is the addictive misery of the challenge. Hours of frustration turn me into a bleary-eyed ? Frankly, its a humiliation I could do without" Ok- Its hardly apocalyptic reviewing now but he raises a valid point. Indeed, Christopher explains his take on why gaming cannot go truly mass market earlier in the article, and perhaps this is the crux of his point, " The problem for people like me is this: hardcore game players have become bored with the cliches of their chosen pastmime and developers have responded by making their games more intracate and therefore more baffling to the novice". So- lazy reviewing or incisive reasoning?
  22. pancho


    Got this yesterday thanks to Mr Spew. Being a couple of months late to the party I'm finding that I'm getting completely annihalated. I can start my mech, run around without falling over and lock on and fire but in a one on one I will ALWAYS lose. What do I need to do to stop this.
  23. ...and indeed the loevly ff7 international there was also a FF4 easy type relased in japan which was the US version repackaged for the japanese market. Additionally, around the time of ff4's release in japan square released ff1+2 on the famicom in a special double pack edition. I sold one on ebay last month for £50. I'll update the list
  24. ff3 (j) is the only ff game now to not to have an official translation outside japan
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