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  1. out of interest- anyone know if koei did their own translation for this or if its Atlus' (us version) they've rented?
  2. Not a distaster on a game of this type by any stretch of the imagination...
  3. and the mysterious deeko has quite the turn of phrase... "While I found the in-battle graphics to be a bit bland and the musical score a tad bit dull, the gameplay is solid".
  4. http://www.metacritic.com/games/platforms/...hourofdarkness/
  5. sorry to be anal but it's 'quotation' not 'quote'. Quote is the verb, quotation is the noun... if you're doing a presentation it might be important...no...? oh ok...
  6. Nah- just keep this thread going as its stickied- Don't bother updating the front page- just let people add their own updates as and when. That will suffice. Anyways- I completed Onimusha Tatics on the GBA and thoroughly enjoyed the experience- It was slightly simpler than FF tactics (GBA version) but I enjoyed it a whole lot more. In its place goes another SRPG which I'm already half way through. Intellegent System's Fire Emblem- Its like Advance Wars except instead of deploying tanks you deploy your carefully crafted characters. Lose one in battle and he/she is gone forever. Easily my favourite GBA game. My list now looks like this: Xenosaga: us ps2 Disgaea: us ps2 Bujingai: jap ps2 Fire Emblem: us gba Go Go Hypergrind: us gc
  7. pancho


    that's technically impossible... unless of course the ffvi was the psone version.
  8. Its all in the quotation... "it's got really good story to back it up, too -- quite a lot of which was unfortunately lost on Konami, who released it as "Cybernator" in the US. They removed a good 30-60% of the text, a lot of text sequences, character portraits in the dialogue, reduced one character to simple cannon fodder, deleted a whole bunch of other characters, axed a cutscene in the final level, and generally made a mess of it" Can't get much clearer than that- Try it and you'll soon taste the difference.
  9. For those of you retrogamers who like a bit of japanese niche gaming, especially of the fan translated variety, there's some good news: The SNES classic Assault Suits Valken, a game mercilessly raped by Konami's US localisers, has been released in a complete translated form by venerable rom hacker AGTP. Here's some blurb on the project: The translation file (which needs to be merged with the ROM image using an IPS tool- very straightforward) is available at AGTP website: http://agtp.romhack.net/ There you will also find a complete list of his other translations for download. If you are new to all this fan translation business and want to try out classic games that never got a translation such as Squaresoft's blisteringly good Bahamut Lagoon or the original (and universally undcredited as such) survival horror game: Capcom's famicom Sweet Home then here's some details: The whirlpool at http://donut.parodius.com/ is your best bet for finding translation ips files. The website is fairly self explanatory so get stuck in and find some gems. If you are struggling with finding a game source and can't be bothered with stumbling down blind irc alleys and fighting off an army of pop-ups then visit the stable and ever reliable planetemu: bear in mind that you can only d/l one file at a time.
  10. That must be the american side of the collector's market I presume? My only concern would be that there probably aren't that many newcomers to the Atari 2600 scene year on year unlike say Neo Geo at the moment?
  11. I'm sure you know what you're doing but if I were you I'd cash that in sooner rather than later...
  12. *hu-huh-huh*[cdi%20selfboot](1).torrent *achoo* Its a self bootable file so no need for any boot disks or anything. In fact- downloadable gaming doesn't get much easier than this...
  13. you can always get a converter from lik sang so you can use dc sticks with Xbox without needing a mod. Saves a bit of hassle. Try Blazing Star on the mvs shmup heads. If you like r-type its a sound go. Just picked up radiant silvergun after a break of a couple of years. Still remember all my techniques. Personally I think its the deepest shooter in existence. So many ways to play... Spent the last few days trying to chain only red coded ships on the first level- genius design and pisses all over Ikaruga in terms of depth of play mechanics and accessibility. Esprade is a lot of fun too though
  14. ok- Mojib-ribbon is down. I finished all the stages (that penultimate one is an absolute bitch). A tough rhythm action game and about the only one to have given me a swollen right thumb. Tried writing a few of my own katakana raps but it takes a little too long so I think I can put this to rest with a clean conscience knowing I'm probably one of only a handfl to have bothered completing it outside Japan.... Anyways- in its place I'll put Go Go Hypergrind on the US GC. My list now ;looks like this: Xenosaga: us ps2 Disgaea: us ps2 Bujingai: jap ps2 Onimusha Tactics: us gba Go Go Hypergrind: us gc Games completed (under scheme) Mojib-ribbon: jap ps2
  15. I might have to go trade in some shenmue 2s then... I've been to the worthing gamestation before- they have a copy of snatcher in the window for £90. I asked for a closer look and the condition was pretty horrible. Th estore guy offered it to me for £60 but it was still too high imo...
  16. where is my boy: faultline (with Chris martin). Aching.
  17. Been following this for a few weeks and its helped me complete two games I would not have otherwise. Amyways- I thought I'd join the accountability throng as this is such a good idea... My new five are: Xenosaga Disgaea Mojibribbon Bujingai Onimusha Tactics There's some toughies in there so it will take some time but it needs doing as almost all are worth it.
  18. I absolutely loved it- I thought the first film was very weak- many (but not all) of the Japanese film refs went over my head and it was too much of a pastiche for my liking. the second is much more tarantino dialogue wise- If you like the way he writes then you'll love this as its some of his best scripting imo. The plot is beautifully delivered in vol 2 where there was just a vacuum in vol 1.
  19. just an update for those interested in this little gambit. The first of these sold on ebay today for a very very high final price: Its the first time I've bothered to write up a proper item description but it definitely pays off. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...MESSO%3AIT&rd=1 I'll probably keep the second one for myself now. Then again...
  20. for those who want to find out what the fuss is all about, you can catch up with some gba iterations here
  21. The realtionship to last blade" LB was one of the last games released by the true SNK teams and is, gameplaywise, in a very similar mould to Garou: Mark of the Wolves. personally, the second game (Last Blade 2) is my favourite fighter on the neo geo. Its a deep intellegent fighter that has a far more enjoyable pace to it than the sam sho games imho. Try it on your DC for a pretty good conversion.
  22. Not as far as I know. http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/psx/data/21284.html
  23. Original GB games don't age well augmented by the fact the hardware has gone through several updates: if you look at Neo geo pocket. the original B&W only games, whilst still hard to get hold of, are universally worth less than their color descendants. The cardboard boxes don't help either- collectors would go clamshell over cardboard any day. Finally, there's nothing niche or particularly interesting about the platform- just compare with Virtual Boy collecting- a system that was disaster at release but a has become a far more appetising propoisiton to the collector than the original GB back catalogue...
  24. mojibribbon (jap ps2) was very, very hard to find in akihabara last week. The onimusha 3 hori sword (jap ps2) will be worth a lot quickly (see tiny bee FFX-2 controller) - especially as soon as the game gets its western release next month. Disgaea (us ps2), as with any rpg related goods from Atlus USA are perennially valuable. Similarly, expect la pucelle: tactics (from the disgaea team but not published by Atlus) to sell out within a month of release (comes out may 4th in US see here If history is to repeated then all the good PS2 shooters (Dodonpachi dai-ou-jou etc) will hold and exceed their value.
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