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  1. You played any of the nippon ichi titles (esp Disgaea/ Phantom Brave)? They specialise in this freedom of gameplay- and to a far higher degree than FFTA.
  2. Er- It might just be my hazy memory but didn't the first gba title have arena battles to which you could revisist and level up in?!
  3. I have a soft spot for ridge racer 4 visually But radiant silvergun gets my vote
  4. Got to love the Toriyama artwork... Lovely posters in the US release there were too...
  5. Its ceratinly more playablke on repeats than FF7. Watch out for the 13 endings. If you want the full completion you're going to have to screw your brain in when it comes to remembering what events in history will sort out the wrongs of the future...
  6. Incidentally, FF9 is Nobuo's favourite soundtrack in the series.
  7. Great news- any word on release date? Can't seem to see anything at that site? Is it just US at the mo?
  8. I actually really enjoyed FMA- a fantastic diversion for the series and much better than Gun hazard. It wqas really trying something different with the genre and I thought it succeeded in a number of ways. I'd hardly call it an RTS though... 2 was good too but my japanese wasn't up to the job really and those loading times for the fight sequences....
  9. There were some very high quality front mission 3 toys that were released in the UK- deinitely worth tracking down in forbidden planet type stores as they're very very good quality. Japanese front mission alternative on PS2 is good fun too and completely different...Try and track that down if you can- much better than the snes gun hazard off shoot...
  10. Looks like its back on then... clicky here
  11. Really? I ran a search but turned up nothing... Oh well. Mods delete.
  12. Interesting article in Times today... Japanese games industry faltering in face of falling birth rates? Not heard that one before...
  13. you can buy through killercabs too- I think if you place an order they can have them within the week. Contact tony for more details. My one is great. I'll post some pics later. You can add games to just by putting the drive in a mac/PC and adding titles to the games directory with the art and a loading screen. Simple as.
  14. This is one thing you won't find in a boot sale...at least not in the west. I didn't think there were any even in the UK until I saw this one today. I've certainly never seen one for sale on the UK collectors market. There's a short blurb on both this and the sharp famicom in the edge retro special edition. Look in the hardware section.
  15. Its a real shame the seller has part listed the item incorrectly (says Famicom not Super Famicom)... Plus they've shoved it in the arcade section of ebay... I'm sure lots of people that would want this haven't seen it as a result... Afaik this is the rarest of the three nintendo Japanes televisions.
  16. Before anyone moans- no its not mine- I don't know the seller either. This is such a rare item and I've never seen one in the UK before so I thought I'd let you kids know about it. Fantastic stuff... Sorely tempted... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...8184323226&rd=1
  17. I have a soft spot for early Square stuff. Was browsing a japanese bid site and stmbled across this curio. click to see It says its for the PC-8801. here's a couple of pics of the box Anyone know anything about the title or (perhaps more likely) the system its on?
  18. Hey legendary. Yes a modded Xbox in a cab is possible- as is, naturally, any console. You can either do it youself or buy a kit. Mr-Megalo, a user on neo-geo.com and the naomi forums has a modded xbox running in one of his many cabs. There's enough community support around that if you wanted to try it you would be guided through the process. Alternatively you can buy a jamma game box- I have one of these and its simply plug in and play. You can add mame/ cps/ mvs titles via your pc/ mac just like on a chipped xbox and there are no messy cables etc... the jamma connector feeds straight into the box and you're off
  19. The idea that price hikes are a recent thing in retrogaming is, as 213 and dcm have pointed out, completely inaccurate. The specialist market is in my opinion far more mature and, generally, educated these days. In the mid-nineties everything retro seemed expensive. The days of Retro-X in Shepherd's Bush and CEX retro when it was in a separate building (can't remember the road now) as well as the 2nd hand gaming store in Notting Hill saw London prices pushing through the roof. I remember about mid-way through the saturn's life cycle how ALL japanese SNES RPGs were selling for £40-60 a piece- despite being unplayable to most. This lasted for a few years until that particular bottom fell out the market. It's telling that all but one of those dedicated retro stores has now closed or significantly scaled down. There are still titles worth a lot of money but these, almost exclusively these days, are ones that score highly on the three criteria: low print run, high demand and quality of gameplay.
  20. Ok- I'm certainly not going to get into a debate here. But I will say this. I am just someone who bought a cab off KC last year and enjoyed the whole experience so much that I thought I'd help out. I really don't understand what you're doing. KC isn't a shop or a business- its a collection of individuals who import japanese cabs for themselves and their friends in order to keep the shipping costs down and make the whole venture affordable. If it were so easy to get these cabs for less then why isn't anyone doing it? Why the hell aren't you organising it yourself? The less we pay the better for everyone so if you have some links why don't you contribute rather than criticise? Just becuase you are frustrated you can't buy a cab for the price you are willing to pay- don't take it out on Tony and cast aspersions on what is essentially a group of people trying to help each other out in enjoying a specialist hobby together.
  21. OK- I've e-mailed Tony about this and he has said that if you post him a link of one for $350 then he will happily ship one in for you. Like I said in the thread KC is not a profit making outfit. These cabs are just over cost so as to pay for admin and time. If you can find a simarly specced, quality and priced astro in the US then by all means let KC know and we will ship it in for you at cost. I susupect, however, that you are talking cobblers.
  22. These are jamma cabs- they have all the wiring to run jamma games straight from the PCB- You would need to buy the appropriate PCB that you're after and then it would plug in and play. Specific hardware systems such as naomi and naomi 2 are, naturally jamma compatible, but you need an adapter to run them and then the games to run on the naomi hardware. Likewise with neo-geo games you need an MVS motherboard which plugs into the jamma connector on the cabinet and then MVS carts to play in the motherboard. its a little complicated but once you get your head around it it makes sense. JAMMA is basically the arcade standard. It wasn't until the early nineties that companies like SNK (with MVS), Capcom (with CPS) and Sega (ST-V) started making console type jamma compatible systems to run in the cabs. these utlilised the companies own hardware and meant they could do more impressive things than just a standard jamma board. it also worked out as cheaper for arcade operator and creators alioke- Its a lot easier to make a cartridge to run in specific hardware than to keep creating large hardware independent PCBs for every new game. Does that make sense?
  23. No- fraid not. VF4 is still a very popular title in mainstream arcades let alone for home users so a complete kit along with a naomi 2 set up is going to still be pretty expensive on its own. On the plus side, a naomi 1 set up costs less than £100 nowadays and most of the disks such as Cpacom vs snk, guilty gear X etc can be had from 30-40 each. In terms of the wife thing- I got around it by letting her (my missus not yours obviously) come up with a list of twenty tasks (a la hercules) that I had to complete before I was allowed to bring an arcade machine home. These included washing up for a week, a bunch of new shoes and other such menial activities. It was well worth it though.
  24. That pic was taken before I got my 6 button Control Panel- which is now installed. A lot of punching was going on but, before I got my 6 button cp, I could still reach the final boss in SFA3 on standard setting... In terms of VF4. A b revision board requires a naomi 2 set up and an astro conversion lead. the whole set-up would cost second hand around £400-450. There are plenty of places that can sort you out. KC included...
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