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  1. I've sold things and regretted it, but only quite specific stuff. I think you'll generally find that you won't miss the majority of your collection. But there *will* inevitably be individual items in there that you later kick yourself about parting with (and if they're desirable games, the medium is now at the stage whereby they absolutely will be more expensive to buy back).


    If you have the space (and I realise this sounds like a ludicrous indulgence) then I recommend having a dedicated room or at least area for retro stuff. Here's some practical and hard-won advice: Don't fill it with hundreds of games or boxes of stuff. Keep it super clean and tidy and uncluttered. Just have a couple of systems out (any more and you'll be overhwlemed by choice and probably won't end up playing anything) and only put the games out that you actually enjoy putting on regularly (a lot of the reason that Saturn and DC shmups and fighters are so valuable is because they are fantastic to put on for a 15 minute whirl, in a way few contemporary console games are). When I did this I found that I enjoyed my old games a great deal more, and much more than I ever expected...

  2. I'll be transitioning over to the PS4 when it comes out so I'll stick with the controller for now to get used to it more. The main reason I opted for the PlayStation version in the first place was due to the lack of a Mac client.

    I'm on Odin for now and will probably transfer when they open the service up in September.

    I thought they said it was going to be six months before you can pay for a world transfer? Has that changed in light of the difficulties?

  3. Happened to us all, but revenge is oh so, so sweet plus it's a brilliant fight as well.

    It's so hard to get good crystals I find, I rarely get nice +agility ones for Dunban. How do you guys gem your different characters anyway?

    The whole spider thing is one of my favorite moments in any game I think. It's partly where it occurs in the experience, where you just start striking off on your own properly for the first time, exploring off the beaten track of the main storyline, growing a little bolder with each step. As a result its appearance is perfectly timed.

    Also, the way the geography of that ravine pulls you into its lair, while the red collectible turns your eyes greedy and puts you right where the designer wants you without needing to use cutscenes or anything like that. Then that leg appearing over the side of the cliff. The animation is just perfect. It's a brilliant piece of design.

    I think a Western developer would have foreshadowed heavy-handedly with cobwebs etc, and wouldn't have had the guts to leave it as an incidental encounter.

  4. This thread reminds me why I started reading games forums so many years ago. So full of wonder and positivity. There's nothing quite like the shared experience of discovering a world through semi-synchronous play.

    Also: holy crap I love this video game.

  5. gozaimas is playing this right now. Sob.

    :blah: Not long now, kid.

    Anyways, I uploaded a video to YouTube! The replay stuff is so hott. I totally lose but I don't care because I did a EX Shikusen into Kaisen Dankairaku to take the second round and it was pretty much the best feeling ever. So much so that I sort of 'rested on my laurels' in the third round.

  6. I'm on tonight! Donk - let's try to get our one outta the way if at all poss.

    Confidence reeling this week as I played a few games against the sickest Ryu at Casino last Thursday and was made to feel like a sickly newbie. Jeepers the learning curve for this game just keeps on going...

  7. That famously derivative, ephemeral piece of merchandise Citizen Kane. Anybody who earnestly uses sentences like this in a review isn't worth reading. Shame Edge persists with not having by-lines.

    Robin: in context it's pretty clear the comparison is being drawn in a supremely tongue-in-cheek way. In fact, even out of context it's pretty clear it's a joke.

    (And no, it's not one of mine).

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