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  1. pah!

    guardian heroes (MINT!!!111) in thrift store for under $3, ebayed for much more immediately afterwards :)

    If you want to play top trumps you'll have to come up with a better card than that...

    A conservative estimate on two suikoden's is £50 each based on ebay today (there is curently one going for more than that). Times two makes £100 at least minus £10 makes £90 profit.

    I doubt very much that you sold your Guardian Heroes for £93...great game though it obviously is.

  2. Firstly, you still appear to be unwilling to provide a single reference where "the industry" is decrying the existance of a second hand market in video games.

    Second hand game sales were banned in Japan for several years in a country wide "No Resale" camping backed by signifcant cash. The "No resale" logo was endorsed by nearly 100% of publishers who placed it on their game packaging. The law was only changed last year iirc.

    I'm sure someone here (or more likely on ntsc-uk) knows the details of this campagin better than I. Its history is certainly extremely pertinent to this discussion.

  3. What is it about RPG's and rarity eh? Do they have a more fervent completist fanbase than every other genre or something?

    Time and again on eBay, any RPG with a limited PAL production run seems to fetch a hefty price.

    rpgs endure like other titles don't tend to (see snes rarity lists). A driving game will generally be more fun the more realistic the graphics but a good story remains a good story whatever generation the hardware. Rpg fans (at least those who would spend c. £90 on a six to ten year old title) are a lot less bothered with graphics than most gamers.

    I doubt I'd get £90 at the moment for a suikoden on ebay. Its the wrong time of year for astronomically priced retro sales...

  4. Occasionally these things pop up and its good to be able to share the experience with people who understand. Walked into elephant and castle shopping centre today to relive old student days (i used to live in borough). Noticed a shiny new games store there so popped in for a look round.

    Glanced up and down the psone section (as I always do in these situations) in the hope of seeing a rare bargain. For once (and about the first time only for me where pal ps is concerned) I got lucky. A shiny copy of suikoden 1 gleaming away. Price? £5.99. :wtf?: Grabbed it and noticed the case was slightly cracked at the bottom. As a laugh I asked the guy if he could give me a couple of quid off (:)). He shakes his head and motions to the rack behind, "I've got a nearly new one back there". "I'll take both then" says I and walk out the shop with two copies of one of the ps1s rarest titles for a tenner. One to keep and play and one to pass on :D

  5. The konami stand was a disgrace.

    For those looking forward to a dancing stage 3 you'll be upset to hear thy have "no game coming out this year"

    ATEI was a good day out but as a forecast for the forthcoming year in arcade terms it made for disappointing viewing. Fifty year old virtua cop 3 cabs, a healthy industry do not make.

    But the hydraulic F-zero cab was unequivocally the greatest arcade machine ever conceived. It was like how I imagined arcade machine of the future to be like fifteen years ago. Stunning.

  6. Apparently RPGs are niche, yet FF and KOTOR (and god knows what else) sell by the bucket load.

    Apparently Strategy RPGs are niche-er still, yet FF:TA and Advance Wars do fine. Koei's Dynasty Tactics games get released over here, ffs*. Tactics Ogre and Fire Emblem (and the new Shining Force, when it turns up) sell fine everywhere else in the world and a fair few copies are imported.

    Final Fantasy and a Star wars game, both of which enjoy magazine space your average thousand arms or hoshigami could only dream of, are hardly indicative that Atlus RPG titles are becoming mainstream.

    You can't really be arguing that Atlus SRPGs aren't niche? Just look at Atlus's entire PSone/2 back catalogue sales/ print run figures. Maybe I just misread your tone.

    As far as I can tell, Atlus seem to have an excruciatingly small localisation team in America with one small yet thoroughly personable PR lady there and that's it. Despite the fact they've been going all these years they don't seem to care about investing in Europe.

    Disgaea really should be hunted down by all people who love quality games though. It's my favourite game from last year and one that could seriously keep you going for years and years. I completed FF Tactics twice and there's nothing extra for the replay really. Disgaea is a title I keep dipping into and intend to for a very long time to come.

  7. On another note: have you noticed how everyone nowadays does that redeye thing of Stating. Everything. In. Staccato. Rhythm.

    When he first did it in his column a year or so ago it was funny but now it crops up in every bloody rllmuk thread. Please stop.

    And before you claim you were doing it long before redeye's column let the minutes state: fuck off you weren't


    as in the topic thread line with the full stops after each word i'm guessing

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