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  1. Wait, what? What? WHAT? You've been playing with a pad all this time? Did you win the Manchester regional tournament with a pad? FFS, basically.
  2. Are there any good new vids out there from the past month or two? I fancy watching some pros today for tips. I miss this thread being updated daily
  3. Sorry to flip-flop but I'd like to switch to Ryu - OH MY GOD THE EXCITEMENT - for the next league if that's OK.
  4. So, Mr Gerbik: I love your enthusiasm. You're like an HD:R evangelist! But why's this game so much better than SF4? For me, I find the inputs far harder to execute than in SF4 and the limitations of move choice etc make the game feel restrictive to me. I'm not spoling for a fight, I just want some understanding of why you think it's so much better (aside from the community aspect c/o lobbies)?
  5. IN! gozaimas - gozaimas - Ken
  6. Looks like CCC rage-quit the league...
  7. Yeah, this match was fucking epic - probably the best of the season for me in terms of technical play and mind games going on. Really good work Donk. I'm happy you're going up a league
  8. gozaimas - gozaimas v ChuChuChris - ChuChuChris Result: 2 - 1 Winner: gozaimas gozaimas - gozaimas v betamale - betamale Result: 3 - 0 Winner: gozaimas Good close matches guys. Couple more then I'm done. You around now Stefcha?
  9. I saw him last night - he's OK. I'll nudge him. Also, will be on this evening to mop up some of my remaining match ups.
  10. The only letter Mobigame received from an attorney over the course of the past 12 months was from Don A. Hernandez from the Hernandez Law Group (dated 10th July, 2009) I wrote to Don when researching the Eurogamer piece but, predictably, received no response. I was, however, told that Langdell was no longer represented by the firm.
  11. Hey! Back from hols (a.k.a. Street Fighter summer camp) and fighting fit. ChuChuChris - ChuChuChris v gozaimas - gozaimas Result: 1-2 Winner: gozaimas Good games buddy - love a tight 'Gief match. Am about tonight, wife-willing.
  12. I've posted in the holiday thread but just a heads up that I'm away for 10 days from tomorrow. I can play my games ce soir if you kids are around though. Be warned though: I'LL REDUCE YOUR HEALTH TO ZERO IN A SINGLE COMBO!
  13. Round 12 gozaimas - gozaimas v Mr. Gerbik - Shogun Bob 1 - 2, Mr Gerbik wins. Not as close as our previous match-up, sadly. I obliterated Blanka in the first round and was feeling pretty damned confident about the whole thing only to be promptly obliterated in the following two. Going to take a leaf out of stefcha's book and read up on some Blanka match-up tips for next time. Good work Bob.
  14. Hey! I'm away from the 14th-24th.
  15. Infexious: you are amazing. But I can't say that we miss you much back down in the 2nd Division :) See you!
  16. Confirmed. Great matches and totally could have gone either way. That TO was terrifying. It looked like a dead heat to me from the health bars at the end... Anyway, well played. ChuChuChris: tonight? TONIGHT?
  17. Yeah this was a great match. I think I expended all of the energy on that first game (which was SUPER tight) so, when you were rock solid again in the second match it sorta broke my resolve and I lost it in the mind. That ridiculously long Sakura combo you pull out whenever I make a stupid mistake is just devastating. Also I jump in on you WAY too much. Learned a lot with those games. Good work.
  18. Gozaimas (Ken) vs Funtime Dave (Sagat) 2-1 Winner: Gozaimas Good games Dave and Betamale. Facing a Sagat always makes me knees knock a bit. Hyper_P: Sorry I missed you. Was in the Betamale match. Am good for tomorrow if you're around.
  19. I can do mine this evening if any of you kids are around.
  20. Yeah, well-played on my matches last night guys. A bit sad to have not won one yet, but pleased that they both went down to the very last round. In both matches I won the first game and then lost the following two. Not sure whether that's because I lose my nerve or my opponents grasp my play style and adapt accordingly. Street Fighter, eh?
  21. Am on for the next hour if you guys are, Mr Gerbick and The Count!
  22. Really good work Stef. Also, what an excellent spread of character choices. Awexome.
  23. A friend of mine signed up to the forum so he can partake. However, he can't post yet so I'm reserving his place if that's OK: Betamale bongovader ryu
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