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  1. Also in other news I'll be switching to stick when I start playing the game again, so I should be relatively handicapped for a bit :angry:

    Wait, what? What? WHAT? You've been playing with a pad all this time?

    Did you win the Manchester regional tournament with a pad?

    FFS, basically.

  2. So, Mr Gerbik: I love your enthusiasm. You're like an HD:R evangelist! But why's this game so much better than SF4? For me, I find the inputs far harder to execute than in SF4 and the limitations of move choice etc make the game feel restrictive to me. I'm not spoling for a fight, I just want some understanding of why you think it's so much better (aside from the community aspect c/o lobbies)?

  3. Aaaand third place goes to...

    Donk 3 - 0 Gozaimas

    Much closer than the scoreline would suggest, Gozaimas played a good pressure game and Ultra'd through my Super (again!) but I managed to keep my cool, block enough crossups and make enough of my own count to take the match.

    I then went around with the rest of my roster and other than when using Rufus, I got battered. And even got battered once with Rufus.

    Sorry to edge you out dude - I had a feeling you were going to tank me before I came on tonight but winning a warmup tournament did wonders I guess!

    Yeah, this match was fucking epic - probably the best of the season for me in terms of technical play and mind games going on. Really good work Donk. I'm happy you're going up a league <_<

  4. Round 12

    gozaimas - gozaimas v Mr. Gerbik - Shogun Bob

    1 - 2, Mr Gerbik wins.

    Not as close as our previous match-up, sadly. I obliterated Blanka in the first round and was feeling pretty damned confident about the whole thing only to be promptly obliterated in the following two. Going to take a leaf out of stefcha's book and read up on some Blanka match-up tips for next time. Good work Bob. :)

  5. Oh jesus!

    Donk 1 - 2 Gozaimas

    1-1 again to begin with, won the first, got obliterated in the second (though how can you ultra through my ultra? That's not on that isn't), and in the third... made an epic comeback in the first round after getting nobbled quite heavily and lost by one pixel of health bar at timeout, and wasted my ultra in the second to practically condemn myself to defeat.

    Great matches, very close, but I'm totally gutted!

    Confirmed. Great matches and totally could have gone either way. That TO was terrifying. It looked like a dead heat to me from the health bars at the end...

    Anyway, well played.

    ChuChuChris: tonight? TONIGHT?

  6. Round 6

    goziamas - goziamas (Ken) vs Hyper_P - Hyper P (Sakura)


    Winner: Hyper_P

    A good close match this, with neither of us looking like running away with the win. Thanks for the fun matches after, especially the brief Dan-on-Dan action. I wanted that third round comeback. :wacko:

    Yeah this was a great match. I think I expended all of the energy on that first game (which was SUPER tight) so, when you were rock solid again in the second match it sorta broke my resolve and I lost it in the mind.

    That ridiculously long Sakura combo you pull out whenever I make a stupid mistake is just devastating. Also I jump in on you WAY too much. Learned a lot with those games. Good work.

  7. Yeah, well-played on my matches last night guys. A bit sad to have not won one yet, but pleased that they both went down to the very last round.

    In both matches I won the first game and then lost the following two. Not sure whether that's because I lose my nerve or my opponents grasp my play style and adapt accordingly. Street Fighter, eh?

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