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  1. The shared move lists are a big boon. Almost all of the characters share the same input list (with a few tweaks and exceptions here and there) which means you can switch between characters right from the off (providing you can do a 2xQCF movement for specials etc) - the same deal as with Last Blade 2. This means that the muscle memory threshold is greatly lowered, meaning you can move on to tactical play from an early stage.

    It's a simple game to learn, with straightforward supers and specials and, by cutting out a lot of the fussiness of the earlier Fatal Fury titles, results in a much more focused and streamlined experience.

    It was one of the last games from SNK proper (before the Playmore take-over), so the animation and sprite work on both characters and backgrounds comes from an art team at the height of their game. Likewise the character roster is awesome, without any weak links.

    The game has its detractors for some of the above reasons, but I'm a true believer. I don't especially see the 3S comparison though.

  2. Tomorrow between 6.15 and 7.15 is a guaranteed time to get me. It'll probably be Monday onwards after that.

    Mr Goz: same applies to you. I have no idea when I'll be able to play MattLav. Dude is like smoke on the wind. :o

    Ok - I get in at about 7 pm so I'll get straight on it.

  3. Also, I would say that it's going to take a decent amount of time for the leagues to settle into a natural order. The top three players in this league would all be doing very well in the premier league, and personally, I think Infexious would be at the very top of their table. I play people from across all leagues pretty regularly so you get a feel for pecking order, and we have some very, very good players in here.

    Stick with it for sure, providing at least 50% of the time you're having a totally awesome time.

  4. It does sound a bit of a wasted opportunity, but it's probably down to them having to limit the amount of videos they can allow due to limited storage capacity / money.

    I'm sure it's due to them holding back features for Street Fighter IV: Pt2.

    Remember how it went following Street Fighter III's release on Dreamcast? Capcom know bretter than most how to drip their features out over multiple iterations for maximum profit.

  5. Woah!

    That's a bit unfair, goz...

    Yeah, it was. I toned it down a bit in an edit.

    Whether or not you agree that there was a difference in editorial quality between the site and the mag I don't think anyone would disagree that there was a difference in tone between the two. For that reason it seems reasonable to assume Future believed that the EO team failed in their self-evident remit to be the online voice of the magazine and I think that's why the decision to try to bring EO closer to the mag is a reasonable one and not, as Campbell portrays it in that blog post, the act of a deluded publishing dinosaur.

  6. I guess he's gambling that people will assume Future are up to their mean old corporate tricks again, and overlook the fact that the Edge website was a fucking embarrassment.

    I suspect that's what he's convinced himself as well. Far easier to believe that the decision was made by a publishing dinosaur that doesn't understand the internet than because you failed at your brief...

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