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  1. Infexious killed me last night. I'm not sure whether that's down to me not being used to playing many Guiles, me being slightly sloshed by that point or him just being super freaking good. Whatever the reason I definitely had a harder time playing him than some of the guys in the top division have given me in the previous weeks. Anyway, two losses for me so far - Well played chaps.
  2. Hey Moodmon - I'm on tonight if you wanna DO IT.
  3. Ah! Yeah it's the first one. Are there special conditions for the juggle (i.e. the first FSRK has to come off another hit or something) or can you just do it from standing? Thanks for the tips. I'll get back to the training room.
  4. Joffo (and/or Nate): Since I played you the other night I've been trying to nail your super-sweet Fierce SRK into FADC into Fierce SRK. I can get it about one in five times but can't quite read the timing of the FADC after that first SRK. I know it's supposed to be before the second hit but I can't tell if I'm being too fast or too slow with the timing of the FA. Any tips because it's frustrating me a lot in training right now?
  5. I managed to pull off Dan's Super Taunt before interrupting it into his Ultra for the win during a Player match last night. That right there's pretty much the highpoint of my life.
  6. Picked up Megaman today (32). It's totally beautiful! Also: WH Smiths in Brighton station has/ had a load of Pilotwings 64 and a single Way of the Exploding Fist, FEI.
  7. Magical Olly kicked my tits so hard last night. I think I took one round. One round! All good though. They were intense matches and some of my obvious weaknesses we're closing by end of play. Also: just got back from Tokyo. On XBL I have a 68% win ratio. In Japanese arcades last week, it was 8%. Sheesh.
  8. A combination of all three I'd say. Also, play every day.
  9. Yes - awesome games. I think the game's actually at it's best when it's just you and another guy of a similar skill level in a Player match lobby playing ten games back to back. I far prefer that to random Ranked Matches these days. Btw, that was the first time I've ever broken into an opponent's Ultra animation with my own Ultra - it was pretty much one of the highpoints of my gaming life.
  10. Sweet games this evening Polmon. Was really useful.
  11. I think the timing's 1/30th second for Sagat's fake kick - perfect for in-game use! If you have a turbo button use that.
  12. Is there a guide anywhere online for how to win the Icons? I have about ten but haven't earned any for ages now.
  13. Got my '10 Ranked Wins in a Row' achievement today at last (got to nine wins twice before only to lose against a ridiculous Japanese Chun-Li player BOTH TIMES - nearly punched a hole in my leg the second time) If you like achievements I'd gun for that particular one over the next few days. It'll only get harder to get as time goes on.
  14. To be fair, the only way you can quit an SFIV match is by turning your console off or quitting to the dashboard - there's no way to pause and quit out. But yeah, there should be a penalty.
  15. At the moment I mainly use it to entice an opponent in when there's a bit of distance between you. You start your FA and they jump in thinking they can get an easy focus break on you. Then, at the last minute you dash out of it into an offensive. It's also good for psyching out opponents when you're on the other side of the screen to them, as if to say: 'Yeah. THIS is what you're dealing with here'.
  16. He has powerful offensive moves and is fast so for intermediate players it's easy to spam his big-hitting moves and, very often, take a win if your opponent isn't carefully blocking and countering.
  17. Actually I think that was Capcom. Mad Catz have always played down how easy the sticks are to mod because of warranty issues (remember the unboxing video with Seth from Capcom where he said Mad Catz do not endorse opening up the casing?)
  18. Yes! Thanks for the matches last night - excellent stuff. Worst thing about the game right now is entering a Ranked match lobby only to gt kicked out because you psyched the other guy out with your Icon and Title. I'm sure this will settle down in a week or so though. If anyone's interested here's the list of how to get all of the additional colours and taunts: Time Attack Normal 1 = Color 3 Time Attack Normal 2 = Personal Action 2 Time Attack Normal 3 = Title Time Attack Normal 4 = Title Time Attack Normal 5 = Title Time Attack Normal 6 = Color 5 Time Attack Normal 7 = Personal Action 4 Time Attack Normal 8 = Title Time Attack Normal 9 = Title Time Attack Normal 10 = Title Time Attack Normal 11 = Color 7 Time Attack Normal 12 = Personal Action 6 Time Attack Normal 13 = Title Time Attack Normal 14 = Title Time Attack Normal 15 = Title Time Attack Normal 16 = Color 9 Time Attack Normal 17 = Personal Action 8 Time Attack Normal 18 = Title Time Attack Normal 19 = Title Time Attack Normal 20 = Personal Action 10 Survival Normal 1 = Color 4 Survival Normal 2 = Personal Action 3 Survival Normal 3 = Title Survival Normal 4 = Title Survival Normal 5 = Title Survival Normal 6 = Color 6 Survival Normal 7 = Personal Action 5 Survival Normal 8 = Title Survival Normal 9 = Title Survival Normal 10 = Title Survival Normal 11 = Color 8 Survival Normal 12 = Personal Action 7 Survival Normal 13 = Title Survival Normal 14 = Title Survival Normal 15 = Title Survival Normal 16 = Color 10 Survival Normal 17 = Personal Action 9 Survival Normal 18 = Title Survival Normal 19 = Title Survival Normal 20 = Title
  19. I'm, not! The game was literally designed to work with an arcade stick. It will work with your standard Xbox pad, sure, but for the best possible experience, you'll need to buy a stick. If you don't like sticks, then Capcom has released an official pad that solves all of the issues of the standard controller so you can enjoy the game too. I think its analogous to music games or 'realistic' driving games or flight sims where the premium experience - the one that the developer intended for the player - requires bespoke hardware.
  20. I know you're kind of joking but would you mark Rock Band down because it's a lesser experience when played with a standard Xbox pad?
  21. That's not far off the truth. Most character specials have EX versions which are triggered by hitting two or more kick or punch buttons at once (this uses up one segment of your EX gauge). With that in mind I don't think it's such a crazy translation.
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