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  1. Bloody HELL Tequila. That's not helping.
  2. Valkyrie profile is lovely and probably the best of the bunch here. Enix at their best and with a super-cool soundtrack. Ogre battle is like a prehistoric Final Fanasty tactics. Thousand arms is a dating rpg also from Atlus at a similar time that they released Rhapsody. Quirky and an RPG curio. Expensive though. Chrono cross is thoroughly disappointing set next to Trigger but maybe worth a look if you like the sqaure stuff from that era. Arc the lad I'd leave alone but that's just my view.... Lunar 1 + 2 is worth playing but will set you back a lot. A Working designs release (along with Arc the lad) so expect a very loose (americanized) translation from the original japanese. You might like the flair, you might not. The Tales games are sequels to the excellent Phantasia on SNES. track down a fan translated rom of that to see if its your cup of tea before splashing out- although these two are a lot cheaper than some of the other games listed. And Dragon Warrior 7 is probably not worth playing until you've checked out the fan translated roms of 5 and 6 on SNES to see if it's a flavour of RPGing you like the taste of.
  3. It certainly the best of the first three and probably would have been a better place to start than the over-egged Phantom brave. I only just got Makai yesterday so not sure about that yet. It's reportedly the true sequel to Disgaea. Anyways- has anyone played Rhapsody?
  4. Rhapsody. Its an RPG and a musical. At the same time. I remember seeing it in my local London importer ages ago and for some reason passed on it at the time. Never saw another copy and the ones that used to come up on ebay america were almost always disk only jobs. Anyway- it's one of those games I always wanted to pick up; even more so now Nippon Ichi have risen to fame post-Disgaea out of interest. So i look on ebay and see this has happened. Doh.
  5. Pretty sure its one of the sonic wings/ aero fighters titles. Not sure which one but perhaps number 3? It's certainly a Neo-geo titles due to the credit/ level indicators at the bottom
  6. Maybe themed episodes around a particular series or a particular devloper/ publisher. This would be an easier framework then just picking a random selection of titles.
  7. Those are great. I got one for the first katamari in Osaka and it now hangs from my rear view mirror above the dashboard...
  8. I still far prefer Xenogears... (first disc at least)...
  9. (presuming you're on 1.5) Download this Unzip it on your desktop. Put both unzipped folders into the GAME folder on your PSP. Create a ROM folder inside the SNES folder without the % after its name. Visit here Put your UN Squadron dump in there.
  10. ...and that's where my question came in. the only freely available program to do tyhis on the web for mac users at the moment only works with Tiger (the newest mac OS released a couple of months ago). iapetus has created a nifty little java app that does the trick though (thanks mate). just getting to grips with it at the moment. This thread here has pretty u[p to the minute downloads of prepackaged .pbps for 1.5 users if you're not feeling confident enough to do it yourself...but you will always be reliant on others.
  11. Could you PM it over for me? Does this mean that anyone with any mac os older than 10.4 can't upload emulators to their PSP currently?
  12. If they're preprepped for 1.5 does that mean i only have to drag and drop onto the memory stick using finder? Is it that simple?
  13. OK- I've looked everywhere for the program to trransfer the emulators onto the psp via mac and can only find this one: http://www.pspupdates.com/2005/06/homebrew...r-mac-os-x.html Trouble is it only works with Tiger which I haven't got yet. Is there anything that works with 10.3? (I can browse the memory stick fine and see all my folders though...)
  14. Try ebay- they come up occasionally and I believe the two importers in Lndon (cex and the one that stocks Ninty stuff- can't remember the name) have both had them in before. they sell from anything between £70 and £150 depending on conditiona and where you get it from. they are actual astro city CPs though modifyied by sega for the saturn thus making them the coolest controller ever. @ D.C I still think you'd be better off getting a stick. You would have to spend a bit of time relearning techniques but if you've already got them down on a Saturn pad then its not going to take you too long. Plus you have the added bonus of not looking like a skilless plum when you play Street Fighter et al at the arcades. The samwa/ seimitsu parts on the DC stick are identical to the majority of japanese cabs and its like learning to ride a bike. Once learned you'll have them forever.
  15. Buy a DC stick surely?! Its the best stick ever made for home system and will cost about the same as an ASCII stick (although I've not seen an ASCII stick/ pad for DC) Alternatively, if yoiu really have some money to spend and want an authentic arcade experience track down a Saturn controller converter for DC and on of these amazing actual Sega Astro city control panels... Both sticks use sanwa/ seimitsu parts so you basically are getting the best possible arcade hardware for the job.
  16. ...OK 12 hours and no response... Does no-one on rllmuk actually complete games?
  17. 1, 181! ILovely stuff and a rewminder of how talented SNK's pre-playmore old staff were. How so better than X which is *essentially* an improved 2? Ayways- I often hear people bemoan MS3 but rarely why?
  18. Ok- have been hitting this pretty hard the last couple of weeks and am have just aquired the airfield as an asset and stolen the jetpack from the area 69 facility. Any ideas how much of the game I've left to see? I'm enjoying it and everything and I really want to finish the game before I go on to anything else (never completed a GTA before and wanted one for my gaming CV) but it does seem to be rolling on for ages...
  19. Its an interesting one. Published by Squaresoft in 1995 but done by an out of house dev team as far as I remember. Pretty novel battle system although I'm not a huge fan of the 'waxy' graphics look so bemoaned by miyamoto at the time. Cheers. She's lovely.
  20. I'll take them down if rllmuk really wants but maybe these could be an exception as they're not rom links in the usual sense... If need be i'll just post the ips files and peple can do all the hard work themselves. stroker: Yes! I have the first FM on my laptop. I'll add that later.
  21. As a little something for the SNES revival community springing up around PSP emulation and to celebrate the birth of my daughter I've uploaded a raft of top previously Japanese-only Super Nintendo RPGs that have been fan translated to my webspace. You can grab them for a few days before I take them down. Please don't link to them- just take what you need and be on your way... There are some real delights in there for you and I've even gone to the trouble of patching all the roms with the relevant IPS files for you so you just download the rom and you're off- no messing about. Out of the ones there I suggest you play the delightful Bahamut Lagoon (still one of the best SRPG systems ever invented) and Seiken densetsu 3 (the game Square USA canned the translation of in favour of secret of evermore /slow clap). The transaltion quality does vary but the more famous games generally have extremely good translations (in fact- the final fantasy 5 translation used in FF anthology was allegedly based on fans sub work) Tales of Phantasia is great for you namco fans and there are some real rare curios. Try out some Rudra no hihou on the bus journey home if you want an RPG headache... Anyway. Feedback on what you liked and what you didn't. Oh, and if anyone has the fully translated Star Ocean rom could they send that over to me as mine is only the beta... Enjoy *obviously I expect you to either own all the original carts or delete the rom off your hardrive within 24 hours...
  22. I had a strange one last night. Was riding my motorcycle around when happened across a police shootout with a couple of gang members. I pulled over to the side to get a good view of what was happening. The policeman shot and killed both gangmembers and then ran back to his car and pulled off. After ten seconds or so an ambulance tore round the corner smashing into and mounting a convertable that was waiting patiently at the lights. The driver door of the ambulance sprung open and the medic jumped down (quite a height as it was still on top of the other car). Now, bizarrely, the medic was carrying a spade. He ran to the side of the convertible and started whacking its driver on the head with it. The convertible driver, being pinned under the ambulance, couldn't move and just sat there waving his arms in terror. After about thirty second or so the medic stopped, climbed back in the ambulance and drove off- leaving the long-forgotten bodies of the two gang members still lying in the street. Me and the missus looked at each other and she remarked how it was all rather like an avant garde piece of french theatre.
  23. I read that like six times thinking things along the lines of: 'charles cecil has a costumer?!'; 'blimey- I wonder what costumes he wears?'; 'he must have very good cosumtes if he employs someone to choose them'; 'was he on his way back from an am-dram performance of one of his games I wonder'; 'why on earth would someone who works in the field of stage clothing be desinging goat puzzles for a point and click adventure?' But its just a typo... Shame.
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