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  1. Tried both mouse/keyboard and a 360 pad but the controls felt awful. I'd have more fun pushing live eels up a waterslide. Targeting seems to be completely arbitrary, pointing the left or right stick towards an enemy doesn't seem to make any difference, character just aims at whatever. Very unsatisfying. I really wanted to like this. I love Fable and ARPGs in general, and to be fair the story/world seems great, I just don't want to have to fight these controls for 30+ hours.
  2. mcmUK

    Dungeon Siege 3

    I quite enjoyed the demo (once I plugged in a pad) so I thought I'd take a punt and get the PC version as the price was reasonable-ish. Just got the game in the mail today, but as it registers on Steam it's locked until the 17th! So annoying... I'm holding the disc in my hands, the content is right there, but it's arbitrarily locked
  3. Played it for about 6 hours straight last night. Great little ARPG. Everything just feels so right and solid, and for $20/£14 it's an absolute bargain, even without multiplayer. I really hope this is successful, Runic deserve it after the Flagship and Mythos debacles. Can't wait to see what they do next! Also, how's this for customer service? A player gets stuck and is unable to resolve this issue themselves so Runic edits the player's save file so they can carry on playing.
  4. mcmUK


    My main concern with the Wii is that despite how rubbish it's been for software it's still been a runaway success, which leads me to believe that next gen Microsoft and Sony will be doing their utmost to copy the Nintendo formula, leaving "core" gamers out in the cold. I'm probably wrong, and I hope I am, but what with Home and the recent introduction of those new Live avatar charactures (Mii ripoffs that they are) there seems to be a trend towards the casualisation of video games, which I can't help but resent.
  5. So long as you don't move George around the screen by blowing into the fucking microphone then I'm all for this!
  6. Looks like the new Games Workshop website is now live: http://www.games-workshop.com (I say new, but it's just a clone of the US store). Currently trying to tell myself that the 'web exclusive' Space Marine Sargeant isn't worth spending £50 at GW to obtain. Edit: Perhaps I spoke too soon, it's down for maintenance. Edit 2: Back again Edit 3: Hmm, Space Marine Battleforce for £50 plus free Sargeant and free P+P... resolve weakening...
  7. The new Space Marines Codex just arrived in the post and it's full of lovely, lovely fluff It might be a bit ambitious for a beginner but I'm tempted to roll my own chapter, that kind of thing really appeals to me.
  8. Amazing work! Just out of interest, does the set come with a selection of heads/helmets, or are they all moulded on? I've always hated the womble/spy-vs-spy helmet style
  9. This is my Space Marine. There are many like it, but this one is mine. Standard Assault Marine from the Black Reach set. Not too bad for a my first attempt...? Made loads of mistakes (several I've only just spotted on the photo) and it took ages but I learned a lot and have a good idea what I'm going to do better next time. Most importantly: I had fun doing it Comments?
  10. There are two rule sets: Core and Open. Both of these are PVP rule sets (the entire game is centred around PVP, there's no getting away from it). The main differences are that 1) on Open servers you're flagged for PVP everywhere, even outside of RVR zones, and 2) if you go into a zone a tier below your current tier you get turned into a chicken (so you can't go back and gank lower level characters). And of course there are RP flavours of both Core and Open servers - being RP typically means that naming policies are enforced more strictly (and in my experience the communities on RP servers are better). I think there's a big misunderstanding from the WoW-crowd that Open servers are like WoW PVP servers. Personally I'll be starting on a Core server because 1) I like to explore and don't want to be prevented from going back and revisiting low tier content by being a chicken and 2) by the time you're level 40 you're pretty much going to be perma-flagged for PVP anyway because the RVR content becomes the main focus of the game. Open servers were really just an afterthought, if you want the 'thrill' of looking over your shoulder ever 15 seconds simply flag yourself for PVP.
  11. I'm guessing (hoping) you guys will be rolling on a Core-RP realm?
  12. I wouldn't use it as an excuse, I'm really enjoying the beta and plan to play this upon release. It's a good game that's only going to get better. I just hope that GOA can stay on top of things.
  13. The complete GW set of 66 paints/inks, w/ set of brushes, flock and in a nice case too. This one (Scroll right down to the bottom of the page): http://uk.games-workshop.com/painting/citadel-paints/1/ I know GW paints are expensive compared with others, but the package seemed like a fairly good deal.
  14. Right then, I'm gonna give this a proper go - I used to be in to Warhammer as a teen and as much as I enjoyed painting/miniatures I really didn't have the patience for it then. As it was my birthday yesterday I thought I'd treat myself; bought that big set of paints, got the tools and glue, etc. and a regiment of Goblins and Orcs to use as practice and re-learn everything before buying some better/expensive models. I shall no doubt be posting my horribly amateurish attempts in the near future
  15. As far as I know you can still take part in the open beta and head start if you preorder it from the EA store or Direct 2 Drive. But as a download-only purchase you get no disc, box, manual, etc.
  16. For anyone who cares, the EU Open Beta client is now up for download: http://www.war-europe.com/#/clientdl/?lang=enl apparently you'll be able to patch this up for the "head start" release and retail release too. It's about 10Gb though, and over their proprietary BitTorrent client =/ Is there going to be enough interest for a RLLMUK guild?
  17. Really can't decide whether to go for this or not - I'm hesitant after rushing into AoC and being disappointed. Reaction/feedback from testers seems to be very divided; seems like a bit of a Marmite game. I've read reports from some who claim that there are very little bugs/crashes and it runs smoothly, others suggest that they can't go for more than 10 minutes without a crash-to-desktop. I'm finding it hard to cut through the fanboy gibbering and find genuine, unbiased, impartial impressions. Hopefully Mr Gillen will enlighten us all... ?
  18. mcmUK

    Too Human

    Despite the reviews I'll still be getting this - as flawed as it as was I still enjoyed the demo, but then again dungeon crawlers and hack'n'slash is my thing and Diablo 3 is far, far away... Although, the price of TH being £30 at launch goes a long way, I don't think I'd bother at £40.
  19. The music Really looking forward to this... although I anticipate hours of swearing at cunningly placed death-spikes.
  20. Never mind, just "found" it, literally found it. Tucked behind a plant pot in front of my appartment building. Royal Mail really are cunts. I work from home so I know they didn't try the buzzer; apparently because it was too big for the mail box they decided to wedge it behind a bush. Really not on, this. It's damp too so I suppose it could've been there overnight. Pah, at least I have it now.
  21. Any one else who ordered from Amazon still waiting for their copy? Mine was dispatched on the 28th, first class, and still a no-show Tempted to go around Morrisons and see if they've got it in...
  22. Still showing as 39.98 for me at Amazon, same price as when I pre-ordered it ages ago.
  23. I own a 360 and not a PS3 and I'm sorely tempted to get the PS3 version (along with the console of course). After trying to play Lost Odyssey recently and getting "cannot read disc" errors every fucking hour I've pretty much sworn off the 360 (which is my second replacement unit, anyway). I've got nothing against the 360. I want to like it, I really do, it's just too temperamental and too much hassle. I just want to sit down after work and play a game without having to worry about whether the console is going to explode or suddenly lose all my progress.
  24. mcmUK


    That's actually pretty damn great. Not seen it done so well before (or maybe I've just not looked hard enough). I think I'll still stick with the books, but this is going to be the ultimate try-before-you-buy for me. Thanks for the tip That's who I've been using, albeit via their Amazon store. I see that they're a fair bit cheaper ordering directly, thanks for the tip. Even saving 50p on a volume is going to save £20+ over the course of a series. And yeah, my postie gave me some odd looks last time he came up the drive with an his hands/arms full with jiffy bags.
  25. mcmUK


    Question for all the Manga aficionados: where's the best (cheapest) place to buy it? Currently I'm using the z-shops on Amazon and finding them to be about £4-£6 a pop w/ postage, I'd like to get into Naruto and One Piece, but as they go on for 40+ volumes the £4-£6 each soon adds up. Is there a better way? I've tried the fan translations, but have found both the quality of the scans and translations to be inconsistent at best - and as the whole point of Manga is artwork + stories I'd rather have the books. Thanks
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