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    I was thinking along the same lines. If you completely pwn a team bungie concludes that it was a mismatched game therefore you dont recieve as much exp. The problem if that is the case is that we just keep battering teams at low ranks.
  2. Pmccee


    Have we worked out why we pure steaktaculared 40 games in a row and never ranked up?
  3. All maps - Get BR, shoot in face, rinse, repeat.
  4. Does it tell us that the Ark is a safe distance away from the other halo's in the event that they fired? I just assumed this but was unsure if it told you in the fmv.
  5. I bought one from hmv and got halo free Ps: Is there any way to search for game demos on the marketplace that are just playable?
  6. Hey guys if anyone is about can you add me please I have no mates on my list gt - Xicevvolf
  7. Pmccee


    add xicevvolf to your list, its my russian name.
  8. Yass got me a copy of halo 3 free from hmv with my premium purchase
  9. Pmccee


    gays. Is the pistol any good?
  10. You should just return it to the shop for an instant exchange?
  11. Pmccee


    lulz, seven layers rapes.
  12. I genuinely would but uni starts on monday and I've not even started my 4th yr research stuff yet Keep posting amusing pictures, perhaps create a thread containing pictures of when Wolf dies. That would be all kinds of amazing.
  13. At least you can afford to buy it, curse being a student peasant. Considering going on the game or becoming some sort of escort.
  14. Currently hating the vocalised shite by the Freaks - The Creeps that has been getting pimped silly on radio 1. The vandalism mix I did quite enjoy for a stomp, last year
  15. Pmccee

    Daft Punk

    Amen. The Alive live album drops in November but it has no dvd, heavy baws.
  16. Pmccee


    By the laws of bagsy I have already claimed it.
  17. Pmccee


    I've told the missus that birthdays are cancelled therefore I can afford a 360.
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