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  1. Pmccee

    I love pendulum

    Have also acquired, 'Raar' bass line to freak oot yer maw!
  2. Pmccee

    I love pendulum

    Loving the Noisia, especially the Hadouken 'liquid lives' remix. Cant find Pendulum's 'Machochist' so any upload would be appreciated
  3. Any ideas as to when is it likely that the 360 with the new chip will be in the stores? I really want halo3 but dont fancy this nonsense with returns and all sorts.
  4. Pmccee


    Amen. Our train ride from Barcelona to Castellon was hideous as most of the passengers wouldn't shut up about their uni courses. Shouldn't have camped in Bonet we camped in the site next to the arena, some friends actually moved from bonet to our site because it was less crowded. Absolute mission getting into town mind from there
  5. Thoroughly enjoyed the game however the end fights were too easy and I had only levelled up to around 55 and was without the amazing weapons. I suppose the real challenge is with the marks. What kind of level should I be looking at to have any chance of beating the omega mark ?
  6. Halo has started to creep into my dreams of late, how sad
  7. Oops ! I assumed the guide was referring to the magic shop in rabanastre. Cheers !
  8. Is there something you need to do in order to allow the purchase of new magic abilities ? I am right at the end of the game pre bahamut but I cant buy certain magics in that they are not for sale. For example bravery from the rabanstre store which is the only one according to the guide that sells it! Help.
  9. Looking for a good spot to level up my characters before I have another attempt at the Stilshrine of Miriam. Got rather owned last time I ventured into that area to further the story, currently all characters around lvl 27-28. Any ideas what level I should be at before I attempt that again? Uninteresting fact of the day, this is the only ps2 game I own
  10. Pmccee


    Your mum turned me emo.
  11. I saw Daft Punk again last week and once again it was like a religious experience, how anyone fails to enjoy that show is beyond me.
  12. Does anyone the original air date of the last two episodes on australian tv. All the listings on the download site thing have the australian dates
  13. All rights reversed with the Klaxons is pretty much amazing ! Cant wait till they drop some of this new stuff at rockness in a fortnight, it shall be epic.
  14. Pmccee

    Sonar 2007

    Going to Benicassim instead of this
  15. It's even funnier reading it back in my head with your voice.
  16. Pmccee


    I came close to buying a 360 today, but I didnt.
  17. Where can I stream/download neighbours from ? I had a bookmarked site ages ago but it seems to have vanished
  18. Dont suppose you could upload the Zongamin remix or the Bug Dub, I've ordered off le Juno but cant find it on Oink and have no way of ripping vinyl to pc for mp3 playing goodness
  19. I did type it into google I must just be shit at the internet and searching ! Now to find the remix that I keep hearing ! Cheers !
  20. Just been listening to Claude Vonstroke's mix cd that came with le mix mag today, awesomeness ! Can anyone help me with identifying this electro/housey tune. I know it goes "why dont you listen to me baby""tell me the problem something something" .Heard it ages ago but still have no clue as to what it is hopefully some smart soul can work it out from my pathetic memory
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