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  1. T'is grand merely for the "thou shall not judge lethal weapon by Danny Glover"
  2. Pmccee


    Will we ever find out what country they are actually referring too ? "We are in talks of Al-Assad countrys' ambassador !" "Prepare a launch against Assad's country! " Cop out.
  3. Shall we make a willy waving list ? XiceWolf - 1.5165 Kerraig - 1.3682 Beertiger - 1.3562 Kryptonian - 1.3041 Verylonewolf - 1.271 Sackman64 - 1.1225 Yawdib - 1.0963 TylerUk - 1.0325 Sir Rinsealot - 1.0279 Soong - 1.0071 RubberJohnny - 0.6825 Add yourself on, its like top gear without the stig
  4. Bonde Do Role - Gasolina Its been on repeat now for a while I just lurve it for some reason ! Gasssolina
  5. Maybe he landed in a blackberry bush ?
  6. I only have 46,000. Even Tyler managed to get more !! 1.5 ratio though, wolf 1.2, tyler 1.0 LOLz, ratio guys Me - 1.5 Krypt - 1.3 Kerraig - 1.3 Wolf - 1.2 Tyler - 1.0 Eat
  7. Gets my headphone appreciation. Surkin - Radio Fireworks
  8. Sounds like your exactly at the same bit I am at sprite and having the exact same problems I hate the start of FF games when you are stuck with the shitty weapons trying to grind out that exp to level up, its no fun yet I always persevere
  9. Massive trance bombs that have been playing out ye olde ipod recently, Joop - The Future Randy Katana - Another Wave DT8 - Hold me till the end Lee Haslam - Kinetic Reccomend me do similar sounding things please
  10. Pmccee

    Triptych 2007

    Simian mobile disco & CSS again, wooo !
  11. Pmccee

    Rock Ness !

    Two days this time, Chem Brothers and Groove Armada on Saturday and Daft Punk and the Automatic on Sunday. http://www.rockness.co.uk/ Totally worth the £100 just to see the Daft Punk live show, freakin' awesomeness on so many levels !! Plus Erol Alkan, 2manyDjs and loads of other people to keep things dancing along in an orderly fashion. Who's coming ?
  12. Season 97/98 ? Truly an amazing game, more addictive than crack.
  13. Secret confession, I quite dig Nicky Van She and Dangerous Dans 'around the world again' It feels wrong
  14. Klaxons - Golden Skans (Erol Alkans Ekstra Spektral Rework) Stephan Bodzin - Midnight express DJ SilverSurfer - Ace of Spades Cirez D - Mouseville theme Dave Spoon - At night Plump DJ's - Electric Disco (D Ramirez mix) Spank Rock - Bump (Switch Remix Cant get enough of these just now and I guess you will like at least some of them.
  15. I recently aquired tri-state after falling in love with 'good for me'
  16. Dont really know where to post this but here seems relevant My current favourite trancer is coming to the Arches, wooo. Sander Van Doorn & Above and Beyond
  17. Having a shit upload is really annoying. This guy has a ratio of 7:1 on my torrent and it wont let me seed it anymore even though theres still leechers
  18. My account lost due to inactivity, my ratio Can anyone help a brother out ?
  19. Daft Punk - Global Gathering 2006 http://youtube.com/watch?v=jbFJ6cxl3Jc Opening minutes.
  20. I turned it on to see them falling out the tree, I thought they were going to go splat. They didnt
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