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  1. Is it sad I just recognised music from splinter cell in top gear ?
  2. Cheers for the hmv heads up, picked up the new g10 aswell as dozens of other cd's. Nick Warren's Shanghai mix up first.
  3. You do more damage if your jumping down onto an enemy and do a beat down, jumping beatdown You should try boxer out and see what suits your style of play better, boxer ftw.
  4. Pmccee


    http://www.last.fm/user/Mpcc/ Fall out boy number 1, honestly not me guv it was the gf
  5. Why did the bad guys always have spades/rakes/forks as weapons ?
  6. bump ! Wondering if anyone still plays this ? I fancy some coop right now if anyone is about has the urge to snap some terrorist necks with me. Add Sgt Surprise to your list if you can play
  7. I keep meaning to compile a little summertime playlist. Its probably been done before but lets do it again ?
  8. I've been playing it quite abit.
  9. I am going to start throwing shoes on the neighbours roof as a mark of respect.
  10. Nathan Fake - Grandfathered Been playing his album loads recently and have totally fallen in love with it and this in particular.
  11. There is no mention of Muse on the radio, if they arent playing I doubt I will bother.
  12. "First it said triple kill then it said double kill, lawl."
  13. I went to school with Paolo Nutini, interesting fact. Hopefully I get tickets
  14. Pmccee

    Driving Songs

    Jesper Dahlback - Murder was the bass reworked Thats what I like at least.
  15. It was out of character of Jack, he should have pistol whipped him and shoved him in a security box for safekeeping.
  16. When Locke is out working that is probably Sayids bird's house that he is checking out. Another useless bit of info
  17. Finale ? I didnt realise it stopped apart from during wimbledon etc.
  18. Harold is officially mental ? Is this a storyline that will end with him leaving the show ?
  19. Wonder where its going to go in season 3. Baltar is such a cunt.
  20. Terrorists are complete bastards I cant believe ep12 !
  21. Also I stay in Paisley so am only 10 mins from the centre, NATCH ! But I also live with my parents so any sort of invasion by a crew would lead to me being thrown out I could put someone up probably one night on my couch in my room if they needed to get to glasgow airport early on one of the nights.
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