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  1. So what are we going to then ? We need rllmuk hip hop crew t shirts aswell with some sort of bad ass graf writing on it.
  2. Pmccee

    Selling Vinyl

    I will buy leftfield dusted from you no idea how you would send it though. What do you want for it ?
  3. That is what I thought but wasnt entirely sure, thanks
  4. What does Dub mean exactly ? I catn believe I have never known.
  5. Pmccee


    Haw haw, more like Verylonelywolf.
  6. I just aquired donuts and its amazing, their is also a massive J Dilla torrent on oink for any of the oinkers.
  7. Could somebody please upload some Sway tracks please as he is in edinburgh soon and might go through to it. His album isnt out yet so dont know what to expect
  8. Mind and shout out for the track from tony hawks 2 they will love it.
  9. She deserved it. Susan cant die though neither can David as Harold and son had a great double act going on.
  10. It is so Gus. He faked his own death in fire at Lous place blates.
  11. Its going to kill me if they keep up at that pace and with weekly episodes instead of the doubles we have been rewarded with.
  12. Scene select the Robot fights and its awesome the rest pure tripe.
  13. Round 2 had live play in the US !? Bastards !
  14. Its the matrix with godzilla fighting now and again.
  15. Its truely shit in an amazing way. Best watched blind drunk for much lol'ing.
  16. My sister has stolen mine and is playing nintendogs with her friend who got one from santa and she is giving away all my stuff for her to sell in the 2nd hand shop for more dogs ! On the plus side I can now buy a few more dogs some of which are ultra cute.
  17. Thoroughly entertaining ! I shamefully didnt catch the first series so didnt understand the background about why the Dr changed appearance
  18. msn me when your going on I am playing half life.
  19. But 6v6 is shit. I was seriously rapetacular last night.
  20. Hardcore with 5 yeh that will work !
  21. I am late to the party and have missed that Photek - Ni Ten Ichi Ryu mp3 that someone hosted. If anyone could re up much appreciated as I have just read you all raving on about it. Loved the reccomendations so far especially Modus Operandi and that Sovereign Rhythm. I have just started listening to this btw so I am teh noob
  22. It was probably some nonsense about 'chooks'.
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