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    New Biffy Clyro

    opposites eh? fucking brilliant, Stingin' Belle bag pipes n all.
  2. It is awful. I did laugh at this though, Plenty of people left when we watched it, it's that shit.
  3. i enjoyed wake island last night. Something isn't right.
  4. Trying to get to grips with spotify and I think I'm missing something obvious. When you guys link to a playlist how do I save that to my playlists to go back and listen too? Also, I've made some playlists to play on random but when I go to play them it only lists 50 or so songs in the queue, is that the limit?
  5. Glasgow burger fiends check out buddies bbq & burgers in Shawlands. Takeaway only but dee lish.
  6. half boil some chopped potatoes. add to a pot with 1 tin chopped tomatoes 1 tin chickpeas 1 tin coconut milk 1 bag of spinach 2 cloves garlic 1 tsp curry powder simmer for 30 mins. good with pitta bread. i'm not sure if this is stritctly saag aloo but it's pretty close and simple to make/tasty.
  7. I quite fancy going to the Action Bronson gig this Friday in Manchester if anyone is else is attending and fancies meeting up for post/pre bev drop me a line.
  8. I went to meat liquor today with a friend and we both frequent almost famous probably too much! We didn't rate the burgers against the almost famous burgers. Philly steak fries were awesome though!
  9. Pmccee

    Dredd 3D

    After seeing this I've went out and bought the case files 4+5 and can see myself acquiring them all. I've never bought comics/graphic novels before! I think I'm regressing as I get older! Anyone have any recommendations of anything similar in style/tone that I can delve into? I'll be going to see it again soon if anyone is up for it (manchester). Free tickets if anyone is interested.
  10. my soldier loadouts are not saving when I turn off my xbox which is a pain in the tits. Is this a known issue since the patch? I've customized both from the main menu and in game and nothing is saving from session to session.
  11. Pmccee

    Dredd 3D

    Dredd Manchester Printworks meet on Friday 9pm? I've got some free tickets to use up! pm me if you're interested.
  12. I've been watching channel 4 for 30 mins now and haven't seen any live sport.
  13. What is the consensus on the 3d, worth it?
  14. So when we going? I need an excuse to go back again!
  15. Almost famous in Manchester do some seriously awesome burgers. Triple Nom especially awesome, struggle to pick every time I go in. Bacon bacon fries also a amazing. Meat? http://almostfamousburgers.com/index.htm
  16. scrambled egg with mackerel mixed in, I like to think it's healthy. It's probably not!
  17. I've just started using the sniper and they have nerfed the class! wah!
  18. Just realised I bought the limited edition so I get the new maps for free on release day. Does it detect limited edition copies or do I need to enter a code as I cant see anything in the box.
  19. anyone up for coop today? fancy unlocking some stuff, on now if interested.
  20. To be fair I was playing with randoms and might have been made easier if I had smoke. The clue is in the name for me, field, in a fucking field, bring back Harvest day. Hate the enclosed maps, bore me to tears.
  21. Metro conquest, Horrendous.
  22. You can do that slide on PAL, took me ages to do though. I loved all that exploring shit on halo, exploiting it. Looking forward to it!
  23. Joy. Is everyone shite like they were in the beta?
  24. Am looking forward to my first go tonight on it moaning about how every cunt has acog scopes and bad ass weapons whilst I am lumbered with the shit.
  25. the pricks with the shields are really irritating me now. Is there anyway to dodge or counter the attack apart from the aerial attack? Also, can you KO people without kneeling down beside them and smashing there head in?
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