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  1. fs. My version doesn't have subtitles
  2. Should I wait a week for things to settle down with servers etc if I am only interested in multiplayer, 360 btw.
  3. Got addicted to this show, on season 3 now. Is there no subtitles for the spanish scenes?
  4. My case doesn't have the cat woman code at least not that I can see. Not even a manual either!
  5. We will not go quietly into the night! Have you guys seen the alternate ending with Russell flying his crop duster with a missile taped to it into the mother ship. It's the ending they should have went with. Truly hilarious.
  6. left the cinema, bought soundtrack, will buy the dvd. Rarely do i do these things
  7. Is it a NAT issue or are the servers humped, any ideas?
  8. I've been informed its an open beta from today on live, this is bs right?
  9. Pmccee

    The Boxing Thread

    has ch5 died for anyone else?
  10. just seen it in imax, pretty good 3d for post conversion. Worth seeing for sure.
  11. http://gizmodo.com/#!5794919/ultra+hipstamatic My brother's uni project, thought i'd share. http://www.dmccourt.com/ProductDesign.html
  12. got my halo holidays booked, yass!
  13. Pmccee

    Nacho Cheese

    We use Provolone as it melts quite nicely and tastes pretty awesome
  14. Seen it last night but started drifting off due to being tired, not the type of film that you can afford to that with really! Will go again to see the digital copy.
  15. Pmccee

    Halo 3: ODST

    I've not put much time into Firefight, will add you tonight jigsawn, and any others if they are wanting a game?
  16. Tyler why don't you play reach with us? It's dead good honest, you can have sniper
  17. I am wanting to buy a 25yr old whisky for my dad for his silver wedding anniversary. I am however completely lost as I know nothing of whisky, and don't really want to ask him what he would like as that would spoil the surprise somewhat! If anyone could give us a recommendation that would be swell! I was also thinking about just taking him into a whisky store(Buchanan galleries, Glasgow). Would he be allowed to try anything before buying it? In doing this though he would probably insist I buy the cheapest bottle or not let me buy anything fir him, so that has it's pitfalls
  18. Shouldn't have died in the first place.
  19. Bought this today, had enough of mw2. Is there a battlefield friends list I could add? Playing by yourself is rather dull!
  20. Saw the first two episodes of this in the cinema last night and was underwhelmed. I loved band of brothers but this didn't grab me in the same way, jungle fighting is a bit shit.
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