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  1. Pmccee

    Frightened Rabbit

    My favourite, although midnight organ fight is lovely in it's entirety.
  2. Pmccee

    Rock Band!

    http://rllmukforum.com/index.php?showtopic=218380 Thought I would post in here to get as much exposure as possible Any Glasgow based forumite rock bandits that would be able to tap me the usb hub for the 360 just for new years eve?
  3. How violent/scary is this program? The gf loves vampire stuff eg buffy/twilight/angel etc but has never heard of this and I am thinking of buying it for her. She is a major shite bag though so don't want to buy it for it to be unwatched.
  4. Lone wolfing is rubbish especially when your up against a good squad. If any other loners are out there feel free to invite me up and I will be your wing man gt xicevvolf, that's two v's not a W
  5. Pmccee


    Dibs if no one has pm'd you
  6. Peeled back the sticker and nothing there so looking good possibly? I also may have screwed up the software on it as I shoved the sd card into my phone to see what games are on it and my phone decided formatting it would be a wicked idea What else do I need to use the card?
  7. Found a r4 card today, any easy way of spotting fakery?
  8. Pmccee


    Had a screen to myself today to watch this and really enjoyed it. Almost let slip a spoiler to my friend who has read the novel as I thought the film was exactly the same as the source material.
  9. Didn't really know where to put this so I guess in here shall do. http://www.thearches.co.uk/ALIEN-WARS.htm Totally worth the money, I got the fear big time. All Glasgow based forumites should definitely check it out if they missed it the first time round. Don't watch the clip if your intending on going though it might ruin it a wee bit. It's funny how in your head you keep saying "it's all good it's not real" Didn't stop me from holding hands with the person in front and behind me, throwing girls out the way to get to the exit etc.
  10. Does anyone have an invite for this or are we all paying for it?
  11. Pmccee

    Rock Band!

    Posted in the wanted folder about needing a copy of RB1 for the songs but got superbly dingied. Anyone in here hook me up? Postage costs paid obv
  12. I will be on tonight to tackle horde if anyone is up for a game
  13. Agreed on the Los Campesinos front!, summery goodness
  14. I will be on tonight if you guys are up for it then?
  15. Pmccee

    Best Songs of 2008

    A Human - Pacey Singer Must have listened to this about 50 times easily over the last week.
  16. Sound I shall add you both tonight, probably be on about 8pm ish. Anyone else want to join in?
  17. I shall be on tonight if anyone wants to let me shoot things with them?
  18. Pmccee

    Rock Band!

    Cheers, I am going to spend far too much money on this I fear.
  19. Pmccee

    Rock Band!

    I know the rb1 dlc is compatible with rb2. Do the games have separate stores though? In that, would I be unable to buy RB dlc if I only owned RB2?
  20. Pmccee

    Rock Band!

    Don't suppose you have a link to a metal plate that you would recommend? Funny you should mention the taping of knives to the underside of the pedal I had literally just finished watching a video detailing that.
  21. Pmccee

    Rock Band!

    Does the 360 band in a box bundle include a usb hub as everything is wired? Cant wait any longer for the rb2 bundle need this for a party on Tuesday. Also, I am counting on some fat footed buffoon breaking the pedal right away, should I tape shit to the back of the drum pedal right away to avoid the inevitable hassle of a snapped pedal?
  22. Pmccee

    Rock Band!

    Considering picking this up as I saw a good bundle HMV were doing today with the instruments plus the game. Should I pick this up now or wait for the the RB2 instrument improvements? Or alternatively buy the GHWT instrument bundle? Any advice much appreciated
  23. I can totally come down after the 23rd of this month (pay day!)
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