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    As above but will provide sexual favours in return.
  2. Still waiting for an explanation from mmcg as to why he dropped out the game? Explain or 'get tae fuck' wee peas.
  3. We have 3 confirmed for 9, see you guys in a bit.
  4. So far we only have two confirmed, myself and Steelios. Mmcg hasn't replied yet to confirm a time.
  5. I think we have a 3 for tonight. Villenium hasn't replied and Weiner cant make it. Its looking like myself, mmcg and steelios as a team of 3 right now. Trying to confirm a time with those guys just now. Would you be willing to do a 3v3 tonight? And if so time?
  6. Dont suppose anyone is about to play on this just now? The largest game I have found so far was a 3v3 and it really just isn't enough
  7. Well this didn't happen so shall we try again? Tonight or tomorrow night possible?
  8. Guys we really need to confirm abit earlier if we are going to play. Is anyone available tonight or tomorrow?
  9. So far myself and Wiener have confirmed we are available for tonight, if we can get a third I shall let you guys know.
  10. I've had two games so far that were playable. Is it worth persistently dropping and searching for new games in the hope of some lag free games?
  11. I am waiting on confirmation from the rest of our guys. Mmcg cant make tonight but if we can get a 3v3 going I suggest we go ahead with it as getting a team together these days is a nightmare. Will update later to let you know if we have 3.
  12. Do you have a team for tonight guys? Going by our thread, tonight looked as if it might be a possibilty. I am still waiting on confirmation from our guys
  13. I wouldnt be able to make tonight. However I am likely to be available on Sunday evening.
  14. Now my 360 has red ringed so now I am majorly humped.
  15. FS, so if I dont get it swapped thats all that money pissed away with no chance of getting a refund? edit, searching through the 360 faq I found this, http://support.microsoft.com/kb/930017/en-us, It seems if you're exchanging they have to do it manually.
  16. FS, so if I dont get it swapped thats all that money pissed away with no chance of getting a refund?
  17. What about games from the arcade, same idea as being tied to the account? Surely not as you could theoretically download the games to your mates 360?
  18. Will hmv allow me to swap the hard drive? What compensation do you get from microsoft for all the dlc that is lost if you dont get a HD swap?
  19. Mine has gone tonight Should I demand a replacement from HMV as its just under a year so the manufacturers guarantee entitles me to a replacement from them?
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