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  1. Cheers first impressions are good! I love these threads!
  2. I would like to thank this thread for directing my attention to Vampire Weekend, Mae Shi and Los Campesinos. Well done thread my ears salute you!
  3. I need to drop out of the team guys at least for the mean while. My tv is fooked and the other tv in the house is missing a remote so I cant put it on AV Hopefully I wont miss a game though, taking it too get fixed hopefully on saturday.
  4. What time shall we commence running about with rpgs and shit?
  5. I can confirm there is no touching at 'touchy tuesdays.'
  6. What is the website that is accessible in game to reveal secrets etc. Someone mentioned it in this thread but I cant find it, something like stufftheydontwantyoutoknow.com.
  7. Sorry guys just got in and I see we lost. Sorry to miss it but I didnt really have a choice in the matter.
  8. Unsure if I am going to be able to make it tonight now lads, will try and be back in time but it might be a push. I will pm villenium and ask if he can step in. I really wanted to play aswell, sorry guys
  9. Looks like we have 4 then for 10:15?
  10. I'm available for tonight, does it need to be as late as 10 though?
  11. There was a marker I just didn't think they would make it that easy for you What a spaz.
  12. Going for the fly under bridges achievement but I seem to be missing a bridge. Is there one that most people had a problem finding?
  13. Where can you get health packs? It automatically started me into a mission upon answering my phone and I have no health left
  14. Fun times last night even though I didn't know what I was doing. I particularly enjoyed using the fire engine to keep people down, not laughed so hard in ages!
  15. Cheers, also the game progress percent, anyone know if that includes all the side missions and stuff?
  16. How do you unlock the various restaurants? Ditto with the clubs and other activities. I know where they are due to the map provided but on in the ingame map they arent shown as being available.
  17. I cant play sunday so you need to get villenium to make a 3.
  18. I am working tonight so the other guys would have to step up and play.
  19. Spoke to Meerman and he cant play tonight, neither can smith. Pm'd the other 3 guys on there team in last gasp attempt at getting this played before a forfeit.
  20. Any chance of 3v3 tonight ladies? Looks like we cant scrape 3 for monday so I am attempting to assemble a team, unsure if I can get 3 though as of yet I realise its abit short notice, will post back at 9 and see if a response
  21. I can probably play monday night now
  22. Dont know about Monday but is tonight not a possibility? Also where is villenium hiding?
  23. Do we even have a team for this? Looking at the posts villenium hasnt replied and Wiener isn't online
  24. Anyone about I am on now waiting?
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