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  1. Finally listened to this tonight, awesome cheers fella!
  2. Pmccee

    Skate 2 by EA

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBGIQ7ZuuiU ?
  3. Pmccee

    CoD4 league

    Aye you would have closed it had you managed to beat us last week, thems the breaks!
  4. I can play tonight but dunno about the rest of the week just now will fill up out tomorrow when I know
  5. See also the Mystery Jets for more amazing Erol Alkan production, I cant get this song out of my head.
  6. Fs guys I didnt realise it was the Man Yoo game tonight! I am still playing though
  7. Pmccee


    I will be on today if any of you fannies are about to play some chillout
  8. Pmccee


    I was busy last night. Today though cunts?
  9. I cant play tonight as indicated in the doodle but friday should be ok. As will monday and tuesday I think
  10. Pmccee


    Anyone gonna be on today? C'mon guys!
  11. Pmccee

    MLG Custom games

    lol yeah It's a shame as the two games I managed to play on the map I quite enjoyed before the xbox just decided "naw mate no more sticking people in the baws as they come up the grav lift."
  12. Well I guess I am in then. To the bitter end!
  13. I would love to keep playing but I have my finals soon and between that revision, work and seeing the girlfriend I doubt I will be free many nights during the week and almost certainly never during the weekend. Do you guys think I should stay in the team? If I could stay on as a permanent sub for you guys that would be great
  14. I went to the Glasgow show in the ABC, it was epic.
  15. I can defo play this tuesday and wednesday. Thursday possibly but defo not Friday. Unsure of the weekend availability will find out on wednesday
  16. I wish you hadn't mentioned that lospedia, there goes my afternoon
  17. Did they ever explain the statue of the foot with four toes?
  18. Pmccee

    Electric President

    Is that the song in your sig? I orginally heard about them from a link in someones sig on here
  19. Pmccee

    Electric President

    Some Crab About the Future was one of my favouite songs for ages
  20. Well the only days I can play were yesterday and today. I might be able to play one night at the weekend, will fight out tomorrow.
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