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  1. I can play tonight and on tuesday.
  2. I blame hardcore and the addition of grenade launchers. That and I was abit shit
  3. Any ideas who we are playing next week? I can play Monday and Wednesday next week
  4. Sorry I couldnt play guys I will try to make up for it!
  5. Am working tuesday, wednesday, thursday all 6-12 I could perhaps do monday unsure though. Will find out the weekend shifts probably on tuesday.
  6. Good games guy sorry I had to disappear so fast last night I was getting nagged at
  7. Pmccee

    Rez HD

    So how exactly do I get 100% analyzation? On the level 3 boss I am pretty sure I exploded the core yet still only 90% completion.
  8. Charles Mon-Wed and Sun weightgainer - Mon-Wed and also poss (But ideally not) Sun Vill - Wolf - Monday is the only day I can defo do untill I find out my shifts on wednesday night. Wiener - Anytime next week is fine for me except thursday night =)
  9. So next week if some of our guys dont turn up we can just postpone the match again instead of forfeiting? Sweet.
  10. Unlucky team. Hopefully I can make the next one!
  11. Pmccee

    Rez HD

    How does one do a smart attack? And this chaining system you speak of, elaborate please
  12. Pmccee

    Rez HD

    3 controllers!? Are you supposed to tap the A button in time with the beat? I am abit shit at it
  13. I defo cant make it thursday but can play wednesday. Good luck if your playing on thursday team!!
  14. I may be on Sunday night but cant play this Saturday
  15. Domination to 500 is ridiculously boring. I apologise to you guys but half way through I really did lose interest I dont have the attention span for games that long.
  16. I can be on for some practice before the game at about 7 if anyone wants to discuss tictacs?
  17. Can play wednesday and practice tonight. Tuesday I am working late the same with thursday.
  18. My availability changes week to week and I only find out what shifts I am working on thursdays. I can play after 6pm on weekdays if I am not working. Weekends I am almost always working
  19. One of my favourite albums has now become one of my favourite t shirts
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