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  1. Xbox already has this feature. My card details are saved but every time I attempt to make a purchase I’m asked for a 6 digit pin. I don’t think that was the default though and I had to go into settings to enable it.
  2. I've played Arcadia Quest a few times (currently stalled on a campaign) and really do want to like it, but it just takes a bit long for what is essentially a dice chucking bit of fun. The last game I played (4 player) took us approx 3 hours, and none of us are slow players.... If you could get it done in an hour it would be perfect.
  3. Warhammer Underworlds is a nice intro to the whole GW minis gaming thing, but 6 is still a bit young to be honest. I think you've got another 2-3 years before you can properly play anything like that. As others have said there's a whole bunch of games that are better suited for playing with young kids. I'll add Cockroach Poker, Karuba, Geistes Blitz and Dragon's Breadth to the list of good ones for kids.
  4. Thread resurrection! Is anyone going to Essen this year? I appear to be going again. I went in 2018 (and 2016 and 2014), going this year and unless something unexpected happens I'll be going next year too Haven't looked into what will be at the show yet but very much looking forward to 5 days of games and beer.
  5. That is the one downside of 222 role queue. Previously you could of tried a 3rd tank or dps to try and break a choke but now that's no longer an option.
  6. Its just a short beta test of role queue. Proper comp season starts September including role queue and back to 2 months as per usual.
  7. Winston seems a lot more viable now with role queue too. Now there's guaranteed to be 2 healers (who actually want to heal rather than choosing zen because no one else picked healer) his can actually stay alive for a while, and you come across 2 shield tanks a lot at the moment too which he's pretty useful against.
  8. Fire in the Lake I played this last weekend, 2 player variant where each player controls 2 factions. So I was the VC and the NVA and the other side was the US and the ARVN. I'd never played it before as finding 4 people willing to play a COIN game isn't easy. It was superb. I've not played too many of these games but I enjoyed this one the most. I think the theme helps as the system seems ideally suited to the Vietnam War, whereas a lot of the more historical settings just don't appeal to me so much. The 2 player variant states that for US and ARVN player to win both of those factions have to achieve their victory conditions when a coup card appears. The other player wins if just one of their 2 factions achieves theres. The US got a really strong early position and would of won if we'd been playing a 4 player game. Then I managed to claw some support back and the game end came when the NVA decimated the US troops in one turn which freed up the VC to snatch victory while my opponent didn't have the troops to respond. Really can't wait to play it again as one play just feels like we've scratched the surface of what it has to offer. Pipeline If you like really heavy dry economic euros then you should give this a go. Luckily I do. This was really tough. Money is tight throughout the game and it would be easy to cock it all up and then have to spend half the game trying to get yourself out of a hole. It's all about action efficiency and trying to make little improvements to your oil refining engine as the game progresses. Another one I can't wait to play again!
  9. Especially so when he can easily interrupt so many ultimates himself.
  10. Played a good few games yesterday and I really like role queues. I love the fact if I want to play damage I am now guaranteed to do so. Previously it was always a case of who could select their character first, and then you'd end up with 4 dps and maybe one of them would begrudgingly switch to a healer or tank at the last minute. Also tanking is a lot easier when you know you've got two healers on your team who actually want to heal. Sigma's giant rock knockback/interrupt can fuck off though.
  11. I played a few games late last night and dps queue was listed as being shortest. I normally fill which means I’m almost always support or tank so it felt good to be that guy who picks Hanzo on attack. Queue times didn’t feel any different to normal but the games I played definitely felt like good contests, which I guess is the point of the role queue.
  12. it’s fantasy flights business model and it’s been that way for years and is unlikely to change. Their big games are just a constant conveyor belt of expansions. Unless you get in early it can be really hard to catch up, or prohibitively expensive to do so . Best thing to do is buy it even if your on the fence. You can normally resell without losing too much cash if you end up not liking it. Over the past few years I’ve bought and sold on more of their games then any other publisher by quite a margin.
  13. I can weigh my copy of 1989 if that helps? I got lucky at the uk games expo last year and grabbed it the instant it was placed on the shelf. Superb game. I personally prefer it to Twilight Struggle. That has the better theme but 1989 has improved gameplay imo.
  14. I had to stop using the elite controller as I was getting a lot of pain in my hands like yourself. Went back to using the standard xbox controller and I can play as much as I want now without any issues. Which is a relief as I was worried I was going to have to seriously reduce my gaming time.
  15. Gaia Project is pretty much Terra Mystica 2.0 and just as brilliant as TM. It doesn't play 5 like TM but it does have the benefit of scaling better at lower player counts and is the better experience with 2 or 3. Tm just feels a bit too loose with less than 4. Another zero luck game would be Caylus. Absolutley everything is player driven in that game. No dice and no deck of cards. If something happens it happens because of a player choice. Although it's getting on a bit now it's still an outstanding example of good game design.
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