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  1. You are quite correct that Fortnite has dented the popularity of OW. But then it's sucked away players from absolutely everything multiplayer since it's release so it's no surprise to find OW on that casualty list. Your statement suggested Fortnite overshadowed the launch of OW and that's obviously not true.
  2. Overwatch was released in 2016 on PC, Xbox and PS4. Fortnite came out in 2017. So spot on with that observation.
  3. There certainly is! That's my mornings sorted for next weekend. I'm in Germany the following weekend so if England get past Australia I may have a problem with getting to watch it.... Wales must be favourites for a final spot given the teams in their half of the draw? No idea on the other side with NZ, Aus, Ire and Eng all in the mix. NZ probably beating England in the semi would be my best guess. Closer to home, I've got season tickets for me and my kids for Northampton this season. We've been going to around 10+ games the last few seasons so it made sense to get them. Then it didn't seem like good sense when we'd seen them lose 3 at home in a row. So it was good to hear they got a first win of the season yesterday. Away from home
  4. SimonC

    Dishonored 2

    I finished my 2nd play through of this last night. First was high chaos kill everything that moves as Emily. Second was low chaos strangle everything that moves as Corvo. Superb game. I'm even tempted to do a 3rd play through and ditch the stealth and just do a full on assault run to see how the game copes with it. It's fairly rare I'll finish a game and even rarer I'll do a second run (or bother with collectables etc..) so the fact I'm thinking of a 3rd run is very high praise indeed. It's also on game pass now so anyone with an xbox who has never played it really should give it a go.
  5. Definitely agree about the dice. I think I have dice from 2 core sets plus an extra set I bought. I was just trying to make the point that's it's a lot of money to throw at a game your mates might end up hating, and therefore minimising costs at first is sensible. Take your point that that's not a true reflection of the game though as it really shines when people have made their own lists with 3+ ships a side.
  6. You really don't need 2 damage decks if you're just playing casually with friends and family. There's no reason at all why you can't share 1 between both players. An additional starter deck is a really good way of getting more ships cheaply. Having extra dice, rulers, damage deck and cards is a nice bonus on top of that but not essential. If you want to dip your toe in the water and see if your mates will want to play it with you I'd just get one starter set and play a few games. Then you can add more ships if everyone likes it.
  7. It's Disney Villainous https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/256382/disney-villainous I played it once a while ago. Fairly light but enjoyable fare. I wouldn't rush out and buy it but I'd certainly play it again if someone suggested it.
  8. I'll post an update when I've played a few more games. I've played Pandemic Legacy and Charterstone but neither of those got a repeat play once done. Machi Koro is 30 mins a game though so could be different.
  9. Machi Koro Legacy. Playing it with my 11 year old who loves Machi Koro. We are 3 games in now out of 10 and it's superb. Without wishing to spoil it for anyone there are already mechanics in play that are significantly different to anything that's been in Machi Koro before. Nothing that complicated though so it's definitely something you could play with family. Can't wait to see what the next 7 games add. My only slight concern is will we be left with a game we'll want to play once the legacy part is all done? Or will it just gather dust on a shelf? It's not like you can sell on a used Legacy game either.
  10. I find it really difficult to level fishing as it makes me fall asleep. Tried on Sunday afternoon and had a 30 minute nap.
  11. Xbox already has this feature. My card details are saved but every time I attempt to make a purchase I’m asked for a 6 digit pin. I don’t think that was the default though and I had to go into settings to enable it.
  12. I've played Arcadia Quest a few times (currently stalled on a campaign) and really do want to like it, but it just takes a bit long for what is essentially a dice chucking bit of fun. The last game I played (4 player) took us approx 3 hours, and none of us are slow players.... If you could get it done in an hour it would be perfect.
  13. Warhammer Underworlds is a nice intro to the whole GW minis gaming thing, but 6 is still a bit young to be honest. I think you've got another 2-3 years before you can properly play anything like that. As others have said there's a whole bunch of games that are better suited for playing with young kids. I'll add Cockroach Poker, Karuba, Geistes Blitz and Dragon's Breadth to the list of good ones for kids.
  14. Thread resurrection! Is anyone going to Essen this year? I appear to be going again. I went in 2018 (and 2016 and 2014), going this year and unless something unexpected happens I'll be going next year too Haven't looked into what will be at the show yet but very much looking forward to 5 days of games and beer.
  15. That is the one downside of 222 role queue. Previously you could of tried a 3rd tank or dps to try and break a choke but now that's no longer an option.
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