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  1. Was the first attempt not a good enough indicator not to bother with the rest? Ok, maybe two. But five?!
  2. Yeah I didn't see them on my phone yesterday but they definitely are. I hope they're going to CGI a better hat on him while they're at it, because that one in those shots is awful.
  3. In fairness, his trousers have always been like that.
  4. Having said that the way his hair doesn't float around but stays nicely styled detracts from those nice touches!
  5. There's some really subtle but really nice zero g effects that could easily go unnoticed. The reporter woman on the floor (early episode of this season) holds her hands up and her upper body just stays where it is (leaning back) in a way that either requires some significant upper body strength or a wire of some sort. Pretty sure a similar thing was used for Inaros walking up the steps (with mag-boots) to his bridge this week, it just looked like body weighed nothing, it didn't bob with the steps.
  6. Garth Marenghi trying to say "math" as if that was normal was by far the scariest thing in this horror story. Sorry, love story. Sorry, shite story.
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