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  1. I'd advise against that, and just watch this instead
  2. Sponge

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    How did this work out in the end?
  3. Proper confused over which version to buy.
  4. Sponge

    Dirt Rally 2.0

    How are you finding it? I've seen reports saying the Oculus Store version has much better performance than the Steam OpenVR version.
  5. Gotcha. Presumed it was something like that.
  6. I hope he means it doesn't get any better... because it doesn't need to as it's fucking awesome.
  7. Really enjoyed this, but one question
  8. Yep. So easy you completely failed to do that yourself a few posts previous.
  9. It's odd, because anyone who hasn't seen the show previously would have no idea what was going or who anyone was (it jumped straight in, no introductions), and the flashbacks wouldn't have helped (I don't think) so it felt like an odd decision to include them. Benefits no one.
  10. There's no doubt that Flintoff is a complete prick and his lads antics aren't funny or entertaining but I didn't think it was as bad as the reactions make out. Harris insults him quite a lot in return so it's definitely not one sided. Edit: at least, from my bullying experience, I wouldn't have given it back verbally like Harris does
  11. Obvious and overplayed?
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