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  1. Besides a few aspects of the graphics, frame rate, and the resolution, the games are the same on all of the consoles. If you play games for the game rather than the 'ooo shiny' then it doesn't matter what you're playing it on. I suppose you think Nintendo games aren't any good because the Switch only has a Tegra GPU? If you're only in to graphics rather than games then you'd be better off posting in the comments section of YouTube videos.
  2. There are a ton of games on Gamepass that I've done this with. And that's so much better than buying them only to find out they're not my sort of thing. Hell, I've downloaded stuff, never played it, and then deleted it again because I've changed my mind. Gamepass enables that sort of nonsense. If you don't see that as a positive benefit of GP then you've not really thought through the alternatives - either just not even trying loads of games, or dealing with the hassle of refunds, or wasting a ton of cash. Gamepass beats all of them.
  3. Looks ace. I built a little app (https://fh4.ooer.com/) to track what cars I owned in FH4 so I could hop on auctions without needing to check my garage to see if I owned something already. It still gets a few thousand visitors every month even now. If FH5 doesn't have anything built in then I'll have to update it. It'd be really helpful if Playground would make an official list of all the cars...
  4. Better engines don't have to mean 'moar realism' or boring gameplay though. Borderlands 3 is an example of using a modern engine to implement a really interesting art style in ways that, while they could be done before, are now are a pinnacle of what the devs seemed to want to do. The new ports of GTA:V are likely to be the same. And Cyberpunk 2077. Devs get to throw all the fancy stuff they want at the games and it still runs pretty well. There's a reasonably clear divide between graphics and gameplay, and focusing on one doesn't necessarily detract from the other. It only does if the developers try to use shiny graphics to cover up their shonky gameplay. Put it this way, one day Nintendo will make a console that has ray-tracing built-in to the GPU, but that won't be death nell for good Mario games.
  5. The first half an hour is fun, but then they do the equivalent of taking all your guns away and put you up against an enemy that's far more powerful than you, which is super shitty. Spoiler in case anyone is actually worried about knowing the plot of a game where you pretend to be a shark..
  6. It does have them. The games that use them don't take in to consideration that you might end up orienting the console in a direction that means you can't see the screen. That's the problem. In Mario Odyssey things like the 'homing hat throw' requires you move the entire console sharply left or right, which doesn't make the game fun to play because you can't really see what you're doing. These aren't problems that are big enough to break the whole experience. BOTW on a Switch Lite is still _mostly_ fun. But they are annoying and make the games less fun than playing on an original Switch, and they demonstrate that Nintendo isn't interested in supporting their own platforms as well as they could. BOTW should have had a patch to make the shrines a bit more playable for people who bought the newer machine.
  7. I'm a bit glad it didn't because Nintendo have a terrible attitude to game options. They make great consoles and amazing games, but they also make no compromises about how the games should be played. Take the Switch Lite as an example - the motion control in BOTW isn't optional so any shrine that uses gyro controls on the original Switch often has played by literally turning the console around so you can't see the screen on the Switch Lite. It's not the end of the world, and the game is still playable, and hopefully they'll do a bit better in BOTW2, but it does speak to their attitude about how they don't really give a fuck once they've got your money. That's the flagship game on the console. They put zero effort in to getting it to work on the Lite. Same for the motion controls in Odyssey, etc. It's a bit annoying.
  8. It's impossible to defend against them. Practically anything a person can do in a browser can be automated, and even if you manage to work something in that can't be automated you can make it so there only needs to be a human for that part. So while real customers are putting things in baskets, filling in forms, and doing the anti-bot bit, scalpers only need to do the anti-bot bit because they automated the rest. They will *always* be quicker. There is a solution though. Shops could let customers pre-order and then just fulfil a randomised selection of orders with however many cards they have to sell.
  9. I really wish game designers would realise that some (most?) players who install an open world RPG aren't playing it for the complex sword fighting mechanics, especially when it gets in the way so badly that it literally puts people off playing. There are so many games where the close combat mechanics fuck things up. No doubt the sword-fighting obsessed lead designer "studied the blade" while the rest of us were doing more interesting things, but don't let that guy ruin the bloody game.
  10. No need. I played them on my NES when they were first released, and this game is decidedly reminiscent in many of its mechanics. To be fair to Ori I guess, at least it doesn't have lives, and there are checkpoints.
  11. It's terrible. The graphics and music are a nice veneer over the top of a platformer that hasn't progressed since the NES. Sections that you can't complete without the right skills but let you in regardless, pixel perfect jumps, levels where you can't see far enough so you have to edge farther in one death at a time, bosses that give you no hints how to beat them, keys hidden away so the only way to progress is to bash against every wall... Honestly, it's really fucking bad. The only saving grace is that it's free.
  12. ChrisN

    The Division 2

    I was on a team trying to take down two Hunters last night. We failed hard. They're nails.
  13. ChrisN

    The Division 2

    There are a couple of settings in the controls menu that change how the parkour and moving in to/out of cover works...
  14. ChrisN

    The Division 2

    As MechaMonkey said, there are a few missions the new person won't be able to play (locked strongholds, weekly challenges, etc), but the majority of them are completely standalone play-in-whatever-order things that you'll all be able to tackle. It's really good at normalising the all the players stats too, so it's still fun if you're playing with people who are ahead of you.
  15. ChrisN

    The Division 2

    I'm not really feeling the new boss fights. They're a bit of a slog on solo and way too easy in a team. Some of the mechanics (Kajima's steamy section for example) are horrible. The others are just a bit too bullet-spongy. Gear 2.0 is nice though.
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