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  1. I didn't know there were other VFX folk here! We at MPC also done some on this and I'm actually curious how it turned out. I know Ridley is getting a hard time for some of the casting but I think his reply is fairly honest and true.
  2. Is was never this bad or silly before was it? Was it?! Some of the stuff this reason just makes you cringe beyond belief. MGS radar on phone. Ridiculous VFX of the pitch blowing up. And Target Destroyed. lol
  3. If you're over the age of 7 I don't think any of that was for you.
  4. At least they've stopped pretending they're anything but a childrens company now. Less embarrassing but still typical insular Nintendo.
  5. Wow, their games really haven't progressed in the last generation at all. They even still look the same.
  6. Bit of a waste of an episode for me. Not nearly enough progression and felt a bit like a set piece for the sake of it, with so so much stuff still left *too* open for the finale I feel at least some of that time should've been spent on last nights episode. Stannis seriously needs to make an appearance next week because his story is just ridiculously slow now.
  7. When the intro is better than the episode.. http://youtu.be/AOi5OF7gAiM
  8. Worst episode of the show so far. I agree with the pacing, it's becoming a bit too slow in places that isn't needed. Should've made more of Jamie's rape of his own sister. No dragons at all for 2nd week make it feel like it's a budget issue. Still don't care enough about Jon Snow or Bran (maybe just me). No fucking Stannis again.
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