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  1. After the sad demise of a Quickshot 2 (at the time) playing Xenon 2 with the Cruiser was just painful.
  2. Only ever seen Goldeneye due to the sucess of the game, Casino Royale seems to be directed by the same person and so this looks to be quite interesting after all.
  3. Still got my Cruiser joystick, great for games of SWOS, never knew it was so popular at the time.
  4. Phil Collins also stars in (as a character) the next Grand Theft Auto title as well as providing some of the music. Article
  5. Being a big fan of Genesis (especially the older stuff) and probably the only fan here on Rllmuk I just thought I'd post the following email I recieved: Genesis Tony Banks - Phil Collins - Mike Rutherford Genesis will be holding a press conference at a hotel in London's West End on: Tuesday, 7th November 2006 Follow the links on the front page to access the webcast which will commence at 12:00GMT The webcase can be found here: http://www.genesis-music.com As I stated, chances are no-one cares, just thought I'd share this in case anyone other than me was interested.
  6. This just means that Sony can delay it in Europe even more and we can't do a thing about it.
  7. If you want to play Destruction Derby 2 check out Home of the Underdogs. One PSX game I really enjoyed at the time was Time Crisis, bought it on release complete with the G-CON 45 and really enjoyed it, should be easy to pick up now. I also really enjoyed Tomb Raider and Tomb Raider 2 but after that the series went, in my opinion, drastically downhill. Has Jersey Devil been mentioned? Or Kula World? And how can you not forget Die-Hard Trilogy?
  8. Chances are Sony will charge extra and you'll get say 20 pounds worth of download value free with which to start off buying new cars/tracks/etc.
  9. I'd love to see someone using the PS3 whilst riding a bike. Misuse would definitely cause massive damage for all concerned.
  10. Another vote for Vandal Hearts although Suikoden is also very good. Gran Turismo is (in my opinion) still the best in the series and worth looking for. A few other non-import titles are as follows: Colony Wars Syndicate Wars G-Police Ghost in the Shell FFVII And if you are into import titles then Xenogears and Brave Fencer Musashiden are worth looking at as is Einhander.
  11. Four-player Alien Breed on Live Arcade would be great as would an Alien Breed related title using the Unreal3 engine.
  12. ianwuk


    A good deal but I am sad to see Reyes go, hopefully Baptista will prove to be a lot better though if only for a season.
  13. Once I have finished Initial D I will give this a go. Haven't played a title like this since Ghouls 'n' Ghosts on the Amiga which I loved.
  14. Merman just jogged my memory, I remember fond memories of playing Super Scramble on the Amiga, great game. Shaun Southern also made the superb Lotus series and also the Supercars series if I recall correctly.
  15. ianwuk

    Edge 167

    Test Drive Unlimited got an 8? That sounds promising after the slating that that the demo got/is still getting.
  16. Sorry for the large picture. This really brings back happy memories. I had this issue at the time but sadly resigned the growing collection of AF magazines to the bin when the Amiga died. I often wish that there was an online catalogue of Amiga Format issues, the issue where they gave a demo disk with Sensible Soccer and Jaguar XJ220 (on a green disk) was good as were the free games like Cannon Soccer. Another fond memory of the Amiga era (I did have a Dragon 32 to begin with and loved Chuckie Egg) was getting a game that had a lot of disks, copying it, and then realising that the third or fourth disk was corrupt. I never have to this day completed Flashback, still love it though. Still have my Amiga joystick though, as seen in my last post in this thread.
  17. Here are my ten best games ever: 1 - Gran Turismo - After only seeing a small preview only to hear it get raved about by a friend made me go and buy it and I wasn't disappointed. One of the best racing games I have ever played and I still play it now (unlike the rest of the series). 2 - F355 Challenge - Similar to Gran Turismo, read a small preview and bought it on import, loved every minute of it, another great driving game and another game I still play now. The most realistic driving game I have ever played. 3 - Metal Gear Solid - Bought this on import (again, from just reading a preview) and was absolutely blown away by it, I couldn't understand Japanese but that didn't detract from the overall experience. 4 - Phantasy Star Online - My first voyage to online play, and my first RPG since FFVII, playing online was superb and it helped while away a great summer with friends. 5 - Super Mario Kart - Played this to death with my friend at the time, a superb racer and stands the test of time even now. 6 - Shenmue - Buying this on import cheaply at Gamestation made me instantly love the game despite not knowing any Japanese, said purchase ensued that friend was hyped about an English version even more than they usually were. 7 - Final Fantasy VII - Never played an RPG, read the Playstation Plus review (97%) and bought it for Christmas the year of release. Ended up playing a rental version before Christmas but had no memory card so despite loving it I could only get so far. That was a great Christmas. 8 - Samba de Amigo - The first music game I really got into, I had to borrow the maracas from a friend although I was better with the controller, great fun in two-player with a great soundtrack. 9 - Lotus Turbo Challenge - Booting this up the graphics blew me away, I was instantly hooked, much two player racing with my Dad ensued, great game. 10 - SWOS - Didn't really like Sensible Soccer and much preferred Kick-Off but I saw this at a friend's house and after a few matches I realised that I had to own it. Despite being much harder than the original, once mastered, it was very rewarding, I still play it now. And to answer McFly's question, I have Gran Turismo to use with ePSXe and SWOS installed on my PC, but that's it, keep meaning to download the latest WinUAE to play Lotus (WinUAE on the PSP would be ideal).
  18. I will stick with my PSP, but a proper Metal Gear game (Portable Ops) would keep me happy, looking at the PSP launch schedule for November (on Play.com) nothing inspires me.
  19. You could customise your car to a limited extent in Rage Racer, glad to hear they are taking it a step further though. They should add a giant crab as an unlockable vehicle.
  20. ianwuk

    Cold Storage

    Cold Storage are great and I am surprised that the name has not appeared on here more often. Tim Wright (Cold Storage) has actually released an album (called Melt) that can be bought from said website. I really like the album (13 pounds to buy) and would recommend it. Of course there is a new version of MessiJ on that album and it is very good. You can buy the debut Cold Storage album here: Album - It's a double album by the way. Turns out he is also making another new album.
  21. Where I live (Bangkok) it will be interesting to see how this affects the gaming community. Everywhere has a PS2 and PES/Winning Eleven (not FIFA for some reason) and no 360 in sight (literally). Chances are they'll remain oblivious until the PS3. When does the PC get FIFA '07 and the latest PES?
  22. MGS: Portable Ops is something I am really interested in. I hope they include the backstory (like they do in all MGS titles) as I have never played MGS 3.
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