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  1. Not liking the look of the combat from what they’ve shown in that trailer.
  2. My only hope is that Capcom reveal a new PS5/XSX Monster Hunter game. I’ve already bought my ticket and I’m just waiting for that hype train to pull into the station!
  3. Amazing. That’s my board game expenditure sorted for the year!
  4. I just signed up for this so that I could play Crusader Kings III on my decade old MacBook Pro. Obviously not what the priority tier is intended for… so I also gave ray traced Cyberpunk a go It’s so bloody impressive. I’ve treated myself to a month as a birthday treat but I may drop the dough for a whole 6 month sub. I’ve been itching to get back into PC gaming after a decade away and this means I don’t need to fork out for an expensive rig that may end up not getting used. Win win.
  5. But… but… I need the petri dish die in my life!
  6. Just saw this. Loved it. Yeoh was amazing. It’s just jam packed with ideas and doesn’t take itself seriously at all. Very refreshing.
  7. You need to start selling these. I’d bite your hand off for some!
  8. Treating myself to this as soon as it’s available.
  9. Mine still says After Q3 but now explains to me that that means October 2022 or later…
  10. You’ll get an email to finish your order. You’ll have 3 days to do that and if you miss it they’ll reallocate your slot to someone else.
  11. Apparently at a comfortable 30fps. Amazing, really. “After Q2” can’t come soon enough.
  12. Workaround if so is to create another account, download it using that, and then start playing it from your main account. Bullshit but it’ll get around the problem.
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