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  1. Releasing a demo with such unbelievably broken audio in the cutscenes a month before release... not a great sign. Also, how are developers still making games using exclusively brown as their colour palette?! Edit: just abruptly reached the end of the demo. Wow, why release that a month before the release date?! There’s no way anybody plays that and comes away impressed.
  2. No free monies for moi. Maybe because I’m such a new player? EDIT: ah, you need to have actually purchased the thing that the lawsuit is about. Makes sense. https://www.theverge.com/2021/2/22/22295676/epic-games-fortnite-loot-box-lawsuit-settlement-rocket-league-v-bucks
  3. Anthem taught me one very valuable lesson. Never preorder a game.
  4. Even I’ve made it as far as level 75. As long as you actually do the quests you rake in experience
  5. I’m up to lvl 58 now. Absolutely love pottering around the world, gathering guns, sniping folks from a distance, fishing, having manic shotgun battles etc. The graphics are so enjoyably colourful and the unlocks come across at a satisfying pace... I fucking hate the building meta. Get to the last 10 and it usually comes down to who can build the stupidest structure the fastest on the fly until they get into shotgun range. Shoot someone and they’ll be surrounded by a hut in milliseconds. I’m sure that most people find it enjoyable but I just sigh any time it happens.
  6. We finally won a duo! Had a pretty hectic showdown with the two remaining duos on top of a cliff with a couple of tiny houses on the top. Turns out that their ability to build ridiculous structures isn’t that useful inside a prebuilt structure, haha. also, visual sound feels like cheating. It’s so bloody effective.
  7. We’re so shit that it’d only take a single half decent child 5 seconds to kill us both anyway. God knows how they’re building that fast with a controller!
  8. So am I correct in assuming that duos matchmakes you against trios and squads? It’s either that or some randoms decided to ignore each other and just murder me and my mate, haha
  9. I’m already level 17 after a few days so I’ll see how I do over the next week. The pull of the unlocks is strong!
  10. I’m guess there’s no real point in buying the battle pass now if I’m going to only play casually, right? Like a couple of hours a week at most.
  11. I did wonder why we had not seen more iterations on the nemesis system and that explains it. They bloody patented it!
  12. I had originally ordered some before the PS5 came out but that supplier was shut down. I don’t think I’ll bother now. I’ve stashed the console behind the TV and barely look at the thing.
  13. Will a Control regular edition save on PS4 carry over to the PS5 Ultimate Edition? Fancy giving it a go to experience all the DLC but don't particularly fancy running through the whole game again.
  14. I hope they remove the ridiculously dramatic sound effect that’s in the demo whenever you pick up an item. DUN DUNNNNNN! lockpick.
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