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  1. Yeah, the hoop game ain't great
  2. Yes, won another! First time playing the hex game finale and was pretty damn close but I managed to cut the other guy off and leave him stranded on his little loser island. I then proceeded to get absolutely stomped the next 3 times I had hex as the finale, haha.
  3. I wish in the football one that the goal area either sloped upwards or not at all instead of down so that there was more effort involved in getting it actually in the goal. A well timed header at the start can quite often result in a goal and our poor little fall guys don't have rocket league boosts so are just left chasing after the ball with no hope whatsoever of stopping it.
  4. I wish that once you crossed the finish line it just allowed you to spectate from up above. I want to watch all of the chaos at once! I second the opinions that the memory game is far too easy but a push button could make it WAAAY more fun. My main hope though is that they start adding some randomisation into some of the levels. Having each stage be the same layout seems like a missed opportunity when they look like they're made out of set segments although I've only played a couple of games so maybe this does actually happens and I just haven't noticed yet.
  5. Loving these! Keep it up
  6. Woop! Managed to win AND got my rewards from the games I'd been disconnected from. Really enjoying this. Hopefully they'll just continually add more and more ridiculous levels.
  7. Played two games. Came second in the second one but got disconnected from both games so no exp at all Really enjoyed what I played though. I'll give at a proper go later tonight and hopefully they'll iron out the server issues.
  8. Yes! So surprised and happy that Fall Guys is on PS+. Was counting the days until release.
  9. Can anyone confirm whether or not the full Switch version has the same annoying delayed enemy spawning as the demo? It's really jarring to start running through a room only to have the enemies appear/spawn-in a noticeable moment or two later.
  10. That HD Remaster looked dreadful. I know it's an old game but jeeeeeez. New game could be interesting but we won't see it for a while. Everything else in that direct was hot garbage.
  11. I very rarely play through old games. I recently played through The Last of Us in preparation for the sequel and I dip in and out of Diablo 3 when I have nothing new to play but that's about it. I don't really have the time to devote to games that I used to so when I am playing games I look to play something new. If the new game is shit/boring, I'll just turn it off and do something else until a new game appears that catches my eye.
  12. Headphone USB dongle doesn't fill me with hope with regards to using regular Bluetooth headphones with the PS5
  13. I just use my Sony sony wh-1000xm2 headphones wired into the pad with a V-MODA BoomPro Microphone. Works an absolute treat, gives me noise cancelling, and means I don't need a separate gaming-only set of headphones.
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