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  1. Managed to level my Samurai up to level 60. Took no time at all and now I have a level appropriate class to do all the Stormblood MSQ with. I’ll switch to my tank (lvl 75 Dark Knight) any time the duty queues annoy me
  2. Finished Heavensward! Soooo much story content after you think you’ve “finished” until Stormblood starts that my main class is already level 75. Gonna quickly level a DPS character to level 60 to use in the MSQ Stormblood quests and then use my main Tank for the duties Still absolutely loving this game.
  3. Well that’s convinced me that I definitely don’t need to even think about getting an Xbox until at least summer 2022.
  4. Halfway through Heavensward now and it’s just so damn good. Even it really does just keep getting better and better then I can’t wait! So glad that I gave this another go.
  5. I’ve recently gotten into this in a big way and, just to provide a different viewpoint, I’ve played as a tank pretty much the entire time. I’ve just hit Heavensward and have my Warrior at lvl 62, Dark Knight at 54, and I very quickly levelled a Dragoon to 50 just to try it out. I find being a tank really fun in duties/dungeons as opposed to being a dps where I feel like the mechanics are less important in the early levels. That being said it’s so easier to level another class that I wouldn’t be that concerned about what you start with.
  6. I think they’ll probably just have to allow apps to provide links to their own separate/cheaper way of purchasing things (i.e. through their own website)
  7. This game is just . Been playing it with a couple of mates (I’m subbing and they’re on free trials) and it’s just the most chill experience. We’re all sitting at around 45 level-wise and about 35 in the main scenario quests. Done a few of the duties and am very pleasant surprised by how nice the community is when it comes to teaching newbies like us the ropes. The level sync is a godsend as well as one of my mates can play waaaaay more than than the rest of us and yet he can’t steamroll content for us thankfully.
  8. PS5 here. Absolutely love it. Load times are practically a thing of the past. Demon’s Souls was incredible as were Astroboy and Miles. The DualSense is also a great controller although the battery life isn’t wowing me. I’m now playing FFXIV on my living room TV from the comfort of my sofa with practically no load times. Marvellous! I’m such a sucker for new gadgets that I was always going to be a day one purchase anyway so NO RAGRETS!
  9. Well that was pretty much everything I wanted from the main card apart from the awful Weidman incident. Was really looking forward to that bout and was always hoping for a Hall win but definitely not like that. Can’t imagine Weidman has much of a career left now
  10. I’ll be playing with a mate so we just ended up picking Omega as it was open.
  11. Yeah, I’ve always found it quite odd that any lapsed subscription (mine lapsed in 2015) is completely ineligible for the now expanded trial and a PSN account can only ever be linked to a single SEN account.
  12. Just tried to redownload this and give it a go since there’s now a PS5 version. I subscribed once a long time ago on PS4 so I know I’m not eligible for the trial. I’ve downloaded the PS5 beta client and when I try to log in I’m presented with the “I already have a square enix account” option only. So, it knows I’m not a new user (tested this with a brand new PSN account and it gives you the option of creating an account then). When I do log in it just tells me that I’m not eligible for the trial. No option to subscribe. Just back to the login screen. My original account was one that transferred over from a PS3 account so I’m guessing the whole thing is just confused. . I was hoping to resub for a month and play with a friend from the beginning while he is on a trial. Unfortunately if we both go on a trial account we won’t be able to party up, right? I’m concerned that if I buy the digital edition on PS4 or add a month via the website I’ll just be throwing money away My square enix account shows that I definitely own the game. Can someone just confirm that I need to resub for my problems to be solved? I’m a bit lost as to what to do here.
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