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  1. Wonder Woman 1984 : 1/5 (and that single point is for Gal Gadot being ridiculously attractive)
  2. Was surprised by how awful this was after really enjoying the first film. The campy 80s opening made me think we were in for a fun superhero movie and then the following 2 hours proved to be waaay worse than I could’ve imagined.
  3. Wolfwalkers is absolutely stunning. An absolute joy to watch.
  4. I was originally planning to work through the pile of shame but then a friend and I discovered Ghosts of Tsushima: Legends. I’m horribly addicted to it now.
  5. New Genki Kickstarter this time for a hdmi to usb-c adapter so you can use your laptop as a gaming monitor. I loved their Bluetooth adapter (worked perfectly with my switch and Sony headphones) although I doubt I have much need for this. Some of you may though especially with various family members competing for screen time during COVID.
  6. Wow, the PlayStation store through the PS5 UI is absolutely garbage. Filters fail half the time and it’s just so unbelievably slow. You’d think they’d put the January sale front and centre but, nope, it’s just one of the many horizontal scrolling sections.
  7. Oof, silver can be quite the jump up from bronze in 2 player Legends stories.
  8. We played for a couple of hours and did the entire story mode on Bronze difficulty. Now that all Christmas plans have been cancelled I may just binge the hell out of this instead.
  9. Tried Legends mode for the first time yesterday with a friend. Absolutely. Love. It. Really good fun for a freebie.
  10. I was finding this a bit average until I realised that I had fallen into the same trap that I always fall into with open world games... the side quest trap. Now I’m focusing on the main storyline missions and only doing side quests if they’re nearby or I wanna test out a new ability. Loving the game once again. Almost finished Act 3 and then I think I’ll give Legends a go.
  11. I’ve only bloody gone and done it. Demon’s Souls done! Absolutely phenomenal game. I went for the evil ending because I’m a bastard. Gonna leave NG+ and my 66,000 souls for another time.
  12. Worked my way through the first archstone now, I think.
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