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  1. where is your avatar from, I like it very much indeed.

  2. haha 'busting off on her tits'! Amazing.

  3. I was just being sociable! You might want to try it sometimes!

  4. haha shut up you complete dickhead!

  5. say something about piss to me please joedan!

  6. haha 'belt up smitty'. Telling people to 'belt up' is the best thing ever.

  7. the village section kicked the stuffing out of me.

  8. called speednik fat

  9. hey - stop it tim tim. Seriously. Just stop it. I also didn't get no wall chart :'(

  10. tim spoon-spoon is a gay

  11. glass-glass melanin man

  12. tim tim is a jerk-off

  13. Timmo I told everyone you were a virgin in the thread in off topic. Soz meighte.

  14. I see vim poons it is obsessed with you then.

  15. also 'christaylor' has looked at both our profiles. Do you think he is obsessed?

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