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  1. Mertesacker is still really really poor. Diagonal balls seems to make him poo his little pants.
  2. If you liked Alien I'd definitely pick up Amnesia cheap if I were you. Not the second one obviously.
  3. Johnny Bazookatone - Sin Sin Penitentiary.
  4. well why isn't it a positive thing? just because you're a heterosexual male doesn't mean that 100% of the audience is. "contains nudity" in this case actually just means tits - it's embarrassing.
  5. the music every three minutes is incredibly annoying
  6. where should i start with this? Anyone got a spost number where it gets going?
  7. Im sure it's not owned by the bbc, but it looked like he shat that wee piece to camera out directly after the broadcast finished. Ie using BBC lighting and studio time etc. I dunno.
  8. Yeah i'd assume so. I dont think the BBC would be too happy about him using the bbc studio to do it for some random website either.
  9. Heh, heh, heh... well you've obvioushly never... played that... Zelda game I don't like... heh heh. Chill out politically correct feminisht brigade. I'm not racist some of my best friends are negroes, heh heh. Smugness, meat etc etc etc
  10. next time me and cgmf are online at the same time we've decided not to hit each other at all.
  11. no offense scott but i was really surprised at how terrible you are at this. i thought someone so obsessed with nintendo would at least be good at their games.
  12. so did Clyde actually spoil/accurately predict anything specific?
  13. I just had a pique in that thread and there's fucking loads. Broker, rudi von starnberg, Glasgowchivas, stigweard, even And - who just had a go at someone for reading the books and posting in here!
  14. Has anyone palyed the Project M has anyone played the Project Diva games? Very Ouendan like in mechanics, very paedophile simulator in look. Based on that Korean vocaloid thin Miku's songs. Can someone edit that first sentence out? it was a wee mistake.
  15. I disagree with my young alter ego's comment above and think that episode is indeed a 'masterpiece'.
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