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  1. Not really sure whether to post this here or in the online thread.

    First of all, I'd like to apologise for my lack of contribution so far, I've mostly played with the people from grcade but I'm looking to get stuck in this weekend.

    Also, I wondered if anyone had floated the idea of a cross-forum team tournament yet? I know rllmuk and grcade used to play Clubs on Fifa against each other which was great fun, and both have a good sized group of Kart regulars, so it could be exciting.

    let's do this!

  2. Playing this online with you guys just demonstrate how much of a complete pussy the Computer AI is during the game... nothing compares.

    The great thing about online games is that I never feel left out. I might never have a chance of coming first, but avoiding last and aiming for mid table can be just as rewarding. And full of carnage.

    no offense scott but i was really surprised at how terrible you are at this. i thought someone so obsessed with nintendo would at least be good at their games.

  3. Has anyone palyed the Project M

    has anyone played the Project Diva games? Very Ouendan like in mechanics, very paedophile simulator in look. Based on that Korean vocaloid thin Miku's songs.

    Can someone edit that first sentence out? it was a wee mistake.

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