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  1. Game of Thrones will only have one ad break on Sky Atlantic from next week.
  2. Of course it was deliberately silly. It's just the English speaking voice actors couldn't really pull it off properly.
  3. Is there a list of poor put-upon, brutalised uPlay players anywherE? I have starkly nude leaderboards just now.
  4. I do believe the unfunny 'story' voices and the tricks can fuck off. Otherwise this is ace.
  5. bloody hell, that free game promotion is great!
  6. Terrifyingly I think it's a real guy.
  7. It really does look absolutely stunning, I can't wait. It's amazing how it's still really only Nintendo tst can make a really next gen feeling game, even on such outdated tech. Best.
  8. remember when I said 'dragon paunch' on facebook? Why didn't you ;'like' that?
  9. SO it's including MOBA and free to play stuff? Not really fair to include that market in a comparison with consoles really, as they dont have an equivalent. Or maybe it is I dunno.
  10. I used Slipstream Mod Manager to uninstall it. It's easy to just put it back on again using the mod manager.
  11. I just sucks you seem to need certain things in your build to face the flagshiip. I sometimes quite like to sacrifice any drone control at all to focus on other things but it seems like it's quite important for the missile fest stage. I love this game so much though. I'd buy it again with proper touch controls for my Surface if it ever came out. Captains Edition is lovely. Nicely subtle changes, nothing too in your face about it. I like the addition of the space stations. i only played it a couple of times though, before disabling it to concentrate on unlocking some ships in the base game.
  12. Yeah i'd also like to know what the performance is like on PC? I remember Evo being very unoptimized and shonky with random frame rate dips. Should I even attempt to play it with my Haswell iGPU. My graphics card is busted.
  13. And of course, a big thanks to Sky Go for yet again utterly failing to work when people would actually want it to.
  14. Hopefully there'll be a 'hard' mode in there somewhere, where the alien will behave a little more realistically.
  15. The final boss really pisses me off. The last time I got to it I had deliberately gone for max shields and weapons, and left the engines at 4 bars. It worked really well up until that fight when all the missiles it shot utterly destroyed me before I could even ionise most of the silos. Felt a bit like 'how was I supposed to prepare for this'?
  16. see also people talking about 'art direction' in games.
  17. I can't connect to the Ubi servers on PC :'( Uplay is signed in but not Trials apparently. Lameoids.
  18. I've gotten to its second stage on Normal pre AE, but by fuck I hate it. If anything's overpowered I'd say the advanced flak cannons are. i love them a lot. I haven't gotten the Vulcan cannon yet.
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