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  1. But Half Life 3 would make money. Why can't they just make it? Eh? Eh?
  2. People from Liverpool are thieves.
  3. I dont;know why he would do that though.Also, I forgot to spoiler that so someone will need to edit it for me!
  4. Also Suarez was clearly tripped and nobody seems to care.
  5. Seriously though, I think Liverpool's defence really has been too poor this year, and almost every time I've seen them it's been down to individual lapses when it happens. Christ knows what Flanagan was playing at last night.
  6. Also, the manager's an actual thug. How on earth anyone can support that is beyond me. Anyway I only ever saw Coutinho play as a wide man for Inter, is he more of a central attacking player these days?
  7. Liverpool are a club full of cheaters. I pray that they lose.
  8. The mockney shit was nearly two decades ago though. People need to get over that.
  9. Not liking it is fine, but the implication of 'using' other musicians à la Paul Simon is pretty unfair. I completely get the not liking him, but it's easy to separate that from the music. What about this Houllebecq? Even if you're not into the production, this is pretty good songwriting.
  10. I also honestly think he's one of the few western artists that has approached (what is broadly and idiotically referred to as) world music, and has not only gotten away with it but seems to have done it with a genuine degree of sincerity. I can understand how he can come off as a bit arsey or po-faced and that, but I think it's genuinely important not to brand all white/western songwriters who collaborate with musicians from other continents as Paul Simon-ing it. Take this for example, it's fucking gorgeous - hardly something Sting would shit out.
  11. It's fair enough not liking somebody, but it's pretty bizarre to hold them to account for the way their wikipedia article is written. EDIT: Fucking quotes.
  12. I liked that bit, they are really enjoying themselves again.Before they inevitably start the grate on each other and the bonhomie starts to fall away a bit.
  13. The worst was when they went through that phase of giving you a widescreen split in the same ratio so it didn't take up all the space, like Resi 5 and a few others. Technically better, but actually frightful.
  14. The Rise and Fall of Iggy Cu, M'ust and the OG-9 homing spider droids from Lars (homestead).
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