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  1. Can you still not save your crew / ship customisations in the AE?
  2. All that is part of the beauty of it. Except the final boss, which i've only seen once but was annoying and rubbish. You can farm the achievements if you like, it's quite fun to do as it makes you experiment with different strategies like getting all the different races on board and multiple ion-guns etc.
  3. God FTL is so amazing. Anyone that hasn't played it yet, joffocakes, should play it right away.
  4. Have you tried performing all your Dark Souls inputs, but in reverse? Whilst using a PS3 controller, plugged into the PS4?
  5. I've honestly never seen such a terrible ending to a film. Didn't it utterly undermine everything? Also i reckon the reason a lot of critics seemed to hate it so much (this confused me as the first half is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen) is that they basically didn't understand that it was sort of darkly comic. Watching it with a Glasgow audience basically confirms this.
  6. I should imagine that trying to broadcast SFIV on a laptop would dry gay bumrape the framerate though.
  7. what was shit about it? Was the utter excellentness from beginning to end?
  8. yes. Space LEGO is absolutely the utterly best thing thing in the world. I've gotten all my vintage M-Tron, Blacktron II and Ice Planet 2002 stuff back, and it's super. Expensive if you want to buy any more of it off eBay mind.
  9. British Intelligence Considered Utilizing The Kinect Camera For Home Surveillance.
  10. I've seen everything richard herring, stewart lee, have done at Edinburgh since about 2001. I love Richard Herring's podcasts, both RHLSTP and RHEFP. However it must be said that the Meaning of Life seems very shite.
  11. The BNP aren't a fascist organisation either ladz. Nick Griffin said so.
  12. it doesn't really make sense. If they required you to buy cup game tickets then include them on the direct debit or up front? Seems very odd.
  13. I cant see the public clamoring to get a Wii U until James Pond: Codename Robocod HD gets a release anyway.
  14. Real scrabble for second place in Scotland's group.
  15. I was going to get beyond good and evil in that sale but it's quite cheeky and it's not the HD re release that came out on consoles but the knackered 2003 version. A fiver for that is very pricey.
  16. The thing in this month's viz about how much of a kicking the different era's of Bowie would get if they ever set foot in the Albion pub if possibly the funniest thing I've ever read. I cant stop laughing about it.
  17. Hahaha that's so insane. Sounds like Nintendo is spending a fortune in ridiculous customer service admin while they get their act together on the account issue. What an excellently Nintendo thing that is.
  18. The problem isnt with Nintendo it's with the Wii U platform. Tonnes of third parties release shit games on the 3DS and seem to have perfect working relationships with them. They just dont want to do the same on the Wii U for some reason.
  19. John Benjamin has a Van? That's what I was thinking this was similar to. That was pretty disappointing in the end though I thought. This is brilliant I cant believe I've not seen it before now
  20. Haha this is brilliant. Seems like an Adult Swim style thing. I like this very much and will be watching all his stuff now.
  21. Yes the effects are great. The only good thing about the show basically.
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