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  1. can someone give a definative answer as to whether this is possible, or do we basically need to wait and see what happens?
  2. anybody know if the proposed 2 player mode is still in there? How on Earth will they make it work?
  3. well, I would love to get my eyetoy working on my mac. It would just be realy cool. Plus I don't want 2 webcams. If any geniuses on this here forum want to help us out, that would be aces. If not, fair enough. But bear in mind Blue swIIrl and I are incredibly nice people, and we've not asked for anything before
  4. was this a space based 2d shmup? with a sort of beige spaceship on the cover? I think I do remember this, and it wa sbloody ace. Also, what was that wierd isometric shmup on the spectum? You know the one I mean (maybe)
  5. PAL Gitaroo Man has a nice box
  6. Newsnight Review reviewed Zone of Enders? Fuck sake, what did they say about it? I'd be interested to know what Germain Greers thoughts were on it Could someone tell me what was said - how embarrassing was it on a scale of 1 (very embarassing) to 10 (buttock clench time)? Unless you were taking the piss.
  7. I was gonna say man, I think what you rather sweetly have called 'the zone', may, in fact, be a stroke. Good luck with that, anyway
  8. If I'm ever in the 'zone' I certainly don't know it, man. Cos, like, as Pauline Fowler remarked to Cathy a couple of years ago in BBC 1's popular primetime soap Eastenders 'if you can consciously think "i'm in the zone" then you aren't entirely there.' Wise woman, is Pauline.
  9. alright then geniuses - why did the saturn analogue pad clip off from the wire? I've always wondered that. I don't think its entirely to let you pretend it's the stsrship enterprise, and fly it about going 'WHOOOOOSH'
  10. a game I've been searching for at a reasonble price for PAL saturn is Dragon Force. I rented this a few times back in the day (as was my won't when i was wee ) It's a really great game, a sequel was released but never got a translation
  11. guys, guys... according to e3insider, SEGA's announcment of the fucking matrix online was thier 'bombshell' Thats it. Really.
  12. everyone - leave quietly and you might just keep your dignity.
  13. I like your sig Dukesey... Everyone else that saw Consolevania will be delighted to know that that 'games hunter' guy jetted out to LA for E3 yesterday! There is no justice
  14. The whole idea of a 'Most Wanted' award is ridiculous anyway. If they are trying to make it like the videogame equivalent of the oscars, then they should drop it, its silly. Its like the oscars giving out amn award because they hear Tarantino has a new film coming out... its basically an award for whatever company has the best hype machine.
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